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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / hmmmmm on: 05 January 2002, 13:12:00
Sorry bout the confusion, I'll try to clear things up a little

- I did indeed mean leech (Stupid spellchecker...)
- Any race can be come one of the damned (Zombies - Skeleton - or Specters it would just resemble the physical appearance of the once living creature)
- The damned are very rare and very unique this is why each race produces a different form of undead. (just as a dwarf is different from an elf, a damned dwarf is different from a damned elf)
- I my self, am quite partial to the traditional 'vampire image' but as you say many people dislike this image. I was going to make it very different from this mold, but if you want I can think up something different...

2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Undead overview on: 29 December 2001, 22:10:00
The Undead are truly a plague on the living, and indeed, on the world it's self. All forms of the living dead proceed with one thought, one motive and one intention, to destroy any and all thing that live. Undead come in many forms, and have many different and unique abilities and traits. The easiest way to separate them however is through their actual creation. The lower forms of undead and the higher forms. The lower forms consist of Skeletons, zombies and specters. All of these monstrosities came from the war of the chosen, were powerful mages brought them to be by bringing back a sliver of the old bodies soul back to it. These beings are known as the "damned", they do not eat, they do not sleep, and they have no mind what so ever. They just kill every thing that lives, mowing over any thing with av's blessing. It is for this reason and this reason alone that the dammed are seen as Coor's children. It is quite ironic when you think about it. Theses perversions of were once men loved by Ava, and filled with life and now they wonder mindlessly, killing life with extreme prejudice, watched over by no one but Coor him self. The Higher level of undead or the "cursed" are very much the same, and yet totally different. The cursed come to be when Seyella cannot decide the fate of ones soul. This happens very really but when it does the soul must be returned to the body. Queprur becomes enraged and before returning the soul cleaves half of it. The body now has only half a soul, and is far more dangerous then any of the dammed. The cursed have a mind of their own, but all have one true goal, the death of all living things. But all cursed are immortal, and may hatch plans for the death of one person over many years. Because they have there own minds they choose there gods, many taking on Coor and turning to chaos, but others keep there old deities, believing that they have been given a blessing rather then a curse. There are very few cases of a soul that cannot be given a fate, but each race produces a different type of undead being. Human's become Vampires, Elves become Gul'morek (commonly called Hell Screamers) Dwarves become Tullgot (commonly called Dread knights) and Brownies become ….(life liches)….
These four types of the cursed are the only ones ever seen, but that's because if you are ever close enough to see one of the cursed, you wont live long enough to tell any one else. That is unless they want you too…

thats the overview, all i need now is to figuer out what "life leeach" means in brownin...

3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / The Desert Drake on: 25 December 2001, 18:46:00
Appearance: The Desert Drake is one of the few dragons - both great and lesser that cannot fly. In fact it has no wings at all, and to even further that, they seem to hate heights. These burly drakes compensate for the lack of wings with an unusually thick hide, which ranges from lighter tones of black to deep browns and grays. The hide it's self is made up of thick overlapping plates, very much like scales, but harder, and more rock like in texture and appearance.  The Body is very much like that of an elephant, only somewhat larger, and it has six legs rather then four. Huge curved retractable claws can be found it's first two rows of legs, the hind set are used only for walking and balance. The front legs double as hands, able to grip and move objects, much as any humanoid can, and as such tend to be shorter then the back two rows. The second row is much more foot like, and is used almost primarily for digging - If not then this row is used for walking as well. The back row is solely for walking purposes, and is very wide at the base, aiding in balance when digging, again no claws can be found on the back legs. The drake's neck is somewhat long, usually about the length of one of it's front legs and is covered in a much softer hide then the rest of the body. The neck is therefore very flexible and can move with relative ease. Its head is covered in the same hard hide as the rest of its body, except around the eyes and back jaw, where it is a little softer. Large eyelids can be shut over the eyes, to prevent rocks and other debris from damaging the eyes, and the jaw holds, a mouth full of jagged teeth, interspersed with large grinding molars.

Special Abilities: The Abilities of this drake are somewhat limited by the standards of their brethren, but impressive none the less. Their uncanny ability to dig miles upon miles of underground caverns, yet never get lost for example, may seem somewhat less thrilling then breathing fire, but the desert drake will never loose it's way it it's own caves.  Also among the lesser drakes, desert drakes are one of the most intelligent, showing problem solving ability and even the basics of their own language, resembling that of the greater drakes. They even have a strict hierarchical system in their "herds" consisting of a leader (queen) and her underlings - workers, diggers, solders and so on.

