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1  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 18 October 2005, 15:30:00
Works for me Art. I think I touched on this in my current work but did not have any hard times to insert to give an idea of age. I’ll include more detail in my draft.


2  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 18 October 2005, 13:42:00
I was hoping you could reply to item #1 on my reply to you above concerning the age of stone structures in the Port and their use of quarried stone through their history. Answers to that question will help me greatly in determining timing as to the historical use of this quarry.

I plan to have more done this week on the people that work within the quarry and their unique social hierarchy. I also am working on the climate and flora section of the piece. Don’t let me silence here fool you. ;)

BTW – Was the site down near the end of last week? I wasn’t able to get to the site and was just wondering if it was perhaps a local issue or a larger issue.

Thanks for the feedback all.

3  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 06 October 2005, 17:49:00

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I can address some of your comments below. This is exactly what I needed before continuing on too much further in the submission.

1 – I was aware of the extreme age of this city after reading your submission and based my timing more on the natural erosion of stone once it is removed from the earth. There are pyramids that were built 4,000 years ago that are in the current day a mound of rubble. Now imagine structures built 13,000 years ago, it boggles the mind to think how such structures would still be standing even with constant maintenance unless they were removed from the elements (like dwarven constructs might be).

Another thing I was hazy on was the tech level progression of the people who have lived in the city. Let’s assume early generations used local loose stones and mud to construct their dwellings, later wood and large stones were introduced as building materials and so forth and so on. 13,000 years is a very long time. Imagine the average lifespan of a local being 50 years of age, based on 13,000 years of history that would mean 260 (13,000/50) human generations of people lived and worked the land in this area. That’s one family tree I would hate to have to try and write out in a lineage chart. 

I guess what I need then is some idea about the advancement of these people and when they would have the technology to begin to quarry stone. We also need to take into account, as I noted above, that stone once removed from the earth will be affected by erosion and normal wear and tear. This needs to be taken into consideration as well.

2. I agree with this comment and will include the old name in my submission. If you have any suggestions feel free to pass them along.

3. From what I’ve read it takes 100s of millions of years to form granite through natural underground processes. For granite that is ejected through magma spewing out of a volcano for example this process reduces down to 50 million years or so. We could add a third layer where the magic used during the War of the Chosen not only caused massive eruptions but also petrified or in essence sped up the process of natural granite creation. Perhaps the magic literally changed the way time acts upon natural elements and one thing that was affected was the speed in which granite is formed. Hell, I’ll even add a forth layer where the magic not only sped up the process of granite formation but also infused the stone with magic properties that allowed it to resist weathering better. Again, this creates a unique dimension to a simple quarry and also allows us to have structures that literally “stand the test of time”.

4. We are on the same page here Art. I also wanted darker blacks and grey colors present in the stone. Mainly to contrast against what I assume is more common white and cream color stonework that exists in the world. Again, this adds a unique feature to the port as well as the quarry the stone is derived from.

5. I love the picture and would happily include it in with the final submission if the artist approves of its use.

6. We need more unique features for the quarry? :p This feature could easily be included in my submission if you like. Who is this face meant to represent? Some historical figure or a religious icon perhaps?

Thanks for your feedback Art. I appreciate you taking the time to read over what I have so far.


4  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 06 October 2005, 15:38:00
I have a question to the hawkeye. It is used without water, I assume, you don't mention it?
For I have a problem here - I need certainly a device to cut the stones for Varcopas as well in an efficient way, the huge amount Ineed for it, and that would naturally be a saw, probably enforced with Mithrilan. However, this one will be powered by water force (?) and use water for the cutting of the stones. I can't import it, for I need it much earlier, haven't decided when, probably before Santhros or around, because then the city will be rebuild in stone after it was destroyed (don't have the time dates in my head now)


I’ve read that ancient Egyptians used bronze saws with sand used as an abrasive for cutting and water used to remove dust deposits formed while cutting. This was all done manually with three people (one person on each side of the large saw and another depositing sand and water to the cut.

