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1  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: Diorye'oleal - The Ones Hidden In The Wind on: 05 August 2006, 03:01:51
Well, I dunno, maybe he buys passage on the ship of a Sea Elf . . . but that's sort of unimportant at the moment as without some kind of Dark Elf dialect or words my character doesn't even have a NAME yet >.>;;
2  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: Diorye'oleal - The Ones Hidden In The Wind on: 05 August 2006, 02:40:48
Ah! Thanks a lot! Although the map does resemble Europe in a way  :P

But it's nice to know that the Hovel Frond Forest is at the southernmost tip of North Sarvonia so that if a Dark Elf wanted he could very easily be persuaded to take a trip down into South Savronia.
3  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Magic - The Scientific vs. The Theological; or, How Does It All Fit In? on: 05 August 2006, 02:33:52
Quote from: Miraran Tehuriden
I don't think anyone realy understands the nature of ounia.. wich makes it all the more lifelike grin
I guess what makes it difficult for me to understand is that there are four types of ounia, because I sort of equate them with the 'protons' of our world (though they have no physical form) in the way that every ounia would be completely identical and it is only how they are formed by the Xeuá (which, depending on the circumstances, could be viewed as either 'strings' or 'electrons') that determines the element (molecule? of energy).

Thus you could have a bunch of ounia strung together, and it could be like a tree. And then, when you add 'more' Xeu­á or whatever it changes the substance to fire so you get a burning tree that slowly but surely turns to ash. Which, then, an Earth Elementalist could, by putting BACK together the original bonds of Xeuá, re-create the tree.

But that's just my understanding of it >.>;;

Quote from: Mina
Now, concerning the gods, we work on the basis that it is not known whether any gods actually exist, or what they are like if they do.  There are many cultures with their own religions, though, like magic, only a couple of those have really been elaborated.  The orcs have their own religion and gods, which Marvin recently wrote about, I believe.  While it is not impossible for one to be converted to believing in the Avaría, I think that it is probably quite unlikely.
This is all nice and good to know, but whether or not the Gods/Goddesses exist is agnosticism and since this world is fabricated it would be up to the designers to figure out if they ACTUALLY exist in the sense of being, or are just made up in the minds and faith of the people. Kalina says it is the latter, that people can worship and beileve but the Gods/Goddesses don't really exist outside of their myths.

If nobody has decided this point, I suggest someone start a new discussion on it because it is VERY pertinant to how Clerics do/think about Magic. If they don't exist and Clerics get their magic from someplace else, like the Ximaxian Elementalists, it is not so important even though they are misguided. But if the Gods/Goddesses DO exist in-and-of themselves then it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that Clerics could get it from the same place as they do.

Sort of like, prayer is how the Clerics speak to the God/Goddess . . . then the God/Goddess would answer by granting them power. And, perhaps, speaking to them . . . though that is more shamanistic >.>;
Well, people accept orcs, as in not killing them on sight, but I would say the general public would be very racist towards them for the things that happened in the past.
Ahh, that's good to know too. However I am going to make a Dark Elf anyway, but thanks for the clarification.
4  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Diorye'oleal - The Ones Hidden In The Wind on: 04 August 2006, 11:50:40
Hello linguists! I've apparenlty gotten over my sad little misgivings about posting/not posting in boards where I am not an offical memeber of >.>;

My character (still in the working stage) will most likely be a Dark Elf of the Hovel Frond Forest (wherever that is, as I still have yet to find a map of Caelereth) but I am running into some problems in developing his name(s) and, perhaps, some kind of Dark Elvish dialect of Styrásh.

I would appreciate some help in this, as I'm not even good with languages in this world to start at >.>;;

I already have an idea about the cultural way of giving a second name to children, after their spirit animal . . . but that's sort of secondary.
5  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Magic - The Scientific vs. The Theological; or, How Does It All Fit In? on: 04 August 2006, 11:31:57
Quote from: Marvin Cerambit
If you mean the Uon'kh'al'on (orcish shamans, see orcish religion entry for a bit more info) you don't need Talia's approval. I would be the person to talk to about such things grin They are even less developed on the site, but I’ve got them pretty much worked out in my head.

Which reminds me, I really should find some time to finish writing that entry on them  undecided
Actually, the inspiration for my character came from something more paradoxical. I envisioned an Orc (or, most likely, a half-Orc) who followed the teachings/prayers/ideas/whatever of Nehtor, the God of Healing, who (if I read the mythology correctly) hates Orcs <.<;;

If the Gods/Goddesses were real, my definition of a Cleric would be one who gets their powers directly from their deity. Except in my case the Orc/half-breed would not get any from Nehtor, and only be able to work with herbal medicines or stuff and prove he can be as caring as any Human, Elf, or any other creature. Because I had thought Orcs, being aggressive and all that, would be mostly hated/feared/something by the general public and so provide some humourous RP possibilities, but Kalina tells me that's not the case.

Anyway, I've scrapped this idea and I'm going onto making a Dark Elf Martial Artist . . . perhaps. I need someone to help me with Styrásh.

