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511  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Just an Idea... on: 24 May 2006, 08:02:00
Thank you, Im glad the idea came across well. However would like to repeat that I see no reason what so ever to change the format of the entries that already exist, nor should new entries be done this way, because as you mentioned, the workload would be too much.

"- Entries are done in HTML, would need to be manually converted
- We cannot convert all entries"
The entries shoudl definetly stay as they are... they're well designed and great to use.

"- The format is a problem. It would need to be opened in a new window."
Not really, .swf can be enbedded into the site itself, and would appear like any object within the space of the site.

"- Music of the Scattersand shoals is a huge MP3 file, so you could only use it in very reduced wave format or wait quite a while to load it in your browser (makes it practically impossible for slow modems)."
I realised that and therefore though that maybe the songs could be revised, and only sections of it taken out, and then just loop them. Al though the music creates ambiance, I think that few will listen to every note and notice that a two minute bit is being looped.

"So yeah, lots of problems here, though I like the idea of creating Flash books and the way it feels to navigate through such a book. Can we use such a technique efficiently is my main concern, so far I cannot think of a proper way."

My initial idea was, not to replace the already existing entries, but just make sort of additional 'flash-books" which sort of pull together all the info on a certain area, as was the intention for the scattersand shoals. If someone comes across an entry that has to do with the area, and is interested in it, they can then go to the "flash-book" and flip through the tome that would have all the info on that small area concentrated in it (and also provide a sort of more 'multimedia' experience). This way the files could be big, since they can be downloaded and will only be looked into if the user is really interested in that specific area.

The compendium entries though should not be touched, they are fantastic the way they are now...

512  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Just an Idea... on: 22 May 2006, 12:39:00
Im glad its being liked.

Yes I realise transferring the site into another format is an awfull lot of hassle, and in my oppinion of no use. The whole setting up and format of the compendium is wonderfully done.

This idea was just for a certain few special areas. Small ones such as the Scattersand Shoals. Or other areas.

As you assumed, I was going for more of a feel of actually sitting there reading out of a tome... I was initially going to make the pages of brown perchment and wrinkled side, and even put in animations for when you flip the page... but then i though amybe not to go too far before I see the reaction of the people here...

^^ Im glad its liked so far though.

513  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Just an Idea... on: 22 May 2006, 06:48:00
Serious? The link should link you to putfile.com and there you can view the file...

These are the options I have:
Click here to watch The-Scattersandshoals-DEMO

Or the long way round:  http://www.putfile.com/asariel (Its the only file thats been uploaded ^^)

And if that dont work, and it hasnt annoyed you out of interest yet, Id be more than happy to email it. Its a small .swf

(Just noticed while showing to a friend: REQUIRES FLASH PLAYER 8)

Edited by: Jonael at: 5/21/06 17:31
514  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Just an Idea... on: 22 May 2006, 03:52:00
I was browsing through the Compendium, and since Ive been using Macromedia Flash for quite a while now, I thought of setting up a different browsing interface.

(I recomend viewing at 800)

This is a document I set up. Take a stroll through it and let me know what you think. (When you come to the map, Zandiria, top right corner island, is the only island i programmed and made a section for so far)

The idea behind this is that this form of 'browser' pools together all information on an area. For example, in this 'tome' as I called it, there would be an entry for everything that is related to the Scattersandshoals. I only did the first few sections, up to people, but I hope you see the idea...
(making key words into links is something Im still working on)
(Similarly, if you like it, I can program the song "Ralrok - The Scattersand Shoals" to play in the background while looking through this file)

I hope you understand the absence of copyright mention. I take no credit for any of it. All material was taken from the website.

As for layout, I just took bits and pieces from the website, so this could be changed any time.

Anyways, that was just an idea I wanted to share.

