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466  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Baveras on: 26 September 2001, 05:58:00
Hahaha Lol :lol  


467  Organization and General Discussions / Organizational Schedules / Development Schedule - Theodorus on: 24 October 2005, 07:50:00
Current Occupations.

Walking Moss (bestiary)

To-do List

Mullog Language.
Mullog shamanic ritual.
"Reddeye" disease.

Main Focus

Major Projects

Minor Projects




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468  Organization and General Discussions / Organizational Schedules / Re: Santharian Development Scheduler on: 28 November 2001, 11:25:00
Because of writing a book

     Main Focus
-The Mullogs
-The Silvermarshes

     Works in Progress
-Various Beasts/Herbs


     Works to be integrated

-Wonders of Sorren list
-Elaborating the Mullogs/Silvermarshes
-More beasts/herbs

     Dream List/Long term projects
-To do a story someday too.

"Destiny, chance, fate, fortune-they're all just ways of claiming your successes without claiming your failures."

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469  Organization and General Discussions / Organizational Schedules / Re: Wanted: Forum Moderators on: 05 December 2001, 02:48:00
I could propably be Bestiary mod or something alike. For some reason I nearly always have enough time to read all those post at all the forums, too bad for my homework! But I've no experience with being Moderator and I'm just a little boy ;)  

"Destiny, chance, fate, fortune-they're all just ways of claiming your successes without claiming your failures."

470  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: The Model II on: 22 October 2005, 03:01:00
Well, the means for establishing such a theory aren't that much, or complicated. Point is you'll need a brilliant scholar/scientist to think up such a theory, and then you need to figure out a reason why it is actually taken seriously.

But then, I wonder. How would an ordinary Caelerethian be able to distinguish a difference between Void and VOID.
Well, that's for later concern.

However, I do not think my previously posted theory could be fitted into the compendium, so for now, I'll cease working on it.


471  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: The Model II on: 21 October 2005, 14:22:00
You'll have a hard time preventing physical explanations from my side, considering I study physics now. 8)

Anway, I didn't really intend this as a scholar's idea about the world, but rather as a general frame of reference for developers when they have questions about the presence of certain types of stone (like granite and diamonds) or the volcanic activity on Caelereth.
Just so that we have some model to explain those things, and we don't have to invent theories over and over again when a new entry raises the same questions again.


472  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: The Model II on: 20 October 2005, 11:36:00
At least the current Netherworlds entry isn't a real problem. It theorizes that the Netherworlds are located at the other side of the Disc, so that is feasable.

My current theory is now as follows.

Firstly, I suppose the VOID exerts some force/pressure on the "Bubble" that contains the Disc. The VOID would rather be everywhere.
Consequently, the Bubble exerts a similar force outwards, because it wants to expand as well. Thus, at the point of the VOIDshell, there exists an equilibrium between inbound and outbound pressure.

If a part of the VOID would exist inside the Disc, then it would naturally exert a expanding force, because it wants to "break out". The same "bubbleforce" that keeps the VOID outside the Bubble now tries to contain the VOID inside a VOIDBubble (still follow me? :p  ).

The only thing I need to figure out is why the VOID outside the Bubble remains in an equilibrium, while the VOID inside the Disc expands and contracts at a regular pulse. (Something of a "heartbeat" of the world).
This expanding/contracting could generate the gravityfield around the Disc.

There's no gravity inside the VOID (at least not necessarily), because there the VOID is static and the VOID inside the Disc moves continuously.

I made some pictures in Paint to visualize things, but I can't really upload them until I'm back at my own PC, which is not before monday.


473  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: The Model II on: 20 October 2005, 01:10:00
My intention was not to create a model that would necessarily be fitting for integration in the compendium. Rather, I think it might be wise to establish some idea on how gravity and volcanoes work on Caelereth, because then we can determine what kind of phenomena can happen, and what not.

For instance, the cosmological Model determines, if I understood it correctly, that it is not possible for the moon to obstruct the sun. Therefore, a solar eclipse by the moon is not possible. Those are things that have to be established at one point, before there are occurences/events that cannot be combined.

