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1  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Riddles... on: 17 August 2006, 16:28:33
a Climate?
2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Jumpers - still being added. on: 16 August 2006, 17:12:11
Hmm.. Wish I could use english like you :D
Fairs fair, that does sound ALOT better yea, I`ll see what I can do :)

Thanks mate,


3  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Riddles... on: 16 August 2006, 10:15:45
hows about a riddle forum ?

People brainstorm a riddle and others have got to brainstorm to get it, uttery cool :D
Lock it wen someone guessed it :D
Training the brain ;)
And no, dont get those cheapass riddles from Google but think of your own !
Superb fun !

Ah well, just my idea :D

Cheers !

4  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Random Chat on: 16 August 2006, 10:11:03
Alrighty, heres a nice one that I`ve spend ages on figuring out..

Why is something always at the last place you look !?

Because wen you`ve found it, you wont look any further.

(hope I wrote it right) I know its stupid but it has captivated me for years ! :D feck it ;)

Cheers !

5  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Jumpers - still being added. on: 16 August 2006, 10:04:26
alrighty Relhag,

I really had a great intro for my new bugs, but I thought it was to long because of this,
  Basic Overview of the Beast
Do a short description on the beast, which can be placed on top of the entry and at the general overview page: What kind of beast (category) is it? How large is it approx.? Where does it live? What are it's most important features etc. When you read the overview you should know most important things about the beast, before you've even read the whole entry.
so I cut it out and wrote this one, if you guys think a longer one will be better to understand my little friends. no problem, I`ll write a longer one. :)
Is it really that bad.. :)
Hope not :)


Pan`ol`s commonly known as "Jumpers" are insects that jump from tall trees and collide with their prey (small birds), before gliding towards earth,  workers then drag it back to the nest.

We get the idea about this sentence, but the way it is written is kind of confusing.

I think that perhaps this is trying to tell the reader too much information in only a small sentence.  In Santharia, every entry is expanded to put all the information into it comfortably. There is no restrictons on space.
It might be that I`m Dutch (althought there seem to be many more Dutch people here) but no matter how I turn the sentence, I cant seem to see whats wrong with it..
And as it is and Intoduction, isnt it mend to give alot of info in a few lines?
Please elaborate,

I`m not trying to win a game of rules here or something, but I just dont understand it, I mean, I love detail in books, adore it, but wen someone says a short description I`ll write a short one, is it to short ? An introduction is a small shiny object to chatch the readers attention and tell the reader to read more about the selected object, if he/she wishes to gain more information.

Arg! I dunno man, I really had this superb idea in my head about these bugs, but, (as you all will no doubt have had) its harder than I thought man :) I will my best to detail and elaborate my bugs, but I`ll need the help of you guys...


Cheers !


comments and ideas still welcomed, seeing I`m still a newbie and this is still my first project here :)
6  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Jumpers - still being added. on: 15 August 2006, 22:24:25
thank you :) the grammar is a bit of a problem for me yea... but I`ll work on it. going to work now, but will spend yet another sleepless night behind the comp trying to sort out these bugs with all the tips people can give me :)

Cheers !

7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Jumpers - still being added. on: 15 August 2006, 22:01:15
Hi, still working on this, but posting it so you can see what im doing and post comments if you think its helpfull :)

Cheers !


Pan`ol`s commonly known as "Jumpers" are insects that jump from tall trees and collide with their prey (small birds), before gliding towards earth,  workers then drag it back to the nest. They are aprox 6 NB long, 3 NB wide and 2 NB thick. Main habitats are the Zeiphyrian Forests are forests with tall trees where they burrow an nest in an unfortunate tree wich is ruled by a Queen. Can be squeezed to death for sweet ichor.

All the Pan`ol are build with an exoskeleton, with an exception for the Queens body, with is a flexible skinlike bag. Light brown to dark green are the dominant colors for the colony, only the Jumpers have the ability to change a part of them into a bright yellow.

