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1  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / FuitadNet on: 27 November 2001, 15:06:00
Sorry but I do not. I lost contact with them shortly after the game went down. The financial difficulty that Fuitad had was the fact that he was laid off from work and could no longer afford to keep things opperating. (high speed lines etc..) I dont have the time right now but later I'll try to explain the game a little more. Later.

2  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Hello on: 24 November 2001, 14:29:00
"The idea reminds me of a game that was coming out last year, but is seems it has disappeared. It was called EraOnline. You could play any character class you'd wish (yes mostly that was still the usual thief/mage/fighter stuff, but as well bard and Hunter) and then start up a real life. So you would almost have another life next RL where youw ould built up realtionships, friendships, work for money, buy a small home, go on some quest etc." - Gean Firefeet

Well, I've been sitting back watching how things were going to develop with this place etc for a little while now but haven't said much if anything. This post just happened to catch my interest because of the above mentioned game called EraOnline. That game was released for sometime by a great guy by the alias of Fuitad and his company called FuitadNet. He also did webhosting etc. Well anyway an upstart company I was working for at the time called The DE-Net was hosting his servers for EraOnline. I am no longer a part of DE-Net because with the start of my hectic schoolyear I just couldnt. Anyway back to the main reason for posting this... EraOline disapeared because of his money problems and a few other things. After it was forced to shut down I aquired the code from FuitadNet and have been editing it in my free time. Mostly up to this time it has just been a few bugfixes here and there. Eventualy I will get around to devoting full time to it. Quite possibly not until the summer though. Well thats all I really have to say at the current time. I just wanted to shed some light on that post.

By the way I am excited about this game and hope for its success. Good luck. Maybe when I free up some time I could help if you still need it.


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