If sand if not available on the Manthrian Peninsula then I suppose ground up granite could be used in place of the sand. Smaller granite stones could be ground up on a large grinding wheel pulled by kharoa in a circle. This granite sand once ground down could be used as an abrasive powder in cutting away granite blocks.

I’m not sure if this answers your question though Talia. Are you looking for another tool or machine that was created locally for the construction of your city that predates the Hawkeye?

5  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 05 October 2005, 17:41:00

I think it can be noted that I am not married to the idea of having granite and limestone quarries living in the same area. The decision will probably live with Art as much of whatever is quarried will be utilized by his Port and the local area on the peninsula. I will be happy to change whatever is necessary to help my submission better mesh with the area it is being placed in.

Luckily the concept for the quarry is hinged upon what type of stone is quarried out of it. I just had this image of quarried stone steps scattered across the landscape with large wooden machine-like structures lifting and moving stones that one hundred men couldn’t budge. I wanted to really detail the back-story of the people that live and work the quarry and how their lives are patterned based on the lifestyle they exist in.  

6  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 05 October 2005, 17:28:00
Thank you, Judith, for your kind words. I’m glad that I could come up with something that meshes well with the local environment and brings such thought provoking insights from someone who obviously has great knowledge of the area I am working on. Your input is very helpful for one such as me who is not as versed in the specifics of the Manthria area. I actually had to zip around the map a bit to find the specific places you mentioned for possible habitation areas of the Kharoa but I think I have a good idea of your thoughts for the beast based on the image provided. Let me know if this matches your descriptions.

Click here for map.

I will be happy to create the Kharoa as my first creature submission but I would like to complete the quarry first so as not to distract myself from my original submission. Hopefully giving a little time for the creative juices to flow can create some inventive ideas that I can then apply to my next submission.

Regarding the stones colors I definitely left it vague in my submission with hopes of obtaining details on Art’s vision of how the stone would be used in the Port’s buildings. Having insight into these specifics will make my task very easy in describing what stone is quarried from Hawkeye. Where would be the best place to discuss this topic with Art?

Edited by: Braoin Darkwalker at: 10/5/05 19:19
7  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 04 October 2005, 16:23:00
I’m no geologist by any stretch of the imagination so all I really have to go by is what I read through research. It’s my understanding the granite is basically formed from cooled magma and limestone is basically sediment formed by marine organisms or shell fragments. So in order for these two things to live in the same place there would need to be historical or near access to water for limestone formation and a volcano or even underground expulsion of magma in this same area.

Potentially, White Widow Mountain could have been an active volcano at one time in history with a large eruption taking place thousands of years ago. This eruption exploded open the left side of the mountain and released gouts of magma westward towards Yanthian Gulf covering young limestone deposits. Sea levels may have been higher at this point in history which would explain why the magma never reached the current days western beaches.  

Again, this is all theory and can easily be changed to simply limestone if that is easier. :lol  

8  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Hawkeye Quarry - Manthria - West of Port Ciosa on: 04 October 2005, 15:41:00
This is still being fleshed out by me. Comments are welcome as I continue to develop this location.

Hawkeye Quarry

For nearly six generations the Hawkeye Quarry has been the primary location of Hawkeye limestone and granite used in the assembly of (primarily local) castles, buildings, and monuments. Massive wooden constructions can be seen from local Port Cael rising up a hundred peds into the air. With rope and pulley, immense stones are pulled from the ground and moved to waiting platforms where they are marked, numbered, and smoothed down for use in wondrous constructs.

Before the quarry came into official use crude tools and local kharoa* were used to plow up loose stone and rock left by natural erosion. These smaller rocks were then carted down to Port Cael to be used in the construction of small buildings and homes for the local inhabitants. The gentle grassy slope of the quarry made travel up and down relatively effortless and the calm temperatures brought by fresh coastal breezes made laboring almost pleasant if ever such a thing could be said for picking up rocks.

As Port Cael began to attract world travelers the population surged and a need for larger building stones became obvious to local authorities. Utilizing knowledge from local dwarven miners and engineers, Port Cael began their official use of the quarry. This period of growth for the port would extol their place in history with the invention of many tools and practices that would bring new wealth into the province.

