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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: the MoonBlade on: 26 June 2011, 21:20:20
Thanks Athviaro for the info. I didn't notice that. Hopefully Val still will have a glimpse at it if she finds it interesting :)
2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: the MoonBlade on: 26 June 2011, 17:31:56
Hey, Val O' Neil ! I find your entry something written with care. I enjoyed it. But I'd like to point out a few things if I may--

1. As written the first Moonblade was especially prepared and delivered by the God Korenjah. That it's made from the pieces of moon and other ethereal qualities imply it can't be forged by any blacksmiths of that time unless they are somehow taught by some mystical revelation. So I suggest append the origin/history that way:

Presented with no other choice, he took the blade, imbued with the power of the moon and night, and did as his god bade him. Bowing down in reverence as he was about to leave the deity, he was again quivered with the deep divine voice, "And remember my child, I am rendering this piece as a tribute to your kind and only the ones capable of withholding my name with utmost revere will ever be able to forge another one of the same type." "And who might that be?", the young Kasumar asked in a pale voice. "The ones who relishes my sanctity and his own artwork, none but the blacksmith Kiron R'ownok and his prentices. From now on you will find Kiron,taught in his dream how to forge a marvel like this and this skill will be passed on to the generations followed as time goes by" the voice answered. "Whatever you wish, gracious lord", he bows again as he replies. And with it, he journeyed far to find....

Laughter echoed eerily up out of His throat, a thick bubbling, warm sound that felt like being wrapped in the finest furs,  ``Be your people's champion. Stay the vile orc's atrocious deeds.``  With that Korenjah held out his sword to Kasumar, a truly beautiful blade that glowed gently and was forged of a piece of the moon itself.

How would someone know something is forged from the pieces of moon unless he is told by the maker? After all a piece of moon is not like a fiery or watery substance which can be identified merely from its appearence. It might be shiny and glowing but I believe it still must be mentioned by the god himself somewhere that it's created using lunar pieces; specially because you've mentioned this special trait of the weapon several times.

So how about this:
Laughter echoed eerily up out of His throat, a thick bubbling, warm sound that felt like being wrapped in the finest furs,  ``Be your people's champion. Stay the vile orc's atrocious deeds.``  With that Korenjah held out his sword to Kasumar, a truly beautiful blade that glowed gently and was forged of a piece of the moon itself.  ``Take thy blade, the blade made from your guide in the darkness - the moon and with this blade you shall sweep off the darkness besieging your tribe and only with it shall you abolish the oppression of your fellow Hiding, (no comma)to make your race once again graced with the blessings of the moon``

3. The young man, who was summoned by the god himself and given the responsibility as big as rescuing his race(which he successfully performs) doesn't have his name mentioned anywhere. Only 'young hard-working man' doesn't sffice- I think. (or I've missed the name?? huh)

4. As you said the sword is of the genre shortblade/shortsword(2 and a quarter fores long=30 inches app.) and slim and have an elongated 's' like shape(similar to Sabre. right?). I find these qualities highly suggestive to a one-handed sword with a shield. As you probably know two handed ones are in geneal heavier and straight-bodied with an emphasis on piercing. But hey it's just what I think merely :).

5. The length of the hilt is half of the length of the entire sword. Now that makes little sense. Because informally speaking physics says: the more the pivot(here the position of hilt where you grip it) is towards the target, the less amount of thrust will be felt by the target for a certain applied force. (You've read about 'torque' somewhere?! :D)
Now hey I know that we are discussing medieval stuffs here made by the blacksmiths of that age, not scientists or physicists. But these principes were there from ancient age actually and mainly gained from experience rather than theory and they were used practically while devising things in ancient times.( for example you can see longsword, small sword, sabre in wikipedia if interested to get a overview how things really were in middle age :))
What about making the hilt slightly smaller than a fore( about 10/11 inches)? (It still can be used two-handed with this length of the hilt, if u want to keep it two-handed)
That makes the hilt one-third of the total length which is quite relevant with the weapons of medieval age.

6. When was the battle against cyahllian orcs fought actually? Shouldn't it be mentioned? Maybe somtimes in between (300-250 b.S) after the death of Kasumaii heroine Lyla Aerosire?? That makes sense actually that god Kerojah didn't forget the death of the goddess Lyla in her battle against the minions and thus was inclined to help out the Kasumariis so that anything similar doesn't happen.