Quote from: Miraran Tehuriden
Car'all is what dertermines the physical world in all of its aspects. However, t is a mistake to look at it in a physical way. (the entry needs serious revivion) A caráll is not manifested in objects, but an object has a car'all. (actually, a part of the Cár'áll is associated with that object. There is only one car'all, wich can be divided into unlimited pieces. kinda like a sea, wich can be divided into any amount of smaller portions of water, without stopping to be a sea.)
Well, I know Cár'áll, Ounia and Xeuá are not physical it's just there is no way I could possible describe energy without drawing some kind of physical analogy . . . otherwise I won't understand it myself ^.^;;

However, I knew that the Xeuá acted something like the 'string theory' of Modern Physics and that it was pure energy. It's just the Ounia that I don't get >.>;
6  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Magic - The Scientific vs. The Theological; or, How Does It All Fit In? on: 04 August 2006, 07:19:58
*NOTE: There is no sarcasm in this post. Just someone arguing in a trial-and-error method to attempt to understand all this.*

So . . . basically, in that wonderful criticism of yours, you are saying that there is no universal Magic. That depending on one's race/class Magic becomes something completely and inherently different?

I understand what you are trying to say, but perhaps one of us (could have been me as well) forgot to mention I was dealing with Ximaxian Elemental Magic - as that has been the only magic to have been fully processed onto the Compendium which sparks my interest.

Also, if Cár’áll is NOT what is says it is (basically the building blocks of the universe, determining size, colour, shape etc.) then what is it? And how could someone possibly control any of the Four Elements with it?

EDIT: People can disregard this post now if they want. It was very simple to understand when someone told me the God(desse)s don't exist ^.^;;;

Sorry to bother everyone.
7  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Magic - The Scientific vs. The Theological; or, How Does It All Fit In? on: 04 August 2006, 06:33:47
I apologize in advance to anyone who might be offened by my posting this in here, but since I am technically not a member of the Dream Team I felt it would be even more rude should I post on their boards and clutter them up without actually being a member.

That said, I will now move onto questions which have been growing exponentially since I found this site almost two days ago.

  • 1) Magic, loosely termed, seems to me to be most easily described as an after/side-effect, or 'leftovers' if you will, of Avá the Beautiful as she dreams. As Cár’áll is explained on "Magic of Caelereth" it seems to agree with this viewpoint (see below). That Cár’áll is, basically, what makes the world the world it is only logical to conclude it is the substance that gives Avá's Dream life.

    Quote from: Magic of Caelereth
    Cár’áll is a Styrásh word meaning “natural astral aura of all things or beings.” Cár'áll is life's substance ("soul"), in the most general way this can be interpreted. In short, if you want to say so, the alignments within someone's personal Cár’áll is what constitute this person: how one looks, acts, feels, thinks and exists in general. Cár’áll, as the substance, on which everything else is grounded, influences our personalities and how we act and see the world around us. Cár’áll effects a person both spiritually and physically, however, Cár'áll is more than that - it also determines the form and orientation of beasts, plants and inanimated things.

    However, Avá is also able to Dream the Avaría into existance. Which begs the questions: Are the Avaría also made of Cár'áll? If so, then are their powers just amplified versions of Ximaxian Elemental magic? And if not, then how/why do their powers work? This is also pertinant to Clerical Magic . . .

    These are potent questions if you connect Cár'áll to the Dream because it means anyone who uses magic is actually changing the laws of Avá's Dream. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, just that a God(dess) would have to have the power to reshape Avá's entire Dream if you were to give them this definition of Cár'áll.

  • 2) Is "magic" (Cár'áll) made of Ouns or Xeuá? This might seem like a moot point, but it confuses me at the moment. Are there simply four types of particies that are manipulated in order to create the flucuations in Avá's Dream (using the assumption from above, that magic is such a thing), or are there links like in a chain that make up every element themselves as stated in the Xeuá section of Magic in the World of Caelereth? (see below)

    Quote from: Magic of Caelereth
    Xeuá (Styrásh: Xeuá, "the connecting") is believed to be the great elemental force that holds everything together. Cár’áll ("magical energy", "natural astral aura" is the substance and quality of everything, but it is Xeuá that helps to define true shape and nature, how all the elements react with one another and how they affect an object or person as a whole. Xeuá therefore is often also refered to as the "in-between", the "medium", the "linkage of things" or simply as the "chain" or "key".

    I like the idea of Xeuá mostly because it seems to conform to my previous suggestion about magic, and I can imagine these links - or "threads" if you will - binding together the images of Avá's Dream and whenever they get manipulated/interrupted/changed that is what "magic" (Cár'áll) can be described as.

    Xeuá even seems to have it's own 'negative particle' called Ecuá, conforming nicely as a Yin-Yang theory. Ouns have nothing like this yet, and so it is hard for me to imagine a Water Elementalist effectively 'Freezing' someone with their "magic" (Cár'áll) using a 'Water Oun'. It would make more sense if they use the Ecuá to destroy Xeuá links that keep the person's body temperature regulated.

These are just a few thoughts/suggestions/questions that have been rolling around in my mind as I have been studying Santharian Magic in preparation for a possible Orcish Cleric character, so that when Talia returns from her vacation I can assist her with the makings of Clerical Magic Style (which I understand to be a prerequsite for applying to be a Cleric).

Any help on clearing this up would be appreciated. And if anyone is interested in these ideas I am avaliable for brainstorming ^.^
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