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181  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Forest of Ronoth on: 01 October 2010, 22:14:12
I don't like this, changing names somewhere undecided...
but I think so it must be...
182  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Forest of Ronoth on: 01 October 2010, 15:39:13
What do you think to place the forest north of the Yllon Woods, under this mountains, this is a nice empty corner? :) Look on the map, north of the Yllon Woods:

183  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Forest of Ronoth on: 01 October 2010, 02:54:58
Ok, I like this idea. ;)
184  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Forest of Ronoth on: 01 October 2010, 01:06:31
Yes you are right it's really similar...weird huh?
185  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Forest of Ronoth on: 30 September 2010, 15:42:20
First of all I will remove the "stolen" picture, you are right, I should try to make my own picture. If I draw, then only abstractly...

Second, thank you for your trust and your help, I am sure, with your help there will be something of ,my work.

Third, Azhra...., The only thing that the people could think is that I "stole" your work and not you. You have not to feel bad or somethink...

And fourth, I like the idea with "we could make a good bridge entry between Raevalem and Osthemangar if we position it in that region somewhere". This sounds good... . Artimidor, I must thank you for your offer to help me, I will accept it. thumbup

Oh, and do you like my "puzzle" of Ran'Sola, it's in Myth/Lore?
186  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: The Official Santharian Dreamers Code on: 30 September 2010, 00:38:49
I, Perab, do promise to abide by the Code of Santharia. I shall respect all citizens of the Kingdom, not judging them by age or race or gender or creed. I shall encourage, help, and support them. I will put forth my best effort to create, edit, and complete original entries for the Compendium of Santharia, in cooperation with my fellow Compendiumists. I will take the time to comment, critique, and suggest for others' entries. In all ways I will foster the spirit of cooperation and fellowship that brings all of us together as Dreamers. This vow I make this day, 1ST passing clouds, 1670 A.S. ., and from henceforth...
187  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Forest of Ronoth on: 30 September 2010, 00:10:20
The picture? I'm sorry I didn't make this picture...

I found it on the web, yes I know it isn't very cool to take such pictures, but I just wanted to show what I mean. ( I searched 2 long hours to find that picture) I am no artist, I can only use my writing and my ideas to have something.

Azhira Styralias, I must thank you very much. For my work I read first your work of the The Wyrmrot Spire and I must say I was very impressed.

Oh and you have helped me with all 3 problems. Thank you for that. Artimidor, I will try to make it more detailed, it was just a start to see what you think, I will put more work into the Forest...

But tell me one thing Artimidor, do you think that my Forest idea has chances...?  But tell it honestly...
188  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Water Image/Water School/Level 3 on: 29 September 2010, 23:41:50
Well thank you very much, I am very glad to hear that.
189  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Water Image/Water School/Level 3 on: 29 September 2010, 03:47:46
I like challenges, I will keep that in mind, thank you ;)
190  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / The Forest of Ronoth on: 29 September 2010, 03:43:35
-Changes I will mark with this beautiful teal color-

The Forest of Ronoth


The Forest of Ronoth is a dark forest growing on wet swamp ground.In times past, many people lost their life in the swamp while crossing the water, now the roots of the trees are keeping their history, making them graves and giving them peace. But many souls cannot find their peace and they are wandering among the trees waiting for the living who dare cross the forest. Aside from the dead and the undead in the forest, many beasts swim in the muddy water and attacking everything that moves and is alive. Among the trees of the forest the fog is showing the path to illusion, the path to their dreams and goals and leading the ignorant deeper and deeper in the forest where they disappear forever.


The forest was explored completely, but there are many unanswered questions which everyday are more and more weird. Explorers have divided the forest into 3 parts. The first section is the well explored and less dangerous part called "Outer Circle". In the "Outer Circle" (it called a circle because it is going around the second area) the fog is less dense, and no undead have been seen in this area. The trees have a dark green color and a wide tree top with many  leaves.There is practical no light, because the sun light cannot pass through the great mass of  leaves. The second section is the mysterious and very dangerous part called the "Inner Circle". The "Inner Circle" has a very dense fog which makes it impossible to cross the forest easy and safe. Many undead creatures and beasts have been seen in this area and only those who really need to cross the forest are going in there. The last part is the "Forest Core" or "The City of Ronothey" and it is the only part which is most mysterious part. The last four explorers which went into the territory of the "Forest Core" never returned. The old Ronotheyan people were the first people who explored and survived in this "hole". They built a great city called Delsama which takes the width of the whole area.