7. That one is a grammatical one. 'hollowing'- I am afraid I haven't found the word in two dictionaries I searched. Rather 'hollow' can be used as a noun too in the sense you have used 'hollowing'.

P.S. The blacksmith I named Kiron R'ownok doesn't exist in the compendium till now. But it's kinda odd that the Kasumriis, being such an adept race in combat and warfare, doesn't have any legendary blacksmith of their own( or there is actually which I missed???). Hopefully things will change around the Kasumariis as you have expressed somewhere your wish to work on them(in your masterwork probably?)

That's it. I wish I didn't bore you with too much detail. :)
3  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris official review on: 26 June 2011, 03:47:16
I beg to differ. Pointing out what might be smarter for the site doesnt necessarily imply making a science out of it, nor does it imply- something won't remain 'simple'. And I believe what I suggested wouldn't make anyone spend 'a lot of time' in anything; it would rather make them express themselves better.
You don't like what I suggested that's okay. But the reasons you gave behind it doesn't seem sound to me I am afraid. 'A few people will use a systerm, so what's good in improving it'- just doesn't seem like an attitude that supports progressiveness. But hey I'm not gonna strech it any further, because this discussion on review seemingly goes nowhere I see. You told me to give a review, I gave it. At the end of the day, you are the admin. So naturally you can do whatever you think is 'simple'...
4  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris official review on: 26 June 2011, 00:49:42
That's why game reviews usually stay away from deciding upon an overall score

I am afraid I can't understand what makes you think that. Because I've seen more than a few sites who give an overall score based on the individual scores.
But because of the fact(what u pointed)-- a game can still be lot of fun with lack of individual aspects like graphics,sound etc- what some reviewers do is to make another individual aspect called 'intangibles' or something like that and its score solely depends on the overall impression of the game reviewer. So in this way the review becomes a bit subjective(which probably you prefer) but not too much subjective as the other evaluated aspects are objective.

Oni: As you only give half points however, we should also have only half-points for the overall score I'd say

Sorry, I haven't understood what you've meant by that and by half-points.
But anyway expressing score with stars is a fine idea. Although my personal opinion is stars are best used in movie reviews and in game reviews score out of 5,10 or 100 is orthdox and convenient. But as a said it's just my personal opinion.

One thing I can suggest is: if you create a review page you can have an option where anyone viewing the site can rate the game directly by an overall score out of 10 or 100 or by stars. But besides this option there will be an 'Advanced Review' tab, wdhich if clicked, will open a new set of options with 7 catagories(or preferably 8 catagories with the 'intangibles' included) and players can evaluate each catagory either numerically(out of 5 or 10) or with stars(5 or 10 stars). And then the website will automatically average out the 8 aspects and take the average as the overall score.

And the average of all overall scores evaluated by all users till then(either evaluated directly or through 'advanced tab') will be shown in some area of the review page(may be in the top middle.. i dont know) such that someone visiting the page looks at that first.

I know what I suggest might sound a bit complicated for the users but it probably isn't. I found similar type of review in a movie site which I can't remember now but it looked cool and smart certainly.
5  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris official review on: 24 June 2011, 06:08:36
Hi Shaba! Thanks for the spur!!

Ouu.. 79... missing the A+ mark by a whisker... Okay so the game seems slightly underrated with 79.. Well.. let's say its 'strictly' ;) rated! So 79 is okay for me.... 
6  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris official review on: 24 June 2011, 04:56:10
Artimidor, may be I got a bit much messy in my last post with too many citations to different websites. I am sorry if that confused you or others.
All I mean is that it is better to think about distinctive aspects of a certain sample first and then come to the conclusion by binding together the decisions taken from each distinct aspects. I just discouraged the process of analyzing something as a whole. Just wanted to say that there. No big deal !

And by the way, I just want to add, we are not professionals but its alway good to perfect up whatever we do. We're not professional writers either(or some of us actuallly are!?! rolleyes)  but enough care is taken here when an entry is made in terms of writing,commenting,editing and finalizing. Right? And I find this habit very healthy.  :)

Edit: All I recommeneded in the review(including puzzles and checkpoint) were for future projects as I said at the 'prologue' of the review. I totally understand game-developing is a spare time job for you. So I didn't mean to- let's say- 'hurry' you to any change in the present game; nor can I do that. I rather just pointed out some aspects where there might be still place for improvement.  ;)
7  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris official review on: 23 June 2011, 17:31:18
Okey dokey,  the overall score is convenient to look at by others but to be honest its quite tough for amateur reviewers like us to be unbiased while using it. Because the moment u wanna think about thinking of a game as a whole may be the first things that will come to your mind are the best parts of the game and then you would have a natural tendency to overlook the ordinary parts of it which will lead to an overestimation of the game. Obviously the vice versa may happen. Thats why many of the good professional review sites use the individual scores to review them and overall score is merely the average of them. For example look at these two reviews:

IGN on Dungeon Siege III , Bleacher Report on best sports game ever made.