Territory:  As the name implies, these drakes are found in the deserts of Aer'ai'chán. Their caves may stretch for miles but all herds center around one body of fresh water. As such there are five known herds of these drakes, each named after the body of water they originate from. To a layman each group may look the same, but they do have different colorings and features that separate the herds. The Aegyslam - calling the Sveltash Desert home (also the largest of the known herds) The Tardulan laying claim to the desert of light. The Hylmagor and the Bright witch are constantly fighting one another over space in the Desert of Ysthalinth. And the smallest and tamest of the known herds the Nirmenith, calling the Desert Rahaz - Dath home

Habitat/Behavior: Desert Drakes Spend most all their time in their own caves, just digging away and the earth, and setting sand traps to get their food. They do on occasion come up to the surface, but never for very long. They are also extremely aware and protective of their home. If any thing enters soldiers are soon on the seen to assess the situation. If it's food, and then the hunters are called in to take care of things, if it's deemed dangerous then, the soldiers waste no time in attacking. Some times the drakes will find no harm from an interloper. In these cases, workers will come and take the intruder to the nearest surface hole and let them on their way. The whole-heard acts much like a colony of ant's each different group has a specific job. The following is a brief overview of what each class of drake does for the heard, as observed by the dragon researcher Homloth

- Queen: The queen is the leader of the heard, as she is the dominate of the few females that are born. She will give birth to more drakes then any other female, and is the glue that holds all other classes together.
- Nurse: The other few and less dominant females are referred to ass nurses. The look after all of the queens needs, and takes care of all the queens eggs, and their own, and raise them until they start out in their own class
- Worker: These are the most common of all the classes and do all the digging, and trap making.
- Hunter: Catch any food that my wonder into the caves, checks the sand traps, and leaves caves to hunt for food on the surface if needed.
- Soldiers: Keep threats away from queen and out of cave, take direct orders from queen.

Diet: Desert Drakes are carnivores, eating any and all meet they can find. The hunters do a good job feeding the rest on animals that fall through the many sand traps that the drakes set up, but also get a fair amount of food from other cave dwelling animals that wonder to close to the drakes caves. (It's the #1 leading cause of death for Dune Mice)

Mating: Every one 150 years (keep in mind the average life span of a desert drake is 500 years) the mating season begins. The queen will pick several mates, while the nurses pick a single mate that they stay with their whole lives. Each nurse (there are usually no more then five) will lay two eggs, while the queen will lay around 12. The nurses care for the eggs, for about 100 years until they reach the age where they can find their own class. The % of births is as follows - again as observed by Homloth

- Nurse 2%
- Worker 60%
- Hunter 18%
- Soldier 20%

Myth/Lore:  There is an old tale that says that the ancient decadents of the Shendar (then called the Stratanian) found a way to befriend and even use these drakes as mounts. They would borrow under cities and raid them, with out even having to pass through a line of defense! But that just an old tale… right?

Edited by: Torek Ozzot at: 12/25/01 12:57:39 am
4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / hmmmm on: 29 May 2001, 19:49:00
Well I'm not just going to flat out say it, but I'm gonna most of theses ideas in to the history of the Phoenix. That way the ideas are there, but it remains a mystery as to its real origins

5  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / but of corse on: 28 May 2001, 15:15:00
yes indeed, that was just the over view, the full thing is comin on monday

6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Phoenix overview on: 27 May 2001, 18:41:00
Ok I started doing another type of wolf, but I got sick of it and did this insteed, If I don't go out (It's not looking good as my cuz has got to work) I'll post up some more stuff.

Phoenix: Of all the winged creatures on the face of Aer'ai'chán, none is so mystical, beautiful, or wondrous as the bird of flames, the legendary Phoenix. This awe inspiring bird is rarely seen, and very little is known about it's origins. Some strongly believe that it is a gods pet, let loose on the world now and again, to give the people a glimpse of a gods powers. Others swear by the fact that the Phoenix is, itself a god, bringing peace to the righteous and swift retribution to the evil and corrupt. Still others say it is not more then a near extinct animal, no different from a swan or dove. Whatever the case, the phoenix is the rise of many tales and pomes, and the few people that clam to have cough a glimpse of this extraordinary bird, seem to be blessed living long and prosperous lives, or cursed, and soon find horrific ways to die. Some pass it off a coincidence, but…

7  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The big first try on: 25 May 2001, 14:22:00
If you'd like me too I can work on other wolf types, or another animal. And yes all the measurements are right, but they're all old school American. Up here in Canada we use the metric system. Also, if you'd like me too, I'll go over some of the characters and do up some stats for em' I'm into rpgs and stuff like that so it should be fun.

