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1  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Last Notice: on: 24 February 2002, 18:42:00

Seen together:
 Capher, Historian of The White Tower,   Koldar Mondrakken , Knight of the Moonlight and Santharian Loremaster  and the Shendar Adventurer  Talia Sturmwind, the woman who sold the text fragments to A.M.Federkiel, accompagnied by a warrior, a bard and a young woman of elven origin - a  coincidence?


 To our readers:

Feel free to send your letters with your comments to the New Santhalian Journal, we will eventually publish them to initiate a discussion about the above matters.

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2  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / First Artwork to the above Speculations on: 24 February 2002, 18:41:00
Though it is very doubtful that the new hypothesis will be confirmed by our Santharian historians, it has already inspired an yet unknown artist to do his first artwork on Santharian cosmology.

Source:      Artimidor Federkiel 1999
                ESO Starfield
Idea:          Talia Sturmwind
Realisation:  Focx

I have to mention, that we are able to provide you with this image and the one of Sir A.M.Federkiel in the Santhalan library only through the magic  of the two best known mages of Santharia, Xarl Bluestride, Archmage of the White Tower of Ximax , Master of  Magic  and  Tarquet Galbar, Keeper of the Secret of the Weavers, who provided us with the Encyclopedia of Magical Arts. This display of this image could only be achieved  with their admirable engagement and use of their combined magical forces. Thanks to them for the overcoming of their collegal differences and competition.

3  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Possible new Findings of the Cárpa‘Dosía!!! on: 24 February 2002, 18:13:00
 A question hour with Sir A.M.Federkiel

NSJ(New Santhalian Journal):

Sir Federkiel, you have evidence that maybe a yet unknown part of the Cárpa‘Dosía is found. Could you tell us some more about these findings?

Sir A.M.Federkiel:

Yes,  there have been sensational findings of old scripts in the Rahaz Dath containing parts of the known chapters of the Cárpa‘Dosía, but some new material as well.
Last winter in córt'ometrá, the month of the  of the Turning Star, a party of Shendar women accompanying a young girl on its bonding quest  to find her Aj‘Nuvic stumbled over a series of caves  in the mountains near the Oasis of Nirmenith. In one of these caves they found old pottery ware, some of the well sealed jugs contained pieces of parchment with for the Shendar women unreadable characters on it. The pottery seems to be quite old, it differs greatly from the now used (magnificent, if I‘m allowed to mention it) blue pottery from Uderza, but it is  quite plain, just with a few characters on one side in an surrounding band where the jug has its biggest diameter.


How did you get hold of these parchments?

Sir A.M.Federkiel:

A Shendar woman  sold it to me in Barvados where I was staying for some days at this time - a very lucky coincidence as I might say, though the circumstances where somewhat mysterious. This woman came to the place where I stayed and offered the parchments and the jug to an incredible high price. I laughed at first , but then she opened the jug and showed me Parchment One without saying anything. I was alerted and asked if I could have a closer look. She handed me over the paper with a knowing smile. At once I recognised the well known first characters of the Cárpa‘Dosía and what else should I do than pay this incredible high prize? I don‘t believe that any Shendar has ever seen a single elven character, but how this woman could choose exactly Parchment One to show it to me is still a riddle to me.


Sir Federkiel, could you tell us some more about these text fragments?

Sir A.M.Federkiel:

As I mentioned already above, it turned out that the characters were of elven origin and that the texts  - written on several pieces of parchment - contain part of the known Cárpa‘Dosía as well as unknown parts and some lesser explanations with cosmological content. Due to the supposed old age the colour of some of the characters has vanished and is not fully readable. I left free spaces where some characters are obviously missing. But on the whole it is a remarkable found.

I like to say that I‘m very grateful that the „New Santhalan Journal of Old History and Myths“ will publish a preprint of my first investigations though I have to mention that below you find only a preliminary translation. Both, the texts itselves as the translation have to be confirmed first from our great  Santhalian Sage Artimidor Federkiel. It might turn out that - as already happened before - these old parchments are just a fake  the Shendar did to make good money.


