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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ancythrian Bladeserpent on: 20 January 2006, 02:36:00
Ohhhhh, i understand now. :lol  

it was late when i read it and i was really tired, so it seemed a little confusing to me. (thats my excuse anyway, and im sticking to it.)  Looking back at it now, i dont know how i got confused on it in the first place.

2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ancythrian Bladeserpent on: 19 January 2006, 06:12:00
This is a good entry chronusian, i really like the bladeserpent creature which fits well in the ancythrian sea.  Just one thing i found some difficulty with while skimming through it is this:

All known encounters with the beast have been during the night, so it can be safely assumed that the creature is nocturnal. Or it can be assumed that sailors have rather bad luck during the daytime.

Im a litte confused about this part. Is daytime supposed to be nightime?Or mabey bad luck is supposed to be good? or is it supposed to be good luck to encounter one of these beast? from the way it sounds, i think it would be more bad luck then good. anyway mabey its just me confused about the whole thing, but could you please explain this to me.

Other then that i didnt find much wrong with it reading it, and think im a little to unqualified to do a uricheck.
So as far as im concerned its a very good entry chronusian that is perfect for this sea:)  

3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Grassland Boar on: 22 January 2006, 10:53:00
Alright, my first entry done! Thank you Talia and Ishmaelion for all of your help, i couldnt of done it with out you. :)  

4  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Grassland Boar on: 20 January 2006, 15:43:00
Thanks Chronusian:)
Yah its either used in times of need or like Talia said, for the few people who do like it.
(K. changed it to tangy.)
And yah actually i have eaten wild boar, although it was not old. ;)  

5  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Grassland Boar on: 20 January 2006, 12:35:00
Sorry ishmaelion, i though i had changed the two things to three under the apperance section in my first edit, but i must have missed it. It is fixed now though;)

Anyway, i took your advise Talia and spent the last couple of days thinking, dreaming, etc. about the myth/lore section. After a while i got frustrated with it, so I took small breaks and worked on other things such as my C.D.Later i came back to it and thought about it some more, but unfortanetly have still not come up with anything. I am disappointed that i could not come up with something, but have not given up on it yet though. Mabey i will be able to think of something before update comes around, and put it in there before it is to late.

Besides that i fixed everything else mentioned, and tried to elaberate the Halfling use thing a bit more. So i think everything is ready, besides the myth/lore section.
Thanks again for the comments and suggestions. :)  

6  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Grassland Boar on: 18 January 2006, 06:34:00
Well thanks for the compliments both of you, glad to know i did alright on it.:D

I edited it based on what you guys said and posted it as an edit to the original. From the other forums i looked at, im pretty sure that is how you are supposed to do it, but if you are supposed to put each new edit in a seperate reply, let me know.

I scaled the size of the boar down a bit. is that good, or were you thinking even smaller? Im afraid if they get to much smaller though they will be about the same size as the wild pig, witch is one of the main things that seperates the two of them. let me know what you think about this.

I also fixed some grammer errors, and most of the other things you guys mentioned as best i could. I couldnt come up with a good reason why the boars were able to dig so quickly, so i just took that feature down a little. plus the smaller size of the boar now will help to. I tried to add the reason for them not being hunted by everyone as part of my myth, but not to sure how that turned ot.I have to admit that the myth/lore part was very difficult for me, and it didnt turn out quite as good as i would have liked.

well let me know what you guys think of the changes, and thanks for the fast response, and helpful comments.;)  

7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / The Grassland Boar [RE EDITED] on: 17 January 2006, 03:03:00
Okay, here it is. This is my first try at an entry, so its probably going to be far from perfect. Go ahead and tear it apart, and tell me what you think.  

added or changed
added or changed for second edit
The Grassland Boar

The Grassland Boar is a large but gentle omnivorous pig, mainly located in the Santharian province of Enthronia. It is approximately one and a half peds in length (not including its long snout and mouth) making it one of the largest known pigs in Caelereth. It has excellent sense of smell and well built legs for running also making it an outstanding hunter for small prey.

The Grassland Boar has three distinctive features that set it apart from other pigs, one of those being its size. Its length is around one and a half peds from the tail to the beginning of the nose and varies only slightly from one to another. Height comes in at about two fores rivaling that of some of the smaller halflings, while the width is usually around one and a half to two fores.

