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1  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Alright then... on: 22 February 2002, 18:22:00
I probably should have explained this earlier, but the reason I want to have this set of creatures--not really a race, I suppose--recognized here is for a storyline centering on a character I plan to introduce, who is one of the nine members of The Woven. The other eight (actually, only four others will likely play a role in the story at all) will be NPCs who show up at different points, though if someone approached me who was interested in playing the part of one of them I would be most delighted (assuming that any of this actually comes to pass).

What if I WAS to introduce this as a phenomenon rather than an entire race as Koldar mentioned? I'd have to have it explained to me what freedoms or restrictions this sort of inclusion would provide me over having them classified as a race. In the story I have in mind I don't see there ever being more members than the nine mentioned in my initial description, and given their lack of a specific culture and the minimal impact that their existence would have on the world around them, this certainly seems like a plausible option...

They have to come from somewhere, though, so the creation facet of their history is going to have to stay. The time element (about 500 years ago in my original post) is fairly flexible, if that will help. I'll try reading more about the Weavers as time provides so that I can make modifications to suit what others have already written. Could something like this have been created by someone other than a Weaver? The only reason I even considered introducing this idea in the first place is because of the similar origins of the Psyrpents, though I suppose they were created quite a long time ago, weren't they?

P.S. I know, Ralhag, but I'm a persistent bugger ;)  I'll either find a way or wait until new races are allowed.

"Immortality would be great if it happened to everyone. Under current circumstances, however, I'm afraid it's quite lonesome."

2  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Re: The Woven on: 20 February 2002, 19:52:00
The Woven

Edited by: Mendacius  at: 4/15/02 9:18:42 pm
3  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / The Woven on: 20 February 2002, 19:51:00
This is a race I (the name Thox was already taken as a global account name) wrote about in the New Player Information board under "Another Race Question." Yes, Artimidor, I realize you are not currently accepting new races, but I thought it would still be nice to get this posted so I can have an initial response ;)

Everyone, please ask questions! Much of the history has been left out so that it can be filled in later as part of a storyline, but chances are you will still hit on something that I forgot to include.

"Immortality would be great if it happened to everyone. Under current circumstances, however, I'm afraid it's quite lonesome."

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