Sir Federkiel, may we come to some questions not concerning the new findings directly, but your work in general. You are an expert in comparing ancient texts. Most of them are written with elven runes. Have the elves part in your investigations?

Sir A.M.Federkiel:

Unfortunately not. Most are not interested in this art at all, it is not their way of living, they have a different approach to life. Some were so kind to help me understand some finer details of their writings, but comparing texts and looking close at every single word is a solely human interest. It would be easier to find a dwarf who is willing to listen to you than an elf.


You mentioned a dwarf, that leads to our next question. You had some cooperation with the dwarves not very long ago. You created a device which enables you to multiply a given text much easier than by copying it the old way, writing it letter by letter? What gave you the idea?

Sir A.M.Federkiel:

Oh yes! It was in fact a very fruitful cooperation! But I had the idea already long ago! And the cooperation started nearly at the same time, but this was not so well known to most people. My wish was to get more of the important texts spread through whole Santharia, and copying them letter by letter takes its time. So I thought if it is possible to forge the finest swords and other killing devices, why not ask a smith to do a letter, a character. And so I went to the dwarves and found Master Kori Notlek from  the clan of the   Mitharim who is a real artist. Mine was only the idea, his merit is the realisation, so I can‘t tell you more than that he did all letters several times, some more often than others and sets them together side by side in a kind of box so that they form words . The letters are covered with paint and  a new parchment is put on top of this box, but I‘m not good in describing such things. Why don‘t you do an extra issue about the art of printing ? You don‘t have to go far to investigate it! Probably you know better how it is done than me, I‘m only interested in the result!


That is a good idea, Sir Federkiel, maybe we will realise it soon. Now to our last question, may it be a personal one? You are the uncle of our famous Sage Artimidor Federkiel. Could you tell us something from his childhood? How he was as a child?

Sir A.M.Federkiel: (laughing)

Oh well, I hope he won‘t read your issue then!
I knew him quite well when he was young, a child. My visits in Caelum where my brother lived at this time were always a great pleasure for me, though very strenuous as well. Little Art was a very bright child, full of questions and thoughts already with the age of three. „What are the stars made of? Why is the sky blue? Why don‘t the fish walk on land as we do? “ were some of the easier ones to answer. When he got older, about the age of seven he argued with me over the the existence of the good and the evil, asked questions like: „Why does the evil exist? What is our purpose of living? What will happen when we die?“ or „Is the moon still there if nobody is looking?“ He was a very open minded child, but sometimes introverted as well. He could walk half a day around without saying anything, on the other side he could be quite annoying  when he insisted on getting an answer from me when I didn‘t have one. Later I wasn‘t able to visit him as often as before due to my extended travels and then he had moved away.


Sir Federkiel, thank you very much for visiting us and providing us with such a variety of information. We hope to have you again as our guest.

Sir A.M.Federkiel:

It was a pleasure for me to be here.

Sir Federkiel in the library of New-Santhala

Sir Artheós Mirabíphilus Federkiel, Painting Spitzweg(Archive)

4  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Have you ever met Artheós Mirabíphilus Federkiel? on: 24 February 2002, 18:10:00
We are proud to be able to announce that we could win the famous Sir Artheós Mirabíphilus Federkiel, historian and expert on the comparison of ancient texts, founder of the society of travelling historians, inventor of the art of printing texts with iron characters and last not least uncle of our honoured and beloved Sage Artimidor Federkiel, for an exclusive question hour and the publishing of his latest researches on the recently found text fragments called the Nirmenith Papers after the location they were found. We are glad to present you a special issue solely dedicated to the new researches of Sir Federkiel.

Edited by: New Santhalian Journal of Old History and Myths at: 2/24/02 12:43:53 am
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