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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Sparkfire and Fragscent on: 31 December 2011, 04:47:30
Changes made - the Fragscent was developed by a chemist named Redlaf (who shall have an entry, eventually. Hopefully.) as a gift to the Higher Fore Thrumgolz for mining operations. Word about it spread to the nearby human settlements, who recognized it as a potential weapon. Is this an acceptable explanation? It makes sense to me, the High Fores have a very regular trading system with their human neighbors, and it seems natural that people, even dwarves, gossip and share news.

But the explanation for its development, which I may not have made clear enough in the entry, is that Redlaf refined the propellant jelly used in Sparkfires, making them safer to carry. Realizing that he could use larger volumes, he created the Fragscent to as a mining aid. This doesn't mean that Fragscents are stable - the propellant is just more stable in smaller quantities and the larger volumes necessary for the Fragscent remain just as volatile as the older Sparkfires were.
2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Sparkfire and Fragscent on: 30 December 2011, 14:25:09
Both the Sparkfire and Fragscent are mentioned in the entry for the Golgnomes, but didn't have an entry, so I figure it would be a good place to start. I assumed that, if it was mentioned on an accepted entry, it would acceptable for the world. Drawing from Earth, primitive grenades (which is what the Fragscent is) were in use in the Early Renaissance Europe, as well as in the east for a few centuries prior.

But, I digress. It is rather odd that the Gnomes would actively develop war device (which is what their mention in the Golgnome entry implied to me) but the discovery of propellants and other such chemicals seems a natural step... Shall we scrap the idea for one, or both, of them? And if we do, could we get Artimidor to remove the references to the Fragscent from the main site?
3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Sparkfire and Fragscent on: 30 December 2011, 05:49:48
The Sparkfire is a peculiar Gnomish weapon, explosive and cruel, they are small pouches, filled with chemicals and minerals that, when ignited, explode. Related to it, the Fragsent is a more powerful, volatile version originally designed to aid mining operations.


Gnomes are not a warlike people, as war entails discomfort and disruption from their research, and thus it isn't surprising that their most common weapon doesn't appear to be a weapon. Really, the Sparkfire is just a leather pouch with a fuse made of twine snaking out from one end, and filled with three substances - the igniter, a mineral that is very flammable, the propellant, which is a viscous paste that explodes violently when lit, and pure alcohol, which is shot out from the pouch upon explosion, burning any unlucky enough to be caught in the vicinity.

What, exactly, these substances are composed of is a mystery - Gnomes are very wary of allowing humans to learn the secrets, as there is no telling what monstrous weapons the big-folk might dream up with such technology - and is a closely guarded secret.

The Fragscent, however, does look like a weapon (a strange, outlandish weapon) although the intentions behind its creation were quite peaceful. It is a rather thin, hollow ball of clay, about the size of a gnome's head, filled with an igniter, and a very, very large volume of propellant. This creates, when lit, a large, powerful explosion, and the shell of the ball creates the unintended side effect of shrapnel.

It must be noted, however, that the Fragscent are notoriously finicky contraptions, and must be stored in controlled conditions, lest an untimely reaction ruin one's day.

The Sparkfire, the more common of the two, is usually used by Golgnome travellers, or Daran Gnomes who've been harassed by their host population. Either way, they're much more useful as a deterrent, though more than one would-be mugger has had a... well, let's say, unique end, when targetting a Gnome.

The Fragscent, on the other, is uniquely Golgnomish, and was originally fabricated by the famous chemist, Redlaf the Noble, who had also refined the propellant jelly used in the Sparkfire into a less volatile form. Having been a trusted friend of the Thrumgolz in the Higher Fores, (and a self described Thergerimophile) Redlaf constructed the original Fragscent as a mining tool for his friends. Being a gnome, he had not comprehended the potential military use of his new gadget, nor did he anticipate the desire for such weapons by outsiders. The influx of big-folk into his homeland looking for the technology behind the Fragscent is widely believed to have been the main factor in Redlaf's suicide.

Currently, because of the demand for weaponized Fragscent, and the well founded dwarven caution around these gnomish contraptions, the number of Fragscents are very small and carefully guarded by the Golgnome Fragmen, who are charged with the production, storage, refinement and deployment of Fragscent to the dwarves. The Thrumgolz know the volatility of these devices and use them sparingly, usually to blow out new caverns or to cave in extant shafts that have become dangerous for one reason or another, and always under the supervision of a small team of Fragmen.

Fighting Style:
Both the Sparkfire and the Fragscent are used in roughly the same way. One simply lights the fuse, throws the weapon and ducks out of sight of the explosion.

Even Gnomes (especially Gnomes) recognize the limited use of these weapons. The Sparkfire is primarily a shock and awe weapon, designed to scare away would be attackers, and even if it did harm an enemy, the results are less likely to be fatal, though still quite ghastly.

Sparkfires have been created by gnomes for personal use for centuries, since at least SW II, when, among other inventions, the Sparkfire was sold on the black market by humans for extraordinary prices. Until recently, however, Sparkfires were rather volatile and saw limited use by gnomes.

The Fragscent, however is more recent, using a more refined propellant that is less volatile than that which was used in the earlier Sparkfires, and thus the invention is credited to inventor Redlaf the Noble (1533 a.s - 1650 a.s) who also dreamt up the idea of using the Fragscents as mining devices.
4  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Geia sas, Santharians on: 30 December 2011, 02:53:19
Thank you all for the warm welcome. I think I'll fish around the site and find something Gnomish that doesn't have an entry, something simple, for a start. Probably I will focus on them, but I will definitely contribute to something nautical in nature, eventually.
5  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Geia sas, Santharians on: 29 December 2011, 06:54:51
Hello, developers. I've been reading this site for several years, with fair regularity, and, like most of you, got the idea; "Why, I should help the developers!" or some variation of the story.

I'm particularly enamoured of the gnomes and dwarves. However, I've never been further than 50km from an ocean in my life... so, rather than try to add something I know little about, I offer my knowledge of nauticalness. Boats, fishing techniques, sea life, etc. I can probably help with that.

Judging by the question of 'Are you serious about joining the development board' during registration, I assume that you've had trouble with people coming and then disappearing, so I will say this now... If I stay, I will inevitably duck out for small periods of time. My school, work and three ensembles sometimes conspire to murder my free time, but I will try to duck in to, at least, let you know I didn't abandon you.

Now, with that off my chest, I should introduce myself: I am Kaerwyn Hod, and I like fish!
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