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Author Topic: Magic List  (Read 10658 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 05 October 2001, 17:09:00 »

Could be some symbolism, but in this last mentioned case, I would think that it just helps the spellcaster focus on the item.

There's a lot of threads with mentions about magic somewhere in them. I'll try to hunt them down and put them together. (Only the latest threads. I don't want to search through the whole forum for every mention of magic! But if anyone else has an older thing that they remember, e-mail it to me. We might want to start a forum jsut about the magic of Sorren.) But this might take a while. I'll also try to write a summary of the stuff metioned.


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« Reply #31 on: 27 November 2001, 20:32:00 »

Hi, Silentsyco here, also Arion Raistlin.  Just joined this RPG, and I have an idea that, although it might be rather difficult to set up, would be very interesting to see happen.  I noticed you guys were discussing different lvls of magic and what should be open to different races and the such, well what if we sort of threw emotion in there too.  It takes (or should at least) a certain amount of concentration and willpower to cast spells, the requirements increasing depending on the level of spells.  It would be interesting to see someone's mood affect the types/amount of spells they can cast.  For instance, if someone's best friend just died, and they were grieving, or hysterical with rage, it would be difficult to concentrate, and thus, accurately cast a spell.  Also, I think it would be interesting to open a few of the very powerful spells only to those in extreme anger from some wrong done to them.  Of course, the spell has a very high chance of also injuring the caster, since it is a high level spell, and requires a lot of concentration, something one does not have complete control over when you're enraged.  Just a few thoughts, you could also have other emotions trigger different reactions, such as a grieved heart opening up healing spells that were unaccessible before.  Using emotions could also have the effect of say, prompting a show of limited magic from someone who is not magically inclined.  Not sure what you all think of this, just a thought I've had for a while and wanted to see implemented in an RPG.

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« Reply #32 on: 27 November 2001, 22:56:00 »

Well, I've been working on it for a while, but I've come up with this. A Magic Language, if you will. The words are distorted by time and place, but the powers they summon remember their names and will follow even the most bizarre deviation if it was arrived at gradually. Demonstration spell-
Kon (point at area) Bakara- Crush (earth-invoke-small). Kon, meaning crush, is more complicatedly the direction to crush the first thing along the line of the caster's pointing in a small radius. A lot of this is in the mind, so Kon can in the hands of a good mentalist mean anything from "juice those grapes" to "turn that boulder to sand." Bakara is actually a 2-part word, Ba meaning low-power and Kara meaning invoke-earth.
     Words of the Magic Language (Ximaxian Dialect)
Shlor- Wind-invoke
Kara- Earth-invoke
Loras- Fire-invoke
Tsein- Water-invoke
Nehsho- Heal-invoke
Shlaza- Energy-invoke

Power levels
Ba, No, Gan- low-power
Ke, Byar, Bor- mid-power
Zho, Gruk, Kna- high-power

Kro- Move
Ney- Energy*
Lora- Fire*
Kar- Earth*
Neh- Heal (via element)
Gnar- Create Element (for example, Gnarlora would create fire)
Beyn- Light
Vuk- Control Element (Vuklora would allow you to mold flame)
Majar- Change
Tlon- Strike
Tsan- Attack
Krofa- Bring to me (fa meaning me)
Kyran- Beam
Jotyu- See
Dunbor- Shield

I'll need more. Proposals?

*in action

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« Reply #33 on: 28 November 2001, 00:38:00 »

Elves- Those who were the first, and came from the element of wind. Thusly they were bound to the wind and it's mysteries, and still today do they use it when they perform magic. They hold the strongest influence over wind.

Dwarves- They sprang from the earth, and many still dwell in it today. The earth is their element, and their primary element they use in magic. Their influence over earth is greater than that of any other species.

Humans- Coming from the water as the Rain of Life fell over Sorren, they use everything to gain power, money, or whatever they feel like wanting. Still, no matter how they expand their magic ability to help their goals, water is still their main element. They hold the most influence over the cool, calm element, which can also become so quickly deadly.

Orcs- Children of the Flame, the spawn of the destructive element of fire, which still has so many uses. They may use it mainly to destroy, but not all do. Some have found better things to do with it. They hold the most influence over fire, which can sometimes be a scary thought if they're going to use magic against you.

Xeua- That which binds the elements together, according to elven myth, and is also used in elven spell-weaving. It is used to heal Sorren and other things. The elves seem to be the only ones who can used the Xeua or at least are interested.