As you see the sites differ in which aspects the points should be distributed but gameplay, graphics and sound are important aspects to be cared about.

By the way just as a side story I'd like to tell the most reliable and interesting gaming site to me- Gamespot doesn't actually show distinct scores in different aspects and rather gives an overall score but they have professional reviewers with lots of gaming experience and they have a formal review policy and review management team and etc etc. So despite being so, they can afford to be unbiased.

So should other Santharians review it, they should be encouraged to evaluate and number different aspects at first and then come to an overall numerical and/or descriptive conclusion.

And about the picture.. I'd send you the avatar picture I used later through PM.

And what you said about the difficulty is what I meant. :)

And what the game offers now regarding 'checkpoint'- i.e. starting from Jeremy-part isn't enough you might agree. Because there are lots of quests and battles to be played out after that part. So the problem actually remains.
And though I haven't tried it but playing from Jeremy-part through the cheatcode probably start the game with some default weapons and potions other stuffs same for every player right?? But any player is more likely to have something to replay from his custom position. So I think that cheatcode isn't a 'checkpoint' in the sense I meant in the review and rather a way to start Nepris II directly without playing I.

And some things I'd like to explain in regard to what I wrote about 'group of small tasks which are easy but time-consuming’. Personally I think making fairy milk, satisfying the frog with what it needs, satisfying the kuatu with its food are some of them that I remember right now. These are not actually puzzles you might agree; just a few tricky tasks. When the player comes at that stage he/she already has played lets say 20 hours of the game. So you might want to consider if these might be replaced with harder solid puzzles as I asked.
But again I can't certainly say swapping all of them with tough puzzles would be a good idea because sometimes easy tasks and quick rewards make players happy and refreshed and keep them engaged in the game. And continuous hard puzzles might have made them feel exhausted.. So maybe keeping them there is the right decision. Its a tough task to balance things out. But after all as you know the game developer has to think from player's pov too should he want not a good but a great game.  
8  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris official review on: 23 June 2011, 09:47:07
        So here goes my official review of Santhworld Nepris module. Sorry Arti for vanishing for a few days just after got your request to write it! Let's hope the outcome is worth the vanishing..ehm….
        By the way initially I started writing it as a teaser supposed to be seen may be at the front page of Santhworld to attract newcomers to give a try at it and so I wanted to make the review short and flashy. But after some time I felt a lot of things missing writing in such a way. So I became a bit detailed, technical and critical. And after halfway I felt that what I am writing is a critic’s review(generally seen at the end of the page, not front!) mostly suitable for the ones involved in creating the game and the ones who played it partially or fully and is not at all suitable as a trailer/teaser to lure newcomers. But I kept writing it in the same way thinking that this review might serve the purpose of providing creative joy of reading an in-depth analysis of a project done or game played and secondly helping developers making the future projects such that more players of diverse taste would be enticed to play them.  That’s why the review ultimately has got a bit long and more than a bit boring.

       So if told I will write another one with the purpose I initially had while starting it.

       Any comment or criticism on the review is most humbly welcomed.

                                  Game: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris
                                 Genre: Turn-based fantasy roleplaying

        Set in the village of Nepris, lying at the easternmost corner of eastern Santharia, the game tells the story of an adventurer, striding through this village and even beyond by puzzling out baffling riddles, killing off from minuscule to mammoth enemies and helping the good ones (or not-so-good ones sometimes) serving their purposes, set out to accomplish a task given by the Ximaxian Academy of magic. And accomplishing so, as in most other games of the same genre, he in his journey finds loot usable in his favor, gain experience, become more powerful and skilled to face some formidable foes throughout the game.

