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16  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Elf & human just arrived on: 13 October 2000, 03:29:00
I am still in the process of painting a gnome... Things don't always go as I'd hope...

Xaron, the annoying

17  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Posted! on: 19 June 2000, 12:34:00
Posted !!!

Xaron the annoying
Visit Xaron´s tiresome ramblings about nothin´ and everythin´.

18  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / k. on: 19 June 2000, 05:28:00
You need to view the corrected version as well? Or do you trust me enough to let me post directly?

Xaron the annoying
Visit Xaron´s tiresome ramblings about nothin´ and everythin´.

19  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Santharian newsletter. on: 18 June 2000, 16:06:00
I posted a newsletter for review (sensor) to Artimidor. He should've received it by now and be busy removing all those comments on him and his cause. So please stand by for a new newsletter coming within a few days...

To Artimidor: please, if I made an error or forgot something, inform me that I may update before... rectifications are nessecary. The link to the online variant already works, so you can test that one too :-)

Xaron the annoying
Visit Xaron´s tiresome ramblings about nothin´ and everythin´.

20  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Possible solution on: 20 May 2000, 09:45:00
Well, you could let elves mix with humans and dwarfs mix with humans and those results mix with eachother. Since it happened a long time ago, this could be the sole lineage that persisted, while other variants (pure small elves, pure small dwarves, half-elves etc) could be extinct. (Kind'a Darwinistic approach?)

And if you really wanna drop the mage idea, maybe they came into existence by "Wild Magic", an uncontrolled form of magic, which can be both harmful and harmless and comes into being when the balance of magic is upset (like a mage casting lots of powerful spells, thus draining (all) magic in an area).

Xaron the annoying

21  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Age on: 19 May 2000, 12:34:00
Yup, I forgot that part. I will see if I can add some extra data on gnomes and get the painting ready... But that'll probably have to wait till next week. I'm having exams right now...

Xaron the annoying

22  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Would't be ok if Xaron meets... on: 14 May 2000, 13:56:00
...a hunter party? Sitting on rabbits, bow and spear at hand, hunting after an... ehm... an ehm... well, a something. (Do Brownies hunt and what is their common food?)

Xaron the annoying

23  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Life magic, the elemtal representation on: 14 May 2000, 12:35:00
> BTW: maybe you would know the answer to this... How would you classify
> Life Magic? (out of the 4 elements)
> Ya know, can affect living things in various ways, changing size, health
> levels, etc. etc. of anything living, with no affect whatsoever on anything
> non-living. Would it be a subdivision of Earth?

Hmmm, well, if no-one of the others has to say anything, I would say it comes from Ava. Ava gave a free will to living beings. But if it should be of the elements... I would say, the fifth element: "Magic" (I know I didn't include that in the list written two posts back. And no, I don't make it up just this vrey second :-)

Magic is everywhere, it is not bound to gravity-laws (air going up the sky, water and earth falling down, fire between them). It is not bound to borders, but magic can be found in the earth, in the air, in the water, and even in fire, between the stars (a vacuum doesn't make the element magic be not apparent there: magic is totally different from the other 4 elements).

I would say that the first four elements represent a part of Ava, like her fury (fire) etc. (Note that one element can represent several parts, not just fury (destructive?), but also passion (constructive?) etc)
The fifth element, magic (in my opinion) does not reflect a part of Ava, but her very essence. That way it can be used to shape the other elements into a magical fireball, a constructive healing-chant (either earth or water), a mental boost in the sense of braveness (I think the mind is represented by air, though I can hardly explain why that'd be).

Maybe you should ask Artimidor if he approves with this, and he can redirect you to someone who knows more (that'll probably be an elve. This gnome only spend half of his much shorter youth (30 yrs) with elves, while elves spend 100+ yrs with elven stuff, which can include magic)

In total, I would say it is water or earth (both make the flowers and the trees grow, the source of all other life). Earth delivers food, while water refreshes. Maybe the Life Magic is a mixture between the two, shaped by the element magic, balanced by the caster.

(ok, a long reply, but I hope I am not wrong and it helps you :-)

Xaron the annoying

24  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Well, add Brownies to a story may be possible. on: 14 May 2000, 06:23:00
You either must have a special item in the Brownie valley, have a few traveling Brownies and Xaron meet eachother, or this river must be deep (more then a meter deep or more than 3 meter wide) so that Xaron can´t cross it (gnomes generally despise water in large amounts, like rivers or lakes. Kind´a like most hobbits :-)

For an indication of Xaron´s travels, draw a straight line from Elving to Argor (a vulcano). There he must find an item of 'Elemental Protection', which protects against fire (probably a necklace or a cape).
He needs to find 3 more items of elemental protection, one against the element air (or wind if you prefer), one against the element water and one against the element earth (I think I will put that one into the hands of a (gready?) son of a dwarven king).

