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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / First beast: The Pachisoth Shice on: 27 October 2003, 16:56:00
This beast lives deep inside the mountains of the Pachisoth Iceplanes on the continent of Akdor. With its height of approximately 19ft 8 inches this is a creature that is hard to miss. This creature is very strong with muscles that would be mistaken as layers of fat. It has a thick layer of brown hard fur which protects it from attacks and the cold.
The Pachisoth Shice has cold blue eyes and a pig nose with about half an inch wide nostrils. Its mouth is always curled down in an ugly snarl and its dark yellow sharp teeth twisted around its mouth which suggests it eats strangely. It has no neck and its head sinks in between its huge bulky shoulders. The fur covers this beast's entire body except for its spine where shiny spikes stick out suggesting its use being for defence of creatures creeping up behind it. The same shiny spikes are curled up on its size 64 feet.
This creature has a few special abilities, but the most major one would be its mass of thick fur covering it's body protecting it from attacks. The spikes on it's back protects it from attacks from behind and its only weak point is his head, being the part with the least amount of fur. It has a very bad temper and creatures usually attack in packs instead of fighting alone with the Pachisoth Shice. This is a very strong creature which is rarely found.
This beast lives deep inside the mountains of the Pachisoth Iceplanes on the continent of Akdor. It's home is within the depths of the mountains in the icy chambers. There are very few of these creatures around and the creatures are very protective of their territory, defending their homes with their lives.
If you were to see this creature it would either be on it's own hunting for food or with it's friends having a very aggressive fight over a mating partner. Most Pachisoth Shice die, fighting each other. Every Shice is very different and it is easy to see the leader as it has gold spikes. These creatures are very cautious of one another.
The Pachisoth surprisingly have a very small stomach so it doesn't take much food to fill this giant up. It's favourite food is seafood but these creatures aren't very fussy on food and will usually eat anything they see moving that comes in contact to them. In the summer, these creatures stock up on food and go crazy, eating over 7 tonnes worth of food per Shice and hibernate until the winter.
The Shice fight one another to get with the opposite sex. The female fight very differently to that of the males as they use their spikes on their feet to slice and dice the opponent. Once the creatures actually get to mating, they do a special dance to signify their love before finishing with the female slicing the male down his left cheek. Once the male starts bleeding his dark green blood, the female licks up the blood and it stops bleeding. This process is a very strange one but has been used by these creatures since they existed.

This is my first creature and I hope it is ok, give me your thoughts :thumbup  
PS. I am from the United Kingdom and so many of the words in the USA may not make sense writing from the UK (eg. center and centre)

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 10/28/03 21:33
2  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Requesting to join... on: 26 October 2003, 16:41:00
I found this site about 10 minutes ago and it looks awesome. I read i should ask to join the joining request forum? Well I guess I'm asking hehe!
The things Id like to do is storywriting or world designing. Is there any artwork involved in world designing because if there is I warn you, my artwork is rubbish! :lol
So what do I do after this post?
Thanks in advance if I make it on the team.

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