Edited by: Jonael at: 5/21/06 11:56
515  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Scattersand Shoals on: 04 May 2006, 13:29:00
Alright alright, I think there's a misunderstanding... I do not intend to draw out maps, I understand the idea of consistency, and think its the right thing. Im merely asking whether the individual scattersand shoals' islands have been developed, because if not, Id love to "sketch" some ideas, then pass them on to someone else, and let that person have a look at them, and what happens then is up to them.

I just wanted to suggest something...

516  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Scattersand Shoals on: 03 May 2006, 08:19:00
Ah, thats great to know, thank you very much for the link, really helped.

So, lets see if I understood the posts right.. the map is already being worked on by you?

517  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / The Scattersand Shoals on: 02 May 2006, 12:16:00
I was just wondering whether anyone has developed a map for that area? I checked the compendium but couldn't come across anything of the likes.

I understand Im new and jumping onto map-making might be out of place, but I would just like to give it a thought none the less.

Also, is there a certain person specialised in that area? Someone I could talk with about their initial ideas of the Scattersand Shoals.

Thank you,


518  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Jonael, Introduction on: 14 May 2006, 11:50:00
You're right, The word description should be good enough to convey the creature. If sketches are required then that indicates that its not good enough yet.

519  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Jonael, Introduction on: 04 May 2006, 13:35:00
Thank you Artimidor,

Yes I do live in Greece... but Im actually swiss... haha, long story ^^

As for the artwork, (I mentioned this in the scattersand shoals post as well) I do not intend to do artworks or draw out maps. I am aware that my style and skill are not up to that. The mentioning of artwork was simply because I am interested in including "sketches" along with my ideas and work. These sketches are not meant to be included anywhere but here on the developers board. With them I intend to convey my ideas more clearly, and allow others to percieve more accurately what Im thinking.

Please dont get me wrong there,
Thanks for the welcoming though,


520  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Jonael, Introduction on: 01 May 2006, 14:45:00
Thank you very much Judith,

I sure will explore further and attempt to gain more insight into Caelereth. And as mentioned before, I will do my best at contributing.

Thank you for the warm welcome ^^

521  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Jonael, Introduction on: 30 April 2006, 05:51:00

Im Jonael and discovered the Santharian Dream quite a while back. I was immediately fascinated and caught up in the idea. I read a lot and was sucked up by all these fantastic creations. Some time later though, my computer blanked out and I lost the link and couldnt remember any names or possible search clues... all seemed lost

And then a week ago I stumble across this site again... This coincidence really intrigued me. Now that I have 're-found' this place, I decided that I'd like to contribute and help create this global dream as to further inspire others.


Well, that was just a little something I wanted to share with you. As for myself: I enjoy both drawing and concept writing.

Artist: To judge oneself's art is somewhat a hard task. I would say Im good, but then again others would say Im not. I think its best you judge it yourself. asariel.deviantart.com This is a place where I have posted my artwork. Although the most recent ones are not very fantasy related, the oldest are (there should be some minotaur and goblin drawings).

But then again, if I were to be accepted, I would much rather develop concepts and just add sketches or quick drawings to these, which would help convey my ideas and could possible be picked up by people with more skill than myself.

Writer: Although I haven't completed any large stories, I have tonnes of paper covered with concepts. These concepts are often ideas of creatures, governments, cities which are from another world, and up until now lacked context.

This is why I would love to help out with the development of this universe, because it would allow me to come up with new ideas and place them in a context, no longer having them floating around with little meaning. As mentioned above, I would like to write out concepts and maybe accompany them with sketches to help convey my idaes.


Well, I could go on about previous attemps of my own to creating a magical world, or how close I am to fantasy, but I think that would be rather boring. So this is as much as I will say so far, I hope to be accepted into the developers team and will surely try my best!

If I were to be accepted I think I'd most likely try the beastiary, or map making. Two things which I am interested in and in which I think I could contribute to successfully.

Ofcourse if you have any further questions dont hesitate to ask me ^^



Edited by: Jonael at: 4/29/06 13:55
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