Cutting and pulling stone from the local quarry was proving to be a large undertaking with most efforts of time being spent on cutting the stones into shapes which could be used. Inventive engineers came up with a large sawing device which could be operated by two unskilled laborers and one skilled operator to quickly cut through stone as tough as granite. This device became known as the “Hawkeye” and managed to reduce labor time by one-third when cutting stone blocks. The Hawkeye would prove to be a popular tool not only in the local quarry but in many parts of Manthria. So popular was this tool that the physical quarry took on the mantle of the tool as its official birthplace.

*See Fauna below

Location […]

From apprentice to master quarrymen the laborers of the quarry have born the foundations of a country upon their backs through sweat, blood, and disease

Coat of Arms […]

Climate […]

Mythology […]

Flora […]

Kharoa (kah-row) – Kharoa are domesticated beasts of burden found throughout the peninsula area of southeastern Manthria. A wooly grayish coat adorns their bulky bodies and their characteristic “bone-knots” protrude from their spin from their mid back to their rear end. The bone-knots look like rounded mushroom stalks rising up a palmspan from the backs of these tame beasts.

Kharoa are utilized for many effects ranging from load bearers to milk producers used in the creation of a pungent smelling cheese. Their coats are cut away twice a year for clothing and they are also farmed for food. While not prized as anything exotic, the utility of this beast in everyday life makes it a valuable resource among the people of southeastern Manthria.

Resources […]

Myth/Lore […]

History […]

Edited by: Braoin Darkwalker at: 10/4/05 0:02
9  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Kanumoa Hills (Santharian province of Manthria) on: 01 October 2005, 10:32:00
In my welcome thread it was suggested that I perhaps take this idea and move it more towards the Hawkeye Quarry west of Ciosa. I’m in the process of finishing up my places submission for that quarry possibly today given free time at work. I think I will at the least write some descriptive text for Kanumoa Hills so as not to completely abandon it that way I or someone else who is inspired may come back and fully detail it at a later time.  

10  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Kanumoa Hills (Santharian province of Manthria) on: 28 September 2005, 18:37:00
This is a first submission. I searched the site but couldn't find anyone working on this area. If they are I'll probably need some help figuring out where I should start. Before I continue on with this submission please let me know if I'm on the right track and if I should continue.


Kanumoa Hills (Santharian province of Manthria)

Following the road northeast out of Yaithres (Yaithres lies north of The Griffin’s Marl in Manthria) you’ll end up at the Black Cross Fork. Leaving the road in the same general direction will take you into the Kanumoa Hills. In ancient times these hills were quarried for dimension stones used in the creation of building foundations and fortifications. Over time the quarries were abandoned as the stone was found to fracture during prolonged periods of cold.

Years of quarrying activity during a period of expansion in The Tolonian Heath have left the Kanumoa Hills pockmarked with great holes now overgrown with untamed grasses and weeds. Remnants of aged buildings, barely discernable rusty tools and machinery clutter the once vibrant hills. Most trees in the area were cleared for lumber and only small shrubs now grow near their old neighbors. However, even with the scars of man upon these hills, there is a peaceful quite carried on the breeze through this region.

All other catagories to be developed once approved.

Edited by: Braoin Darkwalker at: 9/28/05 3:05
11  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Lorehaven and the Serpentward Tower on: 28 September 2005, 15:38:00
Fair enough, thanks for the prompt replies. I will venture over to the Newbie area and officially introduce myself as well as extend a hand to anyone that may need something developed. :D  

12  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Lorehaven and the Serpentward Tower on: 28 September 2005, 15:03:00

This is my first post and I hope that I am entering this information in the appropriate place.

I was looking for a place to help develop and in studying some of the content on your site I came across an area on the Manthria map located in the south western corner called Lorehaven. Near the town is Serpentward Tower. I’d like to know if this area I open for development and what next steps I should consider taking to get started. Below are some quick brainstorming ideas that come to mind.

-        I noticed in looking through the catalog of spell schools that there is no mention of a place for the study of Dark Arts. I’d like to have Lorehaven but more specifically the Serpentward Tower, be a location for training talented people in the study of forbidden magic.