The time plays when Xaron is 71* and already adventured for about ten years (at the time Artimidor is here, writing the Carpá'dosiá, Xaron will be 195**)

* = Gnome are considered adults when they reach the age of 60.
** = Gnomes usually become 250 years. So at this age Xaron can be considered an adventurer soon to reach the end of his career and will be bound to settle somewhere :-)

Xaron the annoying

25  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: "Come one, come all. Info 'bout Gnomes." on: 22 May 2000, 11:36:00
My signature didn't work too well. Hope this does better.

Xaron the annoying
Visit Xaron´s tiresome ramblings about nothin´ and everythin´.

26  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / "Come one, come all. Info 'bout Gnomes." on: 22 May 2000, 11:28:00
Well, as you all know, there are gnomes. As you all know, they are to be found in Santharia. But what do you know 'bout gnomes? Nothing!
Now I thought that should change. So I wrote things 'bout them and send them to a historian (a certain Artimidor Federkiel if I'm not mistaken) who posted them at his site. But I mainly work at this when the update has just been transmitted, so I'd have to wait a whole week 'fore you could see it. So I decided to get my own site to publish it on. So all come to www.geocities.com/TheRealXaron/

Clicking on the entry "Santharian Gnomes" will provide ye what information I've yet been able to make readable there. Ofcourse ye can always see the data in the compendium etc., but only later (and maybe less too).

Xaron the annoying
Visit Xaron´s www.geocities.com/TheRealXaron">tiresome ramblings about nothin´ and everythin´.

Edited by Xaron at: 5/21/00 7:35:53 pm
27  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Names and such on: 01 November 2000, 17:39:00
Map things?

Well, I recently saw a documentairy on tv, which was about vulcanoes.
Apparantly, some vulcanoes have underground 'channels' through which lava floods, like an underground river. Now, this may not be relevant to post, but for one terrifying thing: these 'underground lava-rivers' emit a lot of CO2 through the ground above them. In fact so much, that creatures entering the area suffocated. Maybe this would be a nice idea for a plain around a vulcano?

BTW, flowers and trees grew quite well, since they benefit from enormous amounts of CO2.

I've already figured out that the true source for this mistery may not be found: mages knowing some place to be dangerous but unable to discern magic are often frightened that whatever is there is 'beyond' them. And ofcourse, when a mage is afraid for something, warriors and especially simple townsfolk are as well ;)

Would that be something interesting?

Xaron, the annoying :smokin
Shelam, master of delusion

28  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: Congratulations on: 10 November 2000, 06:05:00
Well, Grey, good luck with your girlfriend :)

Xaron, the annoying
Shelam, master of delusion

29  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: Evil stars on: 20 October 2000, 09:16:00
I said slightly green.

You know, mars is reddish, for its read surface. So this star may have a green surface... :)

About the moment one happened? Ehm, haven't thought about that yet... Maybe 10 before Santhos? (means ten years before Santhos was born ;) )

The date which it started is not really important, just the time between.

Xaron, the annoying
Shelam, master of Delusion

30  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: Evil stars on: 19 October 2000, 07:29:00
What the stars should do: they should be in eclips every 2916 years or there-abouts.

The star that moves behind should be greenish. The other one should be vary dark (black or blue will suffice).

The things seen from below (the surface of the world) should be a red star. Every 2916 yrs it suddenly puts down it's light (it dissappears behind the dark star). This lasts for about a month.

This special eclips is seen as an evil sign, for the greenish star (green is associated with life, for it's common in nature) suddenly closes its eye. The green star is believed to look after life. Since that's a difficult task, that could explain why it's movement is hard to predict. When it suddenly disappears, it seems the life-watcher has turned away, resulting in all things die.

Later, the other star is found (the dark star was noticed somehow), now believe is that the black one is a death-star and that, when the green one disappears, the two powers are battling eachother.

Once, the green one may lose a fight and the battle. This will be the end of the world (or the ruling of Coor?)

Do you understand my ramblings? ;)

Xaron, the annoying
Shelam, master of delusion.

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