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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Okay, I have a story, or the beginning of one anyways... on: 22 January 2007, 04:57:17
Hmm...okie, I'll see if I can take it off of the board.  Is there another place I can post it so that it's okay?  I wasn't sure where o post it so I posted here. Thanks for telling me though...
2  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: New styrásh (elvish) vocabulary here! on: 20 January 2007, 11:04:28
well, I do have an idea for something similar to soulmate that is translated as "forever love"
it's called límín.  It doesn't have a gender, and as for colors...
orange:  Wissebe
purple:  Tuesen
black:  Ermal
yellow:  Filamia
other ideas for words include:  Arlankra, Similo, Talkarn, Doramaran, Papya, Aplam, Thrashak, Varamaak, Ofon, Judar, Lakrat, Celaon, Kimpalp, Cosetii, Dirpawl, Taramand Krior
3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Okay, I have a story, or the beginning of one anyways... on: 20 January 2007, 10:50:18
This is centered around my character Myklamia, and her limin, Kathgar.  I probably won't put the whole thing up as a story for Santharia, but I wan opinions on what I have so... Here goes everything:

Myklamia Firebanisher sat in her glade with a mortar and pestle.  Spread upon a woolen blanket were her reagents; a flask of goat's milk, thirty red charilla berries, two vines of Gold-Tassel, and a pouch of saffron.  Within the mortar was some powdered willow bark, a bit of chariila, and some saffron.
"What do I do with this vine?"
Hold on, use your Voice and I'll Show you."
~Okay, now about this vine...~
~You are making the bruise ointment.~
Myklamia sent images with her mind to him.  She mentally crushed the vine into a coarse powder with magic, sending it as detailed as possible.
~Like this, then?~
~No, no.  Come Inside.~
Kathgar's presence entered into her.  He latched his Sight onto her magic and waited for her to Show him what to do.

Sorry guys, that's as far as I got.  I'll work on it some more though.  Message, email, or comment on the story or what you wuld call it.  By the way, her glade is in the heart of the Argonne Forest in my fictional world of Tikapu.  I'll post a scan of the map of Tikapu on here somewhere...
4  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: super healingfruit on man eating plants? on: 03 January 2007, 09:50:56
Huh, I actually got some ideas for you.  How about a place known to be dangerous that is relatively large? Like the Hovel Frond Forest?  As for why people wouldn't just chope the dangerous bits off, why not make t so that the fruit heals  the mother plant so fast that if the head (the bit that eats) is regrown as it gets chopped off.  Seeing as it eats people it would need to have a mouth the rough size of a small tree.  Also, you could have it so that metals don't affect it, because the fruits are always there.  Then the only way to get the fruit is to distract it with food or a decoy that looks human and is stuffed with raw beef and then get behind it and pluck the fruits.  I dunno.  maybe you have to have something with you in order for the healing power to work on you.  Like you would need to have the mother plant's juice in your throat, as long as it isn't poisonous or you can nullify the poison.  I think it's a good idea, but there are definitley some other bits to think about.  Maybe you can figure it out by writing a story about t if you are a story writer.  That's what I do to figure out the big kinks.  The you just have the details to work on. :)
5  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Dissinigrate and Reform spell on: 23 December 2006, 06:28:10
Basic information-  Dissintigrate and Reform, Water
 schools only, Level 10 spell at lowest

Overview-  a spell that destroys  just about anything non-magical and makes it something else.  It changes to the caster's desire.

Effects:  when Performed by a level-
10 mage:  a coma lasting at least three days, possibly longer will most definitely occur
11 mage:  a pass-out and medium length coma will occur
12 mage:  a weak tiredness and possible small coma occurs
Exactly what happens-  A mage will imagine the object he/she wishes to destroy, imagine destroying it while saying "A'remel'ian."  Then he/she would imagine it dissappearing, and reappearing as the object he/she wishes it to become, saying "ki'toulin."  The newly made object will appear in the exact place that it's previous form dissappeared at.

Casting Procedure-  you should be in a meditative state whenbeginning this spell.  No specific magical items are required.  However, to reduce  the drainage, it is advised that the caster have a focus object, such as a crystal or stone or some such thing that is embodied with them.

