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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Dogs mainpage (please check) on: 11 September 2005, 11:46:00
Done it! I've added a few changes of my own, mostly correct words when speaking about animals, and a few grammar problems. Please note that the word "pack" means a group of dogs, I have changed any words such as "group" to avoid confusion.

Edited by: Taurin Herenar at: 9/10/05 21:18
2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Dogs mainpage (updated) on: 23 August 2005, 14:05:00
While browsing through the bestiary I realised that there wasn't a main page for dogs, just a page for each breed. I will have a go at writing this page - but it will probably need a lot of work to make it Santharian and not too real world. Here goes:

The Dog is a common domestic animal, owned by people all over Santharia. It is a domesticated version of the wolf, most commonly the mithril wolf, but there are different breeds of dogs which have different ancestries. The dog is a good companion and an excellent hunting assistant.  Because of these traits dogs are kept as either a pet or a work animal all over the Kingdom. Their wolven ancestry causes many people to be afraid of them, and their tendancy to chase small animals makes them rather unpopular with cat owners...

The dog's appearance is similar to that of a wolf. The various breeds each look different, and they have characteristic properties such as the floopy ears of the Eophtyrhim Hound, or the long, sleek coat of the Kaal Bloodhound. Overall, dogs are shorter than their wolf ancestors, ranging from half a ped and three palmspans to one ped in height, and have a muscular build, although they are more slender than wolves. Dogs generally have a shorter coat than wolves, however breeds in the north will have long hair to help combat the cold. The common "hound" type is built for speed and the ability to catch a large animal such as and Elk or Deer on its own or in a small pack. Therefore hounds are relatively muscular, yet they still have slim legs and a streamlined body. Their diet must be controlled to avoid their growing fat and slow. Dogs come in many colours, usually black, grey or white, but other colours such as brown, gold, yellow and silver also exist.

Some breeds of dogs are: (This should be a bulleted list on the actual webpage, with links to the breed's page where appropriate)
The Eophyrhim Hunting Hound, which is bony, with short, smooth fur, and is a hunting companion to the Paelelon elves.
The Zeiphyrian Hunting Hound, a very slender, graceful animal, which is found kept by the elves in the Zeiphyrian Forest.
The Kaal Bloodhound, built with a long coat for the harsh cold of the north, the ones with a pure black coat are the most saught after.
The Kardion Hound, a small dog with rough, greyish fur.
The Erpheronian Working Dog stands at almoast waist hight, as is bred as a guard dog and is sometimes used for pulling carts or sleighs.

Special abilities:
The fast, muscular structure of a dog makes it ideal for hunting, especially since some are highly capable of killing animals bigger than them, especially when they are part of a pack. Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, much greater than that of a human. They can track and follow their prey for miles without losing the scent. It is said that they can even sense human emotions; a companion dog will comfort his master when he is sad. Dogs also have excellent hearing, and are very sociable creatures.

The behaviour of a dog varies depending on whether it is domesticated or wild. In the wild, dogs hunt in packs, which have complicated ranks and a leader. The pack is mostly made up of females - as any young male pups are thrown out so that they do not become a threat to the leader. Dogs are intelligent, and will work together to hunt an animal that is stronger than themselves. Domestic dogs still hang onto their pack values, and will form a close bond with their masters. This bond is what makes them loyal and willing to follow their master's commands. Note that unlike cats, who see themselves as equal, dogs will either see themselves as either dominating, or submissive to their master. Dogs have to be disiplined and trained so that they respect their master and obey commands. Working dogs have to be trained on how to hunt and kill animals on their own. In general, dogs are social animals that like company. They need to exercise and hunt to keep them from boredom, and they will look up to and loyaly obey their master if trained properly.

Dogs in the wild eat only meat in their diets as they are carnivourous, but domestic dogs will gladly accept other foods. Dogs are natural hunters, and thus, are thrilled by catching animals themselves. Fast hounds need grains in their diet to keep them in shape, yet they must not be allowed to grow fat.

Female dogs come into heat in spring. At that time males will smell them and try to mate with as many dogs as possible. Pregnancy lasts four months, them the mother will give birth to three to seven pups. At birth, these pups are blind, and find their way around the litter only by smell. After a couple of weeks they open thier eyes, and after eight weeks they should begin eating solid food and be ready to move away from their mother.

Edited by: Taurin Herenar at: 9/10/05 21:15
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