-        The small chain of islands known as the Two Track Islands would consist of trials and perils designed to harden students and prepare them for life outside of the school. These islands also act as wonderful natural barriers for students to test their summoning skills without releasing untold horrors unto the surrounding areas (although cases of this have been known to happen which are strongly denied by the Dark Arts establishment).

-        The Dark Arts are defined as spells which allow the caster to pull recessed energy within them and through skill, encase and move said forces. The study of Dark Arts also allows the summoning and commanding of demonic creatures. Only the most exceptionally trained can accomplish such feats.

-        The Town of Lorehaven is more of a student living compound and receiving area for imported goods to maintain the school. While travelers are often seen coming and going there are not the normal trade facilities available for commerce in this area.

If permitted, I see several development opportunities here.
1.        Development of the Town of Lorehaven
2.        Development of the Serpentward Tower
3.        Development of the Dark Arts magic school
4.        Development of Spells related to the Dark Arts
5.        Development of the Two Track Islands

So, where should I begin?

13  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Eager for a Task on: 29 September 2005, 18:03:00
Well of course I wouldn’t want to step on any toes *chuckle* regarding the Two-Track Islands. With Lorehaven claimed my interests in that island chain have subsided as I now focus on developing Hawkeye Quarry and whatever Talia chooses to task me with for Varcopas.

I also liked the 3rd option of a Hawkeye being a tool in your world. In researching I found out that there is actually a tool called a “hawk” which led me to the possibility of naming the entire tool Hawkeye.

Thank you also for the kind words. I hope to be able to create something that both meshes with your world and brings the reader that much deeper into it.  

14  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Eager for a Task on: 29 September 2005, 17:03:00
Perhaps once there is a more detailed map available like the one provided for Manthria I could jump in and help define areas with you Talia. As I am new to the project I am relying a lot on the maps you currently have created on the site to get an idea of potential development locations. I am much more of a visual developer and it helps to have an understanding of how things are laid out. This provides me with a quick way to determine what surrounding elements on the map could affect the location I am developing.

On a side note, I honestly have no background or knowledge of quarries. I just thought it would be an interesting idea for the Kanumoa Hills and spent a little time researching terminology and information concerning how to quarry stone and its uses. This kind of leads back to the “I’m open for anything” development mantra I have with an addendum of “I’m open for anything … that has a detailed map created”.  :lol  

I’ve read through your write-up of Varcopas and perhaps I can offer some new plant or animal ideas that are unique to that region. I’d be happy to work on this with you if you are able. Are you planning on working on the Varcopas Sparrow or Elfcat? I could take a crack at these if you need them developed.

Edited by: Braoin Darkwalker at: 9/29/05 1:20
15  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Eager for a Task on: 29 September 2005, 13:41:00
I think your idea has merit and can be used if you like. Below are some other “off the top of my head” ideas which we could consider or toss out if unusable.

Hawkeye Quarry

•        The region west of Port Ciosa in early times was inhabited by large populations of hawks which could be seen hovering with the winds by the inhabitants of Port Ciosa. As the quarry comes into use the hawks are pushed from their homes by hunters as well as lack of available food. On the brink of being killed off entirely a group or elves visiting the port hears of the hawks plight and convinces the local authority to allow them to create an aviary away from the quarry to the East near White Widdow. While hawks can still be seen looking for small game over the quarry they are now under protection of the local authority and continue to be monitored by the elven aviary.

•        A dwarven engineer by the name of Taldoor “Hawkeye” Khazrid of the Mitharim Clan was hired by the authorities of Port Ciosa to investigate the quarry to the west and help in the quarrying of stone their. His inventiveness and “keen eye” were instrumental in the creation of tools and machines that allowed huge perfectly shaped dimension stone to be cut and lifted for transport to Port Ciosa. As permanent as stone is to dwarves so too are names and his legacy remains as the quarry bares his namesake.

•        A Hawkeye is a large tool designed specifically for cutting and splitting dimension stone. While not the only such tool in the world Port Ciosa claims to have created the first such tool in their quarry and have since sold those plans to other nations for use in building construction.

Well, there are some options we can consider if you like. Let me know what you think.  

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