The second feature that makes it easily recognizable is its long, thin, snout and jaw. This frontal expansion of the face is similar to the trunk on a thunderfoot, but includes the mouth and jaw as well as the nostrils and cannot bend or curve inward or upward. Although this would have some to believe that they would be able to open their mouths extremely wide, this is not so due to a small layer of skin that attaches the upper jaw to the lower one on both sides of the mouth up until around the halfway point. The skull and skin around the trunk is extremely thick so no injuries will occur, but this also makes the head very heavy. These trunks come in an array of sizes, the shortest being as small as two palmspans, and the largest getting up to two in a half fores in rare occasions. The width is usually about the same for all boars, being around a palmspan, but naturally that size increases a little depending on the length so it is able to support such a long trunk.

The third rare thing for a pig is the fact that Grassland boars have little or no fur. Instead they have a rough brownish hide (which many think does not start out brown but is turned that way from all the digging and burrowing) that suits them well in their Enthronian climate. Like most other hogs, they have hooves and a small curly tail as well. They have dark blue and round eyes, but are unable to see directly below them due to their enormous snout. They have no tusks, but instead have 2 rows of very sharp, small, triangular teeth lining the insides of their mouth, as well as a few molars closer to their throat enabling them to chew plants and berries. Males and females are indistinguishable, except during mating season when the female puts off a foul odor.

Special Abilities
Grassland Boars have muscular legs making them fast creatures, but not quite as fast as the wild pig due mostly in part to their large bodies. This is a useful ability for hunting down their prey and running from other predators.

Its trunk also brings with it many abilities that aid the boar. Using his trunk a boar can dig in holes and crevices for small animals and can actually burrow their bodies partly underground, thus enabling them to hide in taller grass or create a quick shelter. Due to their large nostrils they also have a very keen since of smell so they can sniff out their prey. Its two rows of sharp teeth should also be mentioned here, as this allows them to chew threw almost anything they can get their mouths on, although over time they do begin to dull slightly.

Grassland Boars also, for some reason or another, are known to have very low amounts of energy. No one knows the true reason why this is, but it is speculated that this is caused from their very large bodies, mainly there forward heavy heads, which you will commonly see them resting on the ground. This limits the time they can keep up their fast running pace.

The Grassland Boar is mainly located in the Santharian province of Enthronia, although there have been occasional sightings of them in northern Sanguia and eastern Xaramon, but these are very rare. Because of this they are also known by many as “Enthronian Boars” They generally do not go much farther north then Veltin, and seem to grow and thrive in excess population around the Alianian Hills and nearby regions.These beasts are quite common here, mainly due to the fact that there meat is strong and tangy, and widely disliked making hunters prefer to hunt wild boars if available. There reason for not migrating to other areas is mainly due to their low amounts of energy, and the fondness to their current area.

The calm and mild climate in these parts suits the boar perfectly. The nice temperature in the area makes the Boars lack of fur tolerable. On the few occasions when they do have rough winds or colder then average winters, the Grassland Boar just burrows into the ground, providing better shelter and protection. The fertile lands are not only comfortable for the pig, but also grow a number of plants and bushes as well as attract several small rodents.

There are a number of Human towns in the area, the Jhehellrhim Elves living in the nearby Istarin forest, and the Dogodan Halflings who live directly on the Alianian Hills. The Boars generally try to stay as far away from the elves and humans as possible, but do not seem to see the hobbits as a threat, which is probably because of their size and peaceful living styles. EzCode Parsing Error: color=lime]EzCode Parsing Error: color=red]The hobbits do not seem to mind them much either, and actually make use of them. If they see the boars in their gardens or near their villages, they will capture and domestic them, and then use them in various ways as they see

The Grassland Boar also shares this region with a common competitor, the wild pig. Due to the fact that the Boar is a gentle creature, they usually run when being attacked by the aggressive pigs. Because the Boars are omnivores, and the wild pigs are herbivores, they generally do not have to compete for food as the Boars prefer meat if available, but they do sometimes get chased off of a certain area that the wild pig finds favorable. Other known animals in the land worth mentioning here are the aurorian elfcats and the lingra wild cats. Grassland Boars have to compete with the former for meat, but usually have plenty considering they eat both meat and plants. The latter are not competitors to the Boars, but rather feared predators themselves, as they are known to take down and eat bigger animals such as pigs.