On the gravity then. Well, my usage of this "bubble" which is actually a flat disc, you pointed that out correctly, is born out of pragmatism. Rather than using a second phenomenon to explain gravity, I just assumed it would be caused by the same phenomenon that caused volcanoes and the like. That just made things easier. :)

But well, I'll look up the Netherworlds entry then. However, it'll be difficult to have both magma ánd a dark place within the Disc.

Anyway, I don't necessarily want to be the one who comes up with theories. I just wanted to initiate a discussion about this particular topic, as I think we'd better sort it out at some point.


474  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / The Model II on: 19 October 2005, 10:59:00
And I was so kind as to borrow Talia's title for her topic concerning the cosmological model of Caelereth.

What I intend to do here, is start a discussion on the nature of the Disc of Caelereth itself, in order to explain phenomena such as volcanoes, gravity, different types of stone (granite/diamonds) etc. Of course, all these things cannot be explained in a Terran way, but nonetheless there needs to be some theory that occupies itself with these things, as they do seem to happen.
And well, saying all things we cannot explain are either Divine Intervention or Divine Plot is not exactly "fair".

Thus, I'd like to take the assumptions from Talia's Model that concern us most here:

1) Gravity behaves like Terran gravity, and behaves similar regardless of your position on the Disc.
2) The Disc is quite flat compared to its diameter.
3) It is, until now, unknown what the other side of the Disc looks like.
4) Mountains and the like are small compared to the Disc's radius.

Now, let us also make a list of phenomena already mentioned in the compendium itself:

a) Volcanous
b) Very solid materials, such as granite, which are only formed under high pressure.
c) Dwarven tunnels which have so far nót reached the other side of the Disc.
d) Dwarven tunneling revealed that digging deeper resulted in more heat.
(I'm not entirely sure on the last one, but I suppose our Dwarven Mistress would be able to clarify)

Now, let us see.
Even though the thickness of the Disc is small compared to its radius, it is still considerable. I don't know really how wide the radius of the Disc would be converted to SSU (Santharian Standard Units), but I think it's safe to assume that the maxium depth to which Dwarves have been able to delve would be twice the height of a considerable mountain. (And now I grant them incredible mining skills)

I now assume the diameter of the Disc is 3600 km, which equals in SSU 100 Furlays.
Now I suppose a considerable mountain would be about 1 League high (thus 1/6 of a Furlay) and thus the deepest tunnel would be 2 Leages (2/6 of a Furlay), which is still quite small compared to the total diameter.
Even if the thickness of the Disc  would only be 1/50 of it's width, it would still be two Furlays and the Dwarves would be far from reaching the other side.

Now, we also have to make another deduction from this situation:
e) Pressure does not rise dramatically when delving. Otherwise either our model is flawed, or the Dwarves would have to take huge pressure into account when delving deep.

Then I think it is safe to assume that the innermost layer of the Disc is composed of hot, molten lava and magma. And that makes are Disc something like a wafer. Two solid layers with a fluid layer inbetween.

Now my first solution would be the following:
At the exact centre of the Disc is a small "bubble" of VOID. Due to the presence of VOID outside the Disc, this bubble wants to expand. However, the presence of matter around it causes it to be pressurized as soon as it tries to expand. This results in a rapid contracting/expanding movement. Such a movement generates much heat and results in the rock to become molten, which gives lava and magma.
Gravity could then be explained as a field that is generated by the expansion and contraction of this bubble. This field could be regarded as a magnetic field generated by a current in a wire. Here the wire is the Disc, and so the gravitational force is equal all over Caelereth.

Now, this is just a quick hint for a solution. I wouldn't dare saying it is enough, however, perhaps it's a start.

I look forward to hearing the opinions of the great Sages on this.


475  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Re: Theodorus Holzman on: 02 January 2006, 17:02:00
I seem to have forgotten to enable mail-notification of replies in this particular topic, so my apologies for noticing your request this late.
I'll find the time to look through Pikel's entry this week, and will see if and what comments I can produce.


476  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Theodorus Holzman on: 24 October 2005, 07:33:00
For some strange and unknown reason, you enter the Bell-Ringing thread of Theodorus Holzman. The only thing you see is a table with a taperecordere and a button. Curious as you are, you press the button to see what happens.
Immediately the taperecorder comes into motion, and you hear the following message:

"At this moment, I'm either not aware of your request, or unavailable to answer it. Please leave a message after the beep, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."



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