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1  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Not really sure if this is the right formum....Elvish song. on: 21 July 2004, 18:58:00
I am just wondering why none of your Styrásh songs have not been recorded. Music is of course, the best use of Elvish...anyway, just wondering.

2  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / I have the same problem! on: 04 February 2004, 16:27:00
I have three "modes" of elvish script, Ësailasin, Nau'Gwar, and Súvannin, which all use the characters of the lámęan énaëfan, the alphebet of the elves. For theses scripts, I can't make them into a font that looks really cool, because I don't know of a font program that could recongnize that th is a single letter. But for the spacing, that's not a problem. All you must do is make all your letters flow together the way you want, then make them overlap just a bit. perfect merger. Ösatar!

3  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / ahhhhh.....try this website for all your creating orkish... on: 02 February 2004, 08:48:00
..needs.. brinja.bei.t-online.de/Bl...Index.html A black speech and orkish dictionary. Should help with streamlining orkish..or Kh'or??? anywho.... Mu'ackh! Mu'ackh! Hordgor...[death to men, death to men..] Pish pashook! [he be food!] but that is my made up language of Cazacazs, common wild speech. Delveloped by goblins, and taught to the wild races so that they could organize armies more easily. It's all just one big cuss word.ex...@#%$ = cut. it also has about 100 words for kill, afew are .....Fu'mackhtackh, pish'hackh, ish'hackh, mu'ackhtackh.... Have fun with it.
nurangk! [bye]

4  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / alas, one more thing.. on: 02 February 2004, 08:31:00
I am not bothered, I have my reasons...first off, I don't make ocs, trolls, brari(Rat wolf-minitor-without the horns.), they don't write, it's the extreme harshness of sounds I'm trying to convey. ck = ka, but ckh= kha, I mean the brutal sounds, extreames one finds in a language like Kiligon. Another good way to make it inhuman and unnatural sounding, is if you all throat hacks, growling, spiting, and snorting as parts of the verbal alphabet. As such is used with D@D orkish, and bugbearish, trollish is werid, "Ish mish funtaaaah" but that is beside the point, I used to have a writting system, but dropped it. I now can use random letters for orckish wirting, since any lanugauge or writting style one tribe made, would be completly different from another tribe. But anywho...just an idea.
          Ösatar pésa, éulé 'anai lan ídhu hínacírsa.

5  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / sorry... on: 30 January 2004, 15:53:00
Again, I am sorry if I bothered anyone. I just think that many who come to this site might not be so fluent in á and ëé and such. All of those marks just seem to make it harder to speak. I can't say how I like the elvish, I am yet to find a long and "wordy" poem or passage written in Styrásh. I'm all for creativity and that, don't get me wrong. All the marks just confuse me. I use orkish sounds like ckh(super "k", think Klingon) fngsh, rh, hr, ngk, things like to make phrases such as this.... Fu'Mackhtackh horngor gűngtackh hranshackh! (Not* not a really phrase, the only part that has any real meaning is Fu'Mackhtackh horngor, the rest is just an idea.

       I do like your Merfish though, fun stuff. I've tried it, it ain't easy.....but I wish I knew Hebrew...and German...and Sindarin..and Quenya...and Swahilí...and..oh! Sorry. errr....I'm rambling...uhg..
Ösatar! [I leave]

6  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Ummmm... on: 29 January 2004, 21:03:00
I'm new to the forums, though not to Santharia an all that. I'm just wondering, why do you have so many ' in the word? Kh'om'ch'om????? I don't know, maybe it's just me, but wouldn't somthing like Fnackhfu fit better? all the words like chéléréŕĺ'khóláúör.. you get my idea then...... I make languages of my own, Ësailasin, Khazzanur, Súvannin, Nau'Gwar, Almaeyeyn, Altaen,  and Cazacazs. I never use so many symbols, I dunno, if you hate what I'm saying, I'm sorry, but I felt I needed to say it.

Tánulé lananai thëla Ösatar pésa.
[In hope and peace, for I leave now.]

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