Magical Formula- to be posted

Target- an object that is non-magical.  People, including non-magical, are inable to be targeted as the spell will drain the same magical energy from the caster and have absolutely no effect on the person targeted.  A magical item that is targeted will simply redouble the spell, draining double energy from the caster, more than likely killing him/her.

Raegents-  No object is required to cast this spell, but as previously stated a focus object would reduce the draining effects on the caster.

Magical School-  Water School

Spell Class- Spiritual Representation, Sphere Two

Range-  object attempting to be transformed must be within seven furlays of the caster.  The spell can only be cast on one object a week.

Casting Time-  because this spell is so difficult and draining, it takes about 4 and a half hours (do you use hours or marks?)

Duration- this spell permanently changes the target object.

Counter Measures-  the only real counter spell that can be cast is if you realize a mage is trying to change an object and enchanting it or somehow making the item magical before the "dissappearing effect"  occurs. 

Enhanching Measures-  seeing as this is a mind transformation spell, there isn't really a way to enhance it.  As I have stated before, a focus object will reduce the draining effect, and being an extremely high level mage always helps reduce the effects and helps put more force on the spell, making the spell more probable to work.
6  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Television on: 21 December 2006, 07:23:10
Just wanna know who watches what show, and this helps me out...
7  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Spell: Dissinegrate and reform on: 21 December 2006, 07:09:33
The Dissinigrate and reform spell destroys whatever your target is and makes it into something new.  By closing your eyes and picturing the item or person you seek to remake, saying "A'relem'ian" and picturing the image fading and vanishing, then saying "ki'toulin" and imagining the thing you desire the image to become, you can basically willingly shape change whatever you want into whatever you want.  A nice spell.
Side effects:  When you finish this spell you will go into a three day coma because of the amount of magical energy it requires.
Requirements: To attempt to perform this spell you must be  an adept level mage,(ths will still resort in three day coma).  If attempted ta a lower mage level then it will more than likely resort in the mage's death.
I know it's a harsh spell, but it needs limits and the limits just happen to result in a major drain in magical energy.
8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / The Gold-Tassel mage vine on: 21 December 2006, 07:00:31
The Gold-Tassels are found only in the small glade around where the Healer Myka spends her time.  Some say her magic caused them to spring up.  They grow wildly, as no one who has tried has succeeded in planting them in herb gardens.

Gold-Tassels are crushed with a mortar and pestle, blended with some easily found and identified items.  It is crushed with oak leaves, weeping willow bark, and a segment of Nightshimmer vine.  When this greenish paste is reached, goat's milk may be added for it to become an ointment.  When it is finished, it should have the consistency of a light paste.  It will become an orange colour when the goat's milk is added.

It is recommended that the goat's milk be added because it not only strengthens it's effects, but also becomes edible in the case of internal bruising, such as bruised bones and organs.  When the ointment is applied to the skin it heals visible bruises, and also helps progress the repair of the vein that broke, allowing the bruise to form.  Please note that I have only said it heals bruises, which are caused by a broken vein.  Thus they do not heal everything.  Burns, internal damage such as a stomach wall that has dissintigrated, nor a brain damaged by a fall.  It cannot heal a broken bone, it cannot heal damaged muscle.  It can heal bleeding and bruises caused by it.  The cut itself cannot be healed by this, only the veins.

The Gold-Tassel grows on a vine, wrapping itself in intricate patterns among the highest branches of the  trees.  It got it's name from the way that it's "petals" look more like threads, and are bunched together in groups of 50 to 150 "petals."  The "petals" hang down from the vine, making it look like the tassels that the humans attach to cushions and curtain strings for decoration.  The "petals" themselves actually look similar to strings.

Gold-Tassels are the only known magical plant to need magic to grow.  Because of this, it is the rarest in all of Santharia.  Even more rare because it grows and thrives on the magic of only one person thus known,as mentioned before, this person is Healer Myka Firebanisher.
9  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Adoptive website is up and running!!! on: 26 July 2006, 01:55:08
Hi all Santharians!   I have  a website where you can adopt cybernetic friends, most of the pictures and all information about each creature-friend is from here!!!
My website is http://mckenziemjohnston.tripod.com
once you have read my rules and junk, and are emailing me to adopt, put a note in the email that you are a Santharian, you will get special access and will be able to adopt up to three friends, a special privlege seeing as my rules are only 2 friends.
Please visit!
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