Grassland Boars are peaceful hogs that only eat small rodents and edible plants. They do not attack people nor do they fight back when being attacked by wild pigs or other creatures, mostly because of their inability to fit their mouths around such things. Instead they use evasive tactics and try to stay hidden when around such predators. They are able to survive due to their seemingly higher intelligence, especially compared to other pigs, and their lack of competition when it comes to their food supply. The aggressive wild pigs usually do not attack the boars that often, unless for a certain area, or in a display of power among their pack.  

Unlike their local counterparts, the wild pigs, the Enthronian boars generally tend to be more of loners, although they are also known to roam in groups of three or four on occasion. However, one exception to this is when they are in mating season and can get into groups as large as 50 or so within dense forests. They have no permanent homes instead enjoying just to roam around until they are tired, in which case they burrow small pits into the ground and go to sleep.

If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one these beasts without them noticing and running off, they would more then likely be running from hill to hill digging for food or resting there giant heads on the grass.

The Grassland Boar is an omnivore that feasts on the wild berries and rodents of southern Enthronia but prefers meat to plants. There favorite meals are known to be field mice, which are plentiful in the area. They also like kuatu squirrels, but have a hard time catching these creatures because they usually live in trees. They will eat other small animals as well, such as hedgehogs and smaller ferrets when available. They usually try to stay away from anything slimy, scaly, or spicy but if hungry enough will eat things like the green grass snake, or small lizards.

They also enjoy eating some plants during the warmer months. They seem to like redberry and hearth bushes, and have been caught and domesticated by many hobbits for digging up and eating the delicious vegetables they grow there.

Their two main competitors for local food are the wild pigs, which also like to feast on the bushes in the area, and a few elfcats, which lower the rodent population somewhat. These are, however, not big problems for the boar, as their ability to feast on both gives them an obvious advantage and means plenty of food left for them.  

Mating season comes once a year for the Grassland Boar, usually sometime in spring, and lasts about two weeks. Groups of fifty or more will crowd into a thick-forested area, usually around one fifth of these being females. The male with the biggest snout will go and choose his partner without challenge from the others. There is no fighting, and it is known by all Boars to be this way. Then the male with the second biggest will choose his partner, and so on and so on, until there are no females left, in which case the rest of the males will leave either to wait another year or find another pack that has not yet chosen its partners. During these two-week periods, the females can be detected from miles away from Boar or predator alike by the foul odor she emits. This odor is so unfavorable that predators will not go anywhere near these groups, even with the temptation of the large number of them in one area.

Grassland Boars are hunted, like most other pigs, for their meat but because it has a very strong taste that many people do not like, hunters usually target wild boars instead. But they are also hunted by the Jhehellrhim Elves for another unique reason. The elves will sometimes go out in hunting parties specifically for these boars, in which case they will target some of the younger ones. Once killed and brought back to their camps, the elves will use the meat like usual, but will also cut of there trunks. They will then pry the many sharp triangular teeth (which are sharper from younger boars, which is why they are specifically targeted) from their mouths and use them as arrow tips for standard bow arrows, or crossbow bolt tips for use with the crossbows they are known to have invented.

The Dogodan Halflings, as mentioned earlier, also use these Boars for certain tasks. The hobbits are trained from an early age, on how to capture and tame these wild beasts. When spotted roaming near the village, the halfling will very cautiously try to sneak up on them from behind. Because the boars have excellent hearing, this is a very hard task to accomplish and takes a large amount of skill for the hobbit, and Its highly unlikly that a bulky human could do such a feat. Even so, it is best to attempt it while the Boar is sleeping. If successful, the halfling then has to jump on the boars backs and clamp there trunks closed. Due to the hobbits small size, this is best attempted with help from a partner. Once the boar is wrestled to the ground, and one of the halflings has a firm hold on the boars snout, his partner will then take a thick rope and fasten it securely around the trunk. Then they will take another rope, tie it around the Boars neck, and hall it back to the village.