Medriatean Cave

The Medriatean Cave is located in the south of the "Outer Circle". The cave entrance is located on a small stony hill. Early the cave was used as a shelter for people who crossed the swamp. After in the Medriatean Cave, people have found Geode Minerals deep in the cave on the hard stones. The cave wall is created of a mixture of stone and metals, which is making the mining harder. Also the cave's structure has weakened since the roots of the forest are digging trough the weaker parts of the cave wall. The cave isn't very dark, many energy waves which are placed in the cave, are creating light, The energy waves are dangerous for creatures which are crossing the cave, making them paralyzed for a long time, also the waves are melting the inner organs. The energy waves were created by massive magic tension which the forest gives from itself. So the tension gives the magic a physical form and release it like waves. The tension exists because the Forest has it's own magic, the Ronotheyan people knew that and they saw that the forest is more then just a forest. They believe that the forest lives, not like a plant, like a real creature.

Living Hall

The Living Hall is located in the northeast of the "Outer Circle" deeper on the border of the "Inner Circle" , it's the only territory where is no fog and which has real living flowers the ground. In this territory many rare plants and herbs can be found. The Living Hall is a real wonder of nature and has posed many questions for its explorers, as the plants here are growing without sunlight and water. It is very hard to reach the Living Hall, the only way which leads to the hall is the way trough the "Inner Circle". Following the history of Ronoth, there are signs that the surface of Ronoth has changed. Many trees grow up in a few years, many stones were created several 1000 years ago.

Green Graveyard:

The Green Graveyard is a very terrible place. It's located on the southeast of the "Inner Circle". The Green Graveyard is the place where the remains of the death are tethered to the trees. They are keeping the history of the dead, showing the history of the people who crossed the swamp. Many explorers and adventurers had visions there and saw the mistakes that the death have done in their life. The visions came from the dead which are tethered to the trees. The people who made it back out alive from the graveyard changed their life for the better. But rarely one comes back without harm, many of them those who enter got sick or lose their mind.

Ruins of Ronothey:

The Ruins of Ronothey are located on the south border of the "Forest Core". The ruins were built the first people were crossing the swamp in the Era of Dawn. The ruins are the entrance to the city of Ronothey called Delsama . The name of the ruins comes from the city name, and the ruins once were a great gate which kept the city safe from the beasts. The undead don't wanted to attack the Ronotheyan people. The architecture is also like present-day Dwarf architecture. The place is quiet, devoid of sounds, except for the sounds of water. Near the ruins no life is found nor undead, just the old trees. To the west there lie a ruin, a ruin of a dock which has a relation to the ruins of Ronothey...


Letarmus is a camp at the south entrance of Ronoth. It was built by the explorers at the beginning of the exploration and today people are staying there for weeks. It's also used as a trading post to trade with any kind of travelers. The name the camp has from the builder of the camp, Letarmus the seven-leg. No one knows really why he is called the seven-leg, but that's not important.

Order of Ran'Sola

The order of Ran'Sola was written by "The people living in the east, dying in the west." This quote is carved on the Order of Ran'Sola which is placed on the tree located directly in the south of the "Inner Circle".
It's telling something about the history of Ronoth but many details are damaged and no more visible (more details Myth/Lore). Everything that the people know about Ronoth is the curse of the death. The curse of the death was the disappearing in the swamp and the creation of this forest. Many of them found peace other not, and this is the curse. The Order of Ran'Sola has much information which is written in puzzles. Even now the explorers try to solve the puzzles, at the moment, it is a complete mystery. The order of Ran'Sola was the main law script of the Ronotheyan, it was keeping the order between the Ronotheyan and the undead. This information comes from the first paragraph of the order. But the Order of Ran'Sola was the pact which created the Ronotheyan Kingdom and stopped the war in Ronoth ( more in People ).

The Drygroud

The Dryground is located in the west of the "Outer Circle". It is the entrance to the forest. The Dryground is a huge dry area, which is covered with grass. Further to the east lies a small dock. The dock lies in ruins,but it has the same architecture as the present Elven buildings. Earlier, the water level in the swamp was higher, and thus the people needed to cross the water by boats. The dock is called "Cabaneri Iniari", the name was found on a wooden table in a small building.
Explorers also found a old map which contains planned routes. Unfortunately the map isn't much of use since the forest changed ( falling of the water level, the growing of new trees, etc.). The dock has many buildings which are of use today. The explorers are keeping their goods, documents and equipment there since they built a small research post. The map that the explorers found shows that the route is leading to the "Forest Core", on the map are no signs, just a line which shows several points: point "1" ( Cabaneri Iniari ), point "2" ( Medriatean Cave ), point "3" ( Order of Ran'Sola ), point "4" ( The Ruins of Ronothey ).

Gate of Solei

In the east part of Ronoth, there lies a gate. The gate is known as Gate of Solei. No information was found about the gate just the inscription "Gate of Solei" and a small puzzle like the puzzle of Ran'Sola.