Storyline (8.5/10):  ‘The gist of the game is its storyline…’- quite rightly claimed by one of its creator. The game actually will make you roleplay the character just to know the ‘next’ line of the script; “What’s gonna happen next” is at the back of your mind while playing it.  And who isn’t fancier of some unexpected ‘twisting-turn’ at the end after all??
Gameplay:  Naturally the gameplay mainly consists of two parts: puzzle solving and fighting which is totally turn-based.
Puzzles (7.5/10): Well, the puzzles were thoughtfully created to make them look ingenious and were placed fairly properly throughout the game. A few of them are common, some of them will make you feel tricky (the bird-related one!), while at least one intellectual (yes, the death tower!).
Exclusion of some of the common puzzles and replacing them with the more complex, diverse and/or logic-based ones would surely make the gameplay stronger.
Fighting (8/10): The fighting is considerably improved in the latest(second) edition of the game. As the enemies grow stronger with time, the player will actually have to strategize his next few moves while facing some unnerving ones if he doesn’t want to be wasting time through successive dying and eventually winning once by chance.
The story-lovers will find the battles challenging or even tough although surely the ones at least reasonably adroit in playing turn-based/real-time action games will find them easygoing after certain point of the game and unfortunately the point is not too far from where the game starts. The choice of difficulty level at the start or within the game would have solved the problem.

Graphics (7/10): With the severe limitation of being a browser-based online game, the developers do a sleek job by embedding the artworks and paintings(drawn before or for the game) of the existing fantasy world of Caelereth continuously and relevantly as the story progresses.  Specifically the Santharian veterans might be quite charmed time to time to see the places, people and things they have created over the years coming into action through the story and the drawings. But the graphics is for viewing purpose only and cannot be interacted with directly (i.e one cannot go from one place to another arbitrarily for example in a spacious green field but can go to the specified places described in the game map). That costs point in this respect.  

Sound (9/10):  Great job done! The sound is well.. mellifluent in a word. From serene countryside to intense battles, extensive landscape to underground cavern, you will find the accompanying music germane and engaging. Sound effects related to specific objects were not without relevance either. Nothing more to say about it, just savor while playing!

Replayability (8/10) : One would surely fill like facing some foes with a different strategy or to play some part of the game to finish off some additional quests. But the problem is the game doesn’t have different checkpoints from where the player can start playing and rather has a autosave option serving the purpose of a single checkpoint. ( For example a player faces a cool fight and wants to revisit it later. If he keeps playing for a few hours continuously he will very likely find that all of his 5 savegames are saved after that fight and the autosave is pointing to some later checkpoint too). That specific issue decreases the replayability value to great extent which could be solved by giving multiple autosave/checkpoint options and/or more than five savegames.
Difficulty (7/10): Fun to learn, challenging to go through and finish and unbeatable nowhere; the game does hit the right spot between easiness and invincibility and great as a online browser-based game driven through an enticing story and maybe ‘fair’ for a hardcore gamer of either action or puzzle genre as they might find lack of stiffness at some point.
The puzzles analogous to  ‘task/group of small tasks which is easy but time-consuming’ should have been kept at the beginning of the game and as the story  progresses  similar type of puzzles could be swapped for  more complex and logic-based  ingenious ones(for example but not necessarily like the one in the tower of death).  The choice of difficulty at the start of the game should be a must which would surely make the game far more enticing to story-lover, hardcore gamers and anyone in between. These two glitches (especially the second one) cuts off point.

        Framed in the fishing village of a fantasy world with a fascinating story full of flabby to furious characters, fun puzzles and fierce battle with formidable foes- the game deserves to be tried by any gamer of the role-playing genre and probably by not those of the said genre alone.


9  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris Project on: 19 May 2011, 23:50:40
Hey everyone! Some quick battle-related tricks in general that might give an edge.

Playing with the dual-wield weapons untill you've found the spike shield and the later ones(whose aromor value will be considerably large than the that of others u've found earliers) is pretty convenient.
Also I believe trying to emphasize on armor and less on secondary weapon will prove to be smart once you reach the swamp area or the areas after u've passed the puzzle of passing through the ''eye that cast firballs' (because there the enemies have large hitpoints and they have a tendency to come in a bunch and makes huge damage per round) but before reaching that area (Khrumm Scimitar+ Erph sword) and (Runorian dagger+Erph sword) is a pretty useful combination. After progressing a bit u'll find one-handed weapons whose DPR is equal to the dual-wield weapon combinations u've previously used/are using and as I said u'll find some shields whose armor value are quite large.