8  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / The big first try on: 24 May 2001, 20:36:00
Ok here it is my first shot at a full bestiary entree. I'm gonna keep this format for my entrees, so if there's any headings you'd like to see added let me know! (If any of my facts were wrong, or if you'd like to see a change in something, don't hold back on the newbe!)                         

NAME: Ashmarian Wolf

Description/background: The Ashmarian wolf, also known as the "mari", (MAR-E) is one of the most sleek and beautiful predators that ever graced the snow and ice. Their fur is soft and sleek, yet retains quite a lot of heat, or in this case, keeps out quite a lot of cold. Females have grayish to black fur on their backs and sides, and are snowy white on their underbelly. Males on the other hand are almost always completely white, except for patches of gray on the face and paws. The paws themselves are webbed; acting like snowshoes, and letting the wolf reach high speed even in deep snow, and slippery ice. Very rarely does this wondrous creature have to use its speed however, as it prefers to hunt it's pray by stealth. Moving silently in the snow, this wolf can see movement up to 150 feet away. That’s in the dead of night, when the mover is camouflaged in its surroundings. Even more amazing is the mari's sense of smell. Ashmarian wolves have such strong sense of smell that they now when to enter their caves at night before it snows! They can actually smell the change in the air and predict if the snow will make it to hard to hunt. In fact villages in Northern Sarvonia often spy on packs of these wolves, to see what the weather will be like the next day!  They have strong jaws, and large pointed teeth, in a criss cross pattern like the teeth on a saw blade. Lager maris have even been known to bite through their own legs in a single bite, when caught in a hunter's trap. The most defining feature about the Ashmarian wolf, is definitely its eyes. One can easily get lost in the yellow, gold eyes of this majestic creature. Some more fanatic lovers of the mari even go so far as to say that they shine of the same intellect as humans or elves do…

Habitat/Behavior: Ashmarian Wolves live up north. They like it were it's cold, because that’s where they have the most advantage. In a warmer climate they may have some trouble living, but almost anywhere in Northern Sarvonia, you will find them at the top of the food chain. Packs of these hunters can be found from along the Readmeade River, to the Shaded Forest, all the way up to the Imlith Mountains. Some cases have been found of packs of wolves being seen in the northern parts of Southern Sarvonia around Dragons Maw and the Northern peak, but the only conferment wolf pack in this region can be found in the Tandala Highlands. There are even a few brave maris that inhabit the isle of Denilou, though no one knows how they got out that far. The mari lives and dies with the its pack. The pack will always have a leader, and usually it's a female. During the day the Hunters, both male and female, sleep, while the others take the young out to play and to teach them skills they will need to live. At night the hunters do just that, while the young ones rest. They are very picking when it comes to where they live. I say "live" because, unlike most wolf packs maris live their whole life in the spot that they choose, they don’t wander from place to place. Because of this they are very, very territorial, even more so then other wolves, and unless you are seen as a friend, you will be chased from a maris land. Most often this is in an inclosed area with several small caves, or dens, but cases were old trees, and even abandoned houses are used as a home are not unheard of.

Diet/predators: Maris are on top of their food chain in more northern parts of the world. They pray on any thing that may enter their territory, ranging from rats, to deer, to even humans (only hunters foolish enough to try and take on a pack of wild maris) There is even one tale of a pack of maris killing a Giant spider that made a home near there own. There are few things that can challenge them in their native, frozen homeland, and there are very few mari that leave there.

Mating: Ashmarian wolves follow a strict mating season, and never sway from it at all. The season starts with the pack picking mates, each male picks 2-3 females (Which is rather strange as maris seem to be female dominated) and they hunt for those females that he chooses during the pregnancy, witch takes place a few months latter. They give birth to small litters of 4-6 cubs, 2 of which usually die, or are deemed too weak and left for death. The others are then taken care of by their mothers until they are old enough to see. After that time they are given up to the whole pack, and each is responsible for every cub, not just there own. This takes place every 3-4 years, just when the cubs are old enough to start hunting.