Here starts the journey of the sun
Count your steps one by one
Twelve  you must count at the order
Or the time will set it's border
Twenty four you must reach
The right word the order will teach
You will cross the forest the whole day
Just follow the sun's way

The gate is mysterious. On the gate there is a big symbol of the sun, explorers believe that the symbol has something with this puzzle...

Gate of Lunai

A second gate was found on the west of the forest called "Gate of Lunai", there is also a inscription with a puzzle.

You have passed the way
The right word you just have to say
Then you will see the secret of the night
Your path is the light
The death will show you the way
The right word you just have to say
The center you will find
This time you will be blind
But you won't lose your eyes light
You will just know the secrets of the night

On the gate is a big symbol of the moon. Neither on the "Gate of Solei" or the "Gate of Lunai" have anything that is a reason that the gates stay on this position, because there are no walls or something that could prevent the travelers to go around the gates. This thing confuses the explorers and many unanswered questions are there.


On the west-central part of the continent Nybelmar south of the Venlaken Enclave. The North entrance of Ronoth is directly connected with the Venlanken Enclave so the territory is very similar. The main difference is that in Ronoth is growing the Carabery tree which marks the entrance to Ronoth.


The flora of Ronoth is not much rich, because it is very dark and it has no comfortable clime, the nights are very cold and the days are warm so the clime is always chancing. The main plant which provides a comfortable life to the beasts in Ronoth is the Carabery tree which is perfect to give shadow and for making nests, because of its special oil which petrifies when its cold it is the perfect warm holder tree in this region.


The fauna of Ronoth is filled with species like the Rallab and the Ronotheyan Dragonfly. But not rare Black Unicorns were seen in the north of the forest. The fauna is more rich with small insects like ants, worms...


The Beginning

During the Era of Dawn, after the creation of the Krean Empire, many tribes were moving from the east to the west of Nymbelmar. But also they were moving away from the empire. Many of these tribes crossed a Swamp which was later called Ronoth. After a few centuries the Swamp started to grow to a forest. People which crossed the forest during the migrations lost themselves in the forest. But they learned to survive in the dark forest and created a small Kingdom in the forest. At the begin, the races which behaved Ronoth were mostly elves and human, but there were some orcs  and dwarfs. It was hard for them all to ignore the differences of the races, so they created 4 tribes. The Rotheyan tribe which was the tribe of the Human, the  Iniari tribe which was the Elvish tribe, the Palaah tribe which was the Orcish tribe and the Delsma tribe which was the Dwarfish tribe. The Dwarfish tribe was located in the middle of the forest and they created the Delsamalish Walls which the people after the union of the tribes will use to construct the great city of Delsama.

The Union

The Tribes of Ronoth had their differences and their wars (not many, but yes they fought for domination over Ronoth). The Rotheyan tribe used to fight against the Palaah tribe and the greatest Battle was the Battle on the Dryground. The Dryground was the territory of the Iniari tribe, so they fought too. They were on the side of the Rotheyan tribe. The Rotheyan tribe was Victorious and they took the Dryground from the Elves which weren't so happy for such a betray of the Rotheyan tribe. They started an attack on the main territory of the Rotheyan tribe which was surprisingly ended by signing the Order of Ran'Sola, the pact which united the four tribe into a kingdom. The pact wasn't signed by the leaders of the tribes. Four great warriors, every from a different race, spoke to their people and decided to unite the tribes. The people heard them and agreed with them. The leaders weren't pleasent with that, but the knew the wouldn't have a choose. Even the Orcish leader saw that he is powerless against the whole tribe so he decided first and said: "The wished of the people are the laws for the King". With this words he gave the word to the Orcish warrior Grath which signed the order in name of the Orcish tribe Palaah.

The Ronotheyan

The Ronotheyan were they called, a tribe in the middle of nowhere. The Ronotheyan people had a specific Stylish dialect which contains several unusual words, now this dialect is lost.The Ronotheyan people built the great Ronotheyan city of Delsama. People and myths tell about the capitol of the small Ronotheyan kingdom which was destroyed by the unknown fate. The Ronotheyan lived in safety in this territory, they made a pact with the undead of this forest called Order of Ran'Sola which was written in puzzles on a huge Carabery tree. The Ronotheyan people were cut from the rest of the world, they lived their life and they never met any other people except the dead in the Forest.
The Ronotheyan weren't rich, their clothes were made of nature, from Ronotheyan Dragonfly scale, from rallab skin etc. . Only the kings were wearing a crown of gold. In the middle of the crown there was a blue Dragonfly gem, which the kings must defeat first a Ronotheyan Dragonfly to prove their strength. Every time a king dies, the new king will be from an other of the four races following the "Circle of Races". Human, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, this is the "Circle of Races"

The Belvali, undead of Ronoth

The Belvali are the undead of  Ronoth, they made also a their home between the buildings and the docks of the Ronotheyan people. The Belvali are the cursed souls of greedy and evil travelers. But not only travelers are turned into Belvali. There are also the Ronotheyan and many mages who are turned in dark creatures which are ruling among the mist and the trees of Ronoth. The Belvali made a pact with the Ronotheyan, there is no answer why.



