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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Brutalizer on: 18 March 2014, 08:49:22
So this is my first actual post, little envious I'll get something wrong but here we go. Basically I got the idea from the great Maul
Name: Brutalizer
Overview: Blunt weapons Hammer
Description: Brutalizers are commonly used by Warlord Losh-Oc Orcs, and are made up of a heavy block of metal with holes drilled through it and spikes on either end atop of a long wooden shaft. Most Brutalizers are made of iron making it a prized weapon among the Losh-Oc Orcs. Shaft lengths tend to be two peds and unlike its sister hammer the shafts are commonly made of steel and have a pike at the end of it.
Usage: Brutalizers are a weapon mostly known and keep secret by the Losh-Oc Orcs.   
Fighting style: Brutalizers are surprisingly fast despite their size and weight, due to the holes drilled into the head of it. When facing more than one foe, the wielder swings the maul as hard as they can from side to side keeping them from getting close enough to attack. When facing one enemy the wielder will strike at their foe until they make a mistake, then punish them for their failure by smashing their skull, or impaling them with the shaft of the Maul.
Origin/ History: No one knows for sure how the makings of the Brutalizer came to be, but it believed that it was made by a great Losh-Oc Orc that got his hands upon a pillaged Great Maul.
2  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Hi kinda new on: 13 March 2014, 08:07:09
Hi there, my name's Alex. I saw this yesterday and still trying to find my way around, but I was wondering what t do next. I really like studying mythology in the real world (Haven't got to look at the mythology of Santharia yet, sorry :P) I also have my own writing blog so I do stories and poems. I'm pretty sure I'm going to start rambling now, so I guess just hi.
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