                                                    Statistics (full Grown)
               Small              Average        large
Weight (male)  40-45lbs      60-75lbs  90-105lbs      
Weight (female 30-40lbs      50-65lbs  75-90lbs
Height         1.5feet      2-2.5feet  3-3.5feet
(on all 4's)

Landspeed              20-30 km/h  
Water speed            5-10km/h
Temperature tolerance  -55c - 20c
Range of sight         above average  
Range of hearing       average
Range of smell         amazing

And there you have it! Not bad for a nights work, if i do say so myself. The only problem I had was finding all the different measurements that this world uses. some one help me out with that and then I'm set. (I know length is the "PED" but how long is a ped? I need the ones for speed weight and temp.)

Edited by: Torek Ozzot at: 5/24/01 3:40:46 am
9  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / ok thanks on: 24 May 2001, 11:54:00
Good stuff, I'll look over info on those places and get started on it right away. BTW, any suggestions/requests for a name? I could just wing a name related to the region, but some one might have an inside track on the area, so let me know!

10  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / overview/question on: 23 May 2001, 20:06:00
Ok here is the overview for the wolf that i got done(It's just the overview, NOT the real thing for the pic)

The wolf is a very common site in almost all parts of Aer'ai'chan, ranging from Sarvonia, all the way too Aeruillin. Because of all the regions they inhabit, several species of wolf exists through out the land each with it's own distinct factors and markings. Often found hunting in packs, many mistake the wolf to be a vicious and dangerous creature, prying on the lost and weak. This perception is terribly misguided as this beast is one of the most friendly and loyal you could ever meet. They are very territorial, and so if you are deemed a threat you will be attacked, but when the trust of a wolf is gained, they are a great ally to say the least. One such example can be found in the battle of Denilou, when one such wolf, given the name Kaa, befriends a human names Lortnoc. (Coór'Efér's chapter 2)

What do you think? It's a little long for an overview but i liked it. Any way on to my question, I'm going to make this class of wolf in a colder climate, but I cant figure out what regoin of the world has such a climate! I want to relate the wolf to places in a colder region, and perhaps hame it after a place or person from said region. Some one give a newbe a break and help me out (hehehe)

(p.s) dont hold back on me if you dont like the overview, I'd like to think that I can handel the heat! Also if anyone has ANY request for a new addion to the beastiary let me know so i can get to work on it.

11  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Dragon Riders on: 17 November 2001, 20:46:00
I was reading over the ol' bestiary and - seeing as we have sooooo many dragons - I thought we should have a clan of people that have learned to tame the lesser drakes (The greater drakes would be impossible as they are intelligent) And sense there are several different types of drakes, each corresponding to a different terran, several such clans could exist. People and races aren't my forte' so I'm just tossing this one up!

12  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / hmmmm on: 27 May 2001, 18:03:00
I could be WAY off on this one, but if he wanted to make a guild here, woulden't we need a game for the guild to be in? The only game around here is the roleplaying (Whch i gotta sighn up for soon...) So mabey he means that he wants to make a guild in our rping place???

P.S It's just i thought, I'm most likely way off the mark on this one.... But I never heard of guilds with out a game to go with it.

13  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / starting off on: 23 May 2001, 13:00:00
Ok I just started doing up the wolf deal, but would you rather I start off doing sub classes right away, or hold off. If I start doing sub classes I'll make this pic that i got a notheren wolf, and wait for more pics to do other sub classes. If not I'll just make the discription more general. But ether way I'll do a little section for the over view.

Oh yea you can find the pic at elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lo...r.jpg.html  

14  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Possible new member: Steve on: 22 May 2001, 20:01:00
Hio all,
I glad to be working on this project and also happy to be one of the few Canadians to be here (Yes I looked at the members board, and intend to be there soon) As for my work, I'll post the wolf stuff tomorrow, then get started on the current bestiary, although in most cases I'll only have to break them down in to categories. I'd also like to ask any artist with pics of animals/monsters/beasts to show them to me. It's easier to make a story for a picture then a picture for a story. And any one working on the history of places, and wants a particular animal associated with your region, be sure to drop me a line, so I can add it to the animals background. Again I'm happy to be working with yall, and to add a little of my own touch to the dream.

Icq 66329531
e-mail stfoote@roadrunner.nf.net

15  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / hmmmm on: 17 November 2001, 22:03:00
You know, I do some moding in other play-by-post games on the net, If youd like I could Elienta a hand....

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