The forest grow on swamp ground which was the graveyard of many poor souls which were crossing the swamp. The souls created themselves graves of trees which tied the rests of the death on them to keep their history and give them peace. But many souls are restless and are moving trough the fog of the forest.
But some of them made the forest to their home and built a kingdom which people are a secret. All they done one, survive in a dangerous forest like Ronoth. But they took less care about the danger in the forest.

Minea's Heart

Once a young girl called Minea was fleeing from the hungry creatures in Ronoth. Her heart was clean and full of love. She was lost in the forest, and she tried to escape, but the fog lead her deeper and deeper into the forest.She crossed the forest seven days,yet she had nothing to eat and nothing to drink. On the eight day she died in the northeastern part of the forest. The legend says that the souls which found peace so impressed by her clean heart that they created a small area with life within, the area that is known as the as Living Hall. Still the remains of Minea can be found in the middle of the Living Hall.

Text of the Order of Ran'Sola

To the people who are crossing the forest the whole day
you will reach your goal following the sun's way
The path without light you must find
trust me you won't be blind
The Dead will show you the way
the right word you just have to say
The Ignorant will follow the lie
soon or later they will die.
The Silent will start to scream
the Realist will learn to dream
In front of you is the Hopeless way
Just be careful and you won't pay

                                                                                                                            Order of Ran'Sola, Paragraph II


Baltromeo was one of the first explorers who had enough courage to explore the deepest part of the "Inner Circle". He is famous for his discover. The city of Delsama he has found deep in the center of the Forest Core. This has made him very famous.

Rose of the Black Phoenix

A very common decoration of the ruins of Ronoth is the so-called Rose of the Black Phoenix. Legends told of a creature with black burning feathers which crated a image of a rose, the old Ronotheyan residents used the image to decorate their buildings. On the dock of Cabaneri Iniari and the Ronotheyan Ruins, many of this decorations were found, showing the people the beauty of death.

Edgor's Book- Ronotheyan Memories (It is the title)

The Ronotheyan had a history writer called Edgor. He wrote everything that the people of Cealereth know today. He wrote the book about 170 years, but then he died. His son Fadgor continued the writing of the book. At last the book was given from generation to generation until the history of the Ronotheyan finished by their destruction. The last page of the book wrote the first explorer of Ronoth Baltrameo, who finished the page with this sentence:

"The secrets of the Ronotheyan are among the dead, find the reason to the unanswered questions and write them here to complete the work of many thousands of years...

Chapter 448. Last Breath

This was the title he left before he died...
191  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Water Image/Water School/Level 3 on: 28 September 2010, 19:23:59
I have just tried to give some idea to see do I have the talent to create something, I like to write. I always was a fan of fantasy adventures. Valan it seems that you are very experienced in that thing maybe you can help me, because I am not... grin
192  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Water Image/Water School/Level 3 on: 28 September 2010, 18:44:11
Well......, Thank you for your honest mind. Oh and Valan Nonesuch, don't be angry but I don't understand what you are talking because I am from Croatia and I am still learning English so I cannot follow your rich vocabulary. So you want to say that I should "rethink" the spell and try to write more details and change something?
193  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Water Image/Water School/Level 3 on: 28 September 2010, 02:54:10
This is my first spell, I ever have created or planed. I ave put much work by planing it. ( I doesn't seem so, but trust me.) I hope you can make something of my idea...
194  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Water Image/Water School/Level 3 on: 28 September 2010, 02:46:22
Water Image is a level 3 water spell which allows the caster to create a perfect copy of him/her which is able to act and attack but not able to communicate. The spell creates a copy of all items and herbs that the caster carries, but they cannot be used or have any effect.

Spell Effect:
Water Image creates a copy of the caster which lasts as long as the caster is able to put his condition and concentration into the copy. The spell will collapse if the opponent hits the head or any item in the copy's inventory is destroyed during the fight.

Casting Procedure:The caster need's to put some condition and concentration into the spell. As more condition and concentration the caster puts in as stronger the copy will be. Casting about 2 min.

Magic Formula:

Target:Target is the caster himself, but more experienced mages are able to create copies of other targets, but their strength is minimum.

Reagents: A wet aquamarine stone.

Spell Class: Not decided yet

Range: N/A

Casting Time: 2 minutes

Duration: As long the copy isn't damaged or the caster has enough condition to hold the copy.

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures : The spell's effect is increased if two casters are casting the spell on one target or the caster uses 2  aquamarine stones.
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