After they are succesfully captured, they undergo rigorous training, that lasts around a month. What goes on during this time is unknown, as the hobbits dont like to reveal thier methods of domestication. Once the animal is tamed they get to have the rope around their trunk taken off, with the exception of the more aggresive ones. The hobbits will then assign them to different tasks they need done, such as hauling supply carts from one area to another, digging ditches or vegatable farms, and are even used as pack animals for their owners when traveling long distances.    

Well thats it as it is now. i would appreciate any advise, suggestions, a uricheck, or any constructive critisism you can give me. Thanks in advance.:)      

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 1/22/06 8:58
8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Grassland boar on: 15 January 2006, 22:28:00
ishmaelion; thanks, im not quite sure about the places either, still got to work on that one.

soorrilmiesfer; Thanks for the advise, i really like your ideas. I think im going to either call it a grassland boar, or an Enthronian boar. very good suggestions. I plan on making the entry a lot bigger and more detalied, thats just what i had thought of for now. Still got a lot to do on it.

Well thanks both of you, and thanks again soorilmiesfer for the name ideas.;)  

9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / A new pig/boar? on: 15 January 2006, 03:13:00
Ive just recently joined the dream, and i was thinking for my first entry, i could do a new pig or boar. here are my ideas on it so far.

Name: not quite sure yet, still thinking on that one.

Overview: A wild pig with little or no fur, lives in flat grassland areas, is a carnivore, and has a very long then snout used for burrowing.

Territory: the northern provinces of Santharia, such as Nermeran, Vardynn, and the northern part of Enthronia.

Appearence: Anywhere from 1 ped, to 1 and a 1/2 peds, from tail to tip of the snout. Has either very short fur or no fur at all, and has a rough hide. Also has very powerful hind legs for running, and a long narrow snout for burrowing.

Diet: Is a carnivore who uses its long narrow snout, and sharp teeth to feast on small rodents such as field mice and Kuatu squirrels.

Well that is just a basic summary of what i got for it so far. I was just wondering if there are any objections to this, or to certain parts of this maybey. or if you have any advise on whether this would be a good starting entry, or anything else for that matter, i would be glad to hear that to.If not then i am going to go ahead and get to work on this right away.:thumbup  Thanks in advance.


10  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Elsreth on: 20 January 2006, 03:26:00
Ahhhh, i see. that would explain why Elsreth is in big bold text on the map of santharia like the rest of the province capitals. Thats also an easy way to remeber the capitols knowing they start with the same letter as the province.
Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)  

11  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Elsreth on: 20 January 2006, 02:51:00
I was under the impression that Carmalad was the capital city of Enthronia? Im a bit confused about this because the entry on Carmalad states its the capital, but i have also ran across a few entries stating Elsreth was the capitol, but i cannot remember where. an any case, will someone please clear this up for me, because im a bit confused.

12  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Regarding the Sanctuary of the Twelve... on: 20 January 2006, 03:17:00
All three of these entries state that the sanctuary is an Elsreth:

"Proverbs  and sayings" In the description of "Westan"

"Introduction into Santharian runes"

and "The Avaesthoria ("The Book Of Paths")" under footnote number 9.

so im pretty sure that the statement in the Ciosa entry is just a misunderstanding.
And as far as the architecture goes, im not really sure about that.  

13  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / re on: 15 January 2006, 21:02:00
Ohhhh, there it is. I must have missed that map when checking for it.
Thanks for your help Artimidor.  

14  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / need help finding a place on: 15 January 2006, 09:10:00
Does anyone happen to know where the city of Mehmetsh is exactly? I know it is in Brendolan, but not sure its exact location.I was just brushiing up on my geography, and happened to notice the town name in a few different places, but couldnt find it anywhere on any map. is it just to small of a town to be shown in a map, or am i overlooking it?

15  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: The magic robe of Leena Tékaan on: 18 January 2006, 07:21:00
Wow this is an excellent story Talia. it kept my interest through the whole thing, and was very sad. Cant say who i feel the sorriest for.probably Leena Tekaan because she was caught inbetween the two of them, which was not her fault.

It made my eyes a little puffy and swollen reading through the whole thing, but it was definately well worth it. Again, this is a very good story.

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