And mind it, the game was biased in giving equal values to all kinds of weapons(i.e. one handed/dual-wield/two-handed). So make some analysis and u'll know which should you continue playing with and use your gained skillpoints according to it.

@Talia:late answer! I started played them since I was seven.  :)
Btw I sent u a PM writing some general battle-related tips(probably 7 points). Please send a PM to me copy-pasting those tips(that wasnt saved in my outbox). So then I'd be able to help Deklitch and others who seems to be having kinda tough time.

@Grinch: something technical I'd like to know. I thought Mitigation was calculated as:

Mitigation= 100* (DPR of an enemy - damage inflicted on player by that enemy per round) / (DPR of the enemy)

But as u wrote "33% mitigation means the enemy will inflict me the exact amount of damage that it is supposed to do" means that I was wrong.

So, is it that:

3*(Mitigation/100)*Damage inflicted on player per round= DPR of the enemy.

But still that seems inconsistent. Because if at the start of the game the player starts with 0% mitigation in that case the above equation wont hold as u can see.

or the player is given some small mitigation when the game starts??

Or I am actually wrong(i think so) in guessing the mitigation calculation? If so then I'd like to know the equation on which it was based!!

10  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - Mysteries of Nepris Spoiler Thread on: 19 May 2011, 22:35:32
its Heroin, Artimidior, heroin evil

@Talia: U mean the swarm bees? I think the fight was added to the game to let u know that the northern part of the swamp area is closed upto now... Because next time you want to pass through some apian areas, Jeremy will remind you of the sting he was inflicted and will restrict you..
11  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris Project on: 17 May 2011, 22:31:09
Hey everyone..

Grinch, I'm kinda sad to hear from you that the story is the important thing here, not the fight... undecided

I've played out Nepris avidly because I liked the hard battles very much and that the promise given in the interesting Nepris teaser "that the fights will be tougher" is kept to some extent to say the least(thanks to Grinch for that)...

Let me share something about me with all of you!! Although Nepris is the first and only turn-based game that I've ever played/finished, from childhood I happen to develop myself into a passionate gamer of the genres real-time roleplaying, first & third person shooting, real-time strategy, racing and obviously sports simulation and where player's ability to act fast mattered(because they are real-time) and  the main part is to defeat your opponent and the story helps the game to carry along till the end. And the funny thing is I kept pressing the 'escape' button in keyboard repeatedly as soon as there was some in-game movie showing some dialogues/conversation and just skipped it! Then I clicked the 'objective' icon to know what I actually have to do and do it with all my eagerness...

Also English is not my mother-tongue and when I was young I wasn't good enough to fully understand the in-game dialogues they said in English( I still find it very difficult to understand a English movie without subtitles)...
so while I was young I naturally thought why should I 'waste' my time watching those in-game 'weird' dialogues anyway??!! lolz... just shared some personal experience of mine  :)  
12  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris Project on: 17 May 2011, 06:00:50
**Oni feels highly enlightened to know the latest definition of 'general knowledge'  :P
13  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris Project on: 17 May 2011, 05:48:54
Hey guys.. :)

It seems everyone has forgot that there's a Nepris Spoiler thread...  grin
(including Ta'lia who once 'advised' us to use only Nepris Spoiler for game related help...lolz)
14  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: We Need Blunt Weapons- any takers? on: 15 May 2011, 04:46:56
Valan, I wanted to take all three weapons.

Btw looking at the existing descriptions of the weapons, I see that these descriptions are at a preliminary stage. So if I am given the reservation, will I be able to make any considerable change in their description? I mean suppose the mace has three types in the existing description. Will I be able to increase or decrease a few kinds if I think that that will make the entry more scientific, meaningful and more consistent with santharia as a whole?? I mean am I allowed to write the entries, if necessary, in such a way as if the existing entries never existed??
15  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - The Mysteries of Nepris Project on: 15 May 2011, 04:38:17
@Grinch: While playing Nepris again in order to fulfill some additional quests I missed earlier, this time I used the so-called 'simple' strategy(that Arti had pointed me out through PM) in the final battle . And now I see the difference between rewards for playing it the easy-way and the hard-way.. And considering the reward, I think its worthwhile to play it the hard-way. But what I am impressed about is that u considered the possibility of sm1 playing it the hard-way and gave them something 'extra' too.. Because I think one of the measurement of how standard a game is, is its diversity and versatility in letting the player do the same task in numerous ways.

@Shabakuk: Thank you for your support :)
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