The Jumpers are the warriors of the colony. With the size of aprox 6 NB long, 3 NB wide and 2 NB thick, 6 legs with flexible skin between hindlegs (left two and right two), they are the biggest of the colony, Jumpers are sleek, fast and deadly for small birds. Their head is hard as a rock wich they use to smack a victim with, they also are the only part of the hive that has wings a standard green but can change to a bright yellow, wich are used to glide towards earth with, and wen yellow, serves a duel purpose for signaling the workers that a kill has bin made and they should collect it.
Their only function is climbing trees to extreem heights, jumping down from a branch using the flexible skin between their hindlegs to navigate towards any prey close enough to smack into and killing it on impact. Wen about 10 peds from the ground they open their colorful wings and glide towards the earth before locating another tree and starting the climb again.

The Workers are the backbone of the colony. With the size of aprox 4 NB long, 4 NB wide and 1 NB thick, 8 stubby legs and huge pinchers, they look strange wen moving around on the ground, but do not under estimate their strenght for these small critters can carry upto two and a half OD on their round flat back, and have bin known to bite the occasional curious human.
Tenacious little critters that will scuttle around the forest untill they see a yellow signal from a Jumper, rush towards the dropzone, once there, locate the prey and while forcing themselves under the body using their pinchers to drag the prey onto their backs and labouring back home where they deliver the food into the foodstore before scuttling back into the forest again.

The Maids are the helpers inside the hive. With the size of aprox 2 NB long, 1 NB wide and 1 thick, 6 legs and delicate pinchers, they tend to the Queen her needs, bringing new eggs towards the hatchery, larve to the larve room and feeding Queen and newborn.

The Queen is the mother of all Pal`ol. A head aprox half a NB but with a blubbery body 4 NB round no legs,shes an ugly bugger, but that is down to the fact that her lower body has no exoskeleton but is made of the same flexible skin as the Jumpers have. The main drive in her life to eat and lay eggs, and generally like all Royalty, being tended to all her whims, like, bring me food and take that egg away. She may lay up to 10 eggs a day, 50 a week.

Special Abilities

Jumpers will be found in the bigger forests and sometimes in woods that are highly populated with birdlife. They can not stand cold, therefor they live in calmer climates.

Their main food sources are small birds, small mammals and the occasional "Dragonfly Lizard".



Anything else
8  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: I want in ! on: 15 August 2006, 05:23:13
Thanks for the warm welcome all ! :)

Now for some brainstorming and comming up with something nice that you all will approve of ;)

Cheers !

9  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: I want in ! on: 14 August 2006, 06:42:44
Yea I`ve read about that RL meeting in Germany, very cool.

And I`ve already got a scrapbook filled with ideas I have had over the years, so I think I can grab something from there and fix it in here :)

Thanks for the comment !

Cheers !

10  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / I want in ! on: 14 August 2006, 06:25:33
Salutations my friendly fantasy freaks !

Right, first things first, an Ode to this amazing concept.

This honestly is the greatest site I have seen since I`ve started surfing the web 7 years ago, and it has grabbed me by the :Censored:
I`ve bin through this site the past 2 nights, and it`s brilliant
I envy the commitment you all put into this project, and really "really" want to be apart of this.

Ok, enough about you, lets talk about me ;)

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I`m a Cook, so that makes me a nightcrawler, work in the afternoons and evenings, live at night and do a little sleep in the early morning.
Fantasy is a thing I utterly adore, I collect fantasy books, I mean, well, borrowing a book at the library is ok, but I really cant live without having it on my shelf and reading it every once in a while, so that explains my extreemly book filled room a wee bit.

Online MMORPG and Fantasy games are brilliant, they are my escape from the "real" world, into a place I feel comfortable in.

Hmm, well as the title said, I want in !

My interests are wide, Plants/Beasts/Persons/Tribes/History/Layout of Towns/Short stories.
My only backdraw is that my written English is probably not as perfect as I would like it to be.

Therefor I would really like to start with a Mentor, if that is at all possible at the moment.
To start I really need someone to tell me what it is they want from me, from there I can work out everything, I need someone to give me a project.

Alright, I hope this is what you were hoping from me.


Vata Epona.
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