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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Red Ghoul on: 10 August 2011, 19:32:09
Red ghouls are a rare creature, due to them being constantly hunted by other races, and the fact that the female lays at most three eggs in her life span. Red Ghouls are viewed as an unnatural monster, when in reality they are a simple beast. A deadly beast, however, as they live upon the blood of other creatures, and attempt to get as much as they can.

History: Red Ghouls were hunted to near extinction, nobody knows quite when, but it seems that it was in a time before written history.

Appearance: The average Red Ghoul is about a Ped in height, and walks hunched so that they seem even smaller. They have two human-like arms, but the fingers turn into claws about midway through. Their feet are almost normal except for short talons on the ends. Their skin looks almost human, but seems rotted. This is only an illusion, coming from the little flakes of skin that naturally flake off of the Red Ghoul, and the darkish tint that some skin acquires. Red ghouls have no faces, except for a mouth, around which there is often dried blood, hence the name Red Ghoul. Red Ghoul children are about a nailsbredth in size, but they eventually grow through the extraction of blood from small creatures such as bats or rodents. It is also possible to have huge bloated Red Ghouls, some of which actually grow extra limbs.

Habits: Red Ghouls never stop growing. They just keep eating and getting larger. Their body does not age like ours, the only form of natural death is when they grow to big to get enough sustenance and starve. It is not too uncommon to find a large Red Ghoul carcass in the deep forests. Red Ghouls technically never eat, they merely extract blood by slicing their victims with their claws and sucking all the life from them through one of the wounds.

P.S. Please tell me if you want me to add anything else. This idea sort of came off the fly.
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