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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Shapeshifters? on: 28 March 2002, 10:52:00
I was thinking of having these guy's as rare also.  Thinkin' that this type of thing can't be learned, you have to born with it.    Very rare, like a total of 40 in the whole history of Santharia.  Also thinking that most of these guys don't shapeshift into huge, mostrous things that will kill a lot of things that they run across.  More of the dolphin (do we have those?) and rat kinds.  More myth than reality.  What do you guy's think?

2  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Shapeshifters? on: 26 March 2002, 12:53:00
Do we have a non-dragon class of shapeshifters? If not, and if you like the idea of it, I have the perfect idea for it in this giant vaccum I call my head.

3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Duck! on: 27 March 2002, 10:51:00
Let's do that and also use some of this patented  Demon Duck Repellent "garenteed to make dose pesky Demon ducks to run to their owners skirts in pain!"  Only hope that this stuff works, otherwise, I'll be dead!)

4  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Valannia Dala? on: 26 March 2002, 12:39:00
I think if Dala sees this, she will be pleased that you decided to name a dragon after her, or she will proceed to sink her house-dragon sized teeth into you! :eek  

5  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Grass? on: 26 January 2002, 11:01:00
Just a small question.  Is the grass that we have for our lawns natural and do we want it here?

6  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Half-elves on: 27 November 2001, 12:50:00
Would any of the other ones be possible? (other than the cow)

You must go down before you go out.

7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Half-elves on: 18 November 2001, 13:59:00
Thanks for the replys.  I asked other RPers and they just gave me general, muttering at the end answers. THanks again!!!

"He's got big balls, she's got big balls, but we've got the biggest, balls of them all!"  AC/DC,  Big Balls

8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Half-elves on: 17 November 2001, 15:48:00
One question: What is the other half in a half-Elf?  Is it Human?  Orc?  Dwarf?  Brownie?  Cow?!?! What in all the hells is it?!?!?  

"But we've got the biggest, balls of them all!"  AC/DC,  Big Balls

9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Faeries... on: 30 November 2001, 11:42:00
I always thought that faeries were semi-intellegent, kindof like little kids... :  

10  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / mountains... on: 07 June 2002, 14:15:00
Um... Where?

11  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Mountains... on: 06 June 2002, 14:57:00
Do we have currently mountains in Northern Santharia? Need this info for the Morgerim.

12  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Where only the crazy reside on: 16 June 2003, 14:20:00
After the long and loud song and dance number, John was extremely tired and worn out. but then that line of *bleepingly* cute animals grab John and start taking him away.  Shouting "Daaaaaala, save meeeeeeee!" the only reply John gets from the local house dragon is some very deep, gulping breaths, which draws his eyes to.... a tree is in the way! "*bleep!* just when it was getting intresting." being dragged farther and farther away from Dala and the intresting view, John remembers dropping his book! oh no! what if Dala reads it?! He could never live up to the humilation of that. So he starts to struggle and kick, trying vainly to get away.

As he was dragged further and further into the deep woods by these stupidly cute animals, John sinks lower and lower into a gloomy state, untill one of those creatures pipped "Here we are."

John looks up and sees..... nothing. Just your typical woodland clearing and that's it. "What's this all about, why did you take me away from Dala?"

"Because she wanted you," and there she walked out of the clearing. John was shocked to see her after so long, and she didn't change a bit sence he last saw her.

"Betsy, what are you doing with these forest animals?"

Betsy, and old friend from the last time he was with everyone. Betsy, someone he laughed with. Betsy, the cow.

"I came here when you abondaned me oh so long ago," she said. "when you left me out to rot on my own. I wandered all over, looking for you, I went everywhere, asking after you, hoping that someone had seen you. Untill I gave up on you and came here, to enjoy myself. And then YOU have the GALL to come WALTZING back into the world, like nothing ever happened? How datre you!!!!"

"But.." John attempted to defend himself with.

"No buts with me! And I find you with  Dala, looking for a TAVERN!! You dispicable, *smack* no good, *grunt* lowlife, *thump* piece of *BLEEP!!!!*!! And she proceeds to kick him across the clearing.

John stands up, abit painfully, and says "I had no choice. I moved and I had no acess to the internet..."


"Oh, @#^@%!" John says and runs through the woods looking desprately over his sholder and frantically dodging trees, his book forgotten, shouting "Someone help meeeeeee!!!"

13  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Where only the crazy reside on: 19 May 2003, 12:54:00
Lumping along slowly, John has  his head buried writing one of his horrible and discusting poems. As he walks along, he notices somthing flying by in the air. Poor Faugar, wearing a blue tall hat, chained to a flying bed..., well, it didn't seem all that bad, considering. Ging back to writing his poems, John makes a little notation *Faugar is going to either a) give Dala a stern talking to or b) Faugar is going to be our entertainment over at the tavern. Wandering along aimlessly, he passes the rsident housedragon.

"Hello Dra...Dala. How are you this fine morning? Care to join me in my wanderings? Hopefully, we'll find somthing entertaining to do."

Waiting for a suitable answer, John goes and closes his book, postponing inflicting the world with more of the evil po

14  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Happy birthday! on: 31 May 2003, 10:19:00
*Stumbles in stupidly*

Huh? What?! It's Arti's birthday?! and I'm late? why'd noone tell me? Stupid, Stupid me!

*Smacks head 3 or 4 times*

Well, anyways, Happy birthday Arti, may all your dreams come true when you want them to.

15  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / HELP! on: 19 May 2003, 12:20:00
I need some help with finding a race/tribe/group of beings that would write this poem. I figured I would ask someone else their opinion before I decided. well, here it is:

To her we all do swear,
And stay within her care,
Gazing upon her face so fair.

Seen only by the gentle moonlight,
Embracing all uf us lovingly tight,
She protects us with all of her might.

As she looks upon the fair moon,
We know our time is coming soon,
With the coming of the vicious monsoon.

Leading our ships to the place we know,
Commanding the wind to lightly blow,
Guiding us to where we need to go.

Dancing above the beasts of the sea,
Showing us all how to be free,
Guiding us to our Mourning Tree.  

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