Life Magic- No matter what the reason, very few other than Brownies seem to be able to use this magic. It is most powerful where life is gathered, and weakest when life is rare. Though they were not one of the first four created, the Brownies have found a truly awesome gift in the magic.

Clerical Magic- Not the same as the other magics. Drawn not from the power of an element or something else, but drawn from faith and the divine power of whatever god the follower worships. Of course, it is always the choice of the god or goddess if and when to distribute the power.

Necromancy- Primarily used by humans, and first discovered and explored by a human. This is an easy way to create slaves that never need rest or food, and are extremely cheap since all you have to do is dig up the body. Though others have also used this, elves (with the possible exception of the Dark) will never use this, since they view it as an inherently evil act of pulling the dead from their rest.

Black Xeua- One of the different interpretations of the Xeua which was, not surprisingly, first thought up by a group of Dark Elves. Most who find the Xeua as an interesting area of study know that if you run into a Dark Elven mage who practices Black Xeua is something to be afraid of.

Demonology- The practice of summoning demons first believed to have begun not long after Necromancy. It is a little known and little used practice, though it was used many times in the War of the Chosen, as demons of different types were great as warriors. Some believe it started as a branch of Clerical magic, but it has since gained independence.

Dragon Magic- The dragon, a creature of immense power, both physical and magical. Though magic is nothing to them, it is just like breathing, automatic and natural. But for those who are not dragons, but can learn the runes and cast the spells, the magic is unimaginably useful and powerful.

Resonance Magic- Used by the Weavers, who can be of any race but must be born with the Gift. The magic which is taken from what they believe to be the origin of all magic, the Web. Pulling it out in strands and weaving it into what spells they wish. But if they lose concentration then the resonance magic can get out of control and the effects are often disasterous and deadly.

Any questions/comments/additions?

P.S-Thanks Judith! This is mostly general, according to the cosmology (mainly what element they were created from) and their compendium entries. I encourage all the experts on the various races to give their more detailed views, as they'd have more insight on that race than I.

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« Reply #34 on: 28 November 2001, 08:16:00 »

DWARVEN MAGIC -  more details and a story

Dwarves indeed have a very intimate relationship with the earth and its minerals and contents.  They are also a very practical and hardheaded race, seeing magic as just another 'force' or 'element' which can be used as a tool to create and shape their environment.  As a result, there are few 'meditative-magic' users, but quite a few 'sympathetic-magic' users.  By which I mean that Dwarves tend to use ingredients in their casting far more than humans or elves, and rely on 'focusing tools' such as small wands, hammers, daggers and so on rather than just using the power of their mind to control magic.

Let me give you a picture-story, as I prefer to do...


The dwarven child peeped round a rockface, only the top of her head and two bright eyes visible in the firelight.  Beyond a stalagmite, next to a low workbench, stood a hunched, lumpy figure muttering to himself.  "Marverikerons balthur enn trum kerikor lokjoroom!  Fraffen mithmor...."  He brought a small silvery hammer down upon some substance which the child could not see, and sparks erupted in a vivid fountain.

Her eyes widened with delight, and she suppressed  a giggle which would have given her away to the Dwarf Mage.  Trumlok was not known for his patience with children, and the aunties had warned them all to stay well clear of his cavern... but Khirkaer's curiosity had been too much for her.  When she had seen the mage, clad in his brown robes and the characteristic many-pocketed leather vest that swept the floor (made from a HUNDRED bat skins, the children whispered), returning from a late-night expedition, she had forgotten the hunger-ache that had gotten her out of bed in the first place, and went sneaking down the tunnel after him.

And now she was enjoying the illicit pleasure of being out of bed past moon-dark, in a place forbidden, watching a display of magery!  Oh, her learn-group would wanna hear this story t'morrow, she thought eagerly.  She hunched her small shoulders up and huddled closer to the concealing rockface.

Trumlok set the hammer down with a sigh of frustration and began rooting through his pockets.  He wasn't very well-organdized for a mage, Khirhkaer thought.  Mages were s'posed to have all the stuff they needed in the Spell-Vest, and the places they put it mem'rized.  SHE had a 'nexellent place-mem'ry; her Kotaalwirgerim had told her so just the other day.  'She could be a gem-dowser or earth-guide', the teacher had said.... why not a mage?  Khirhkaer bubbled to herself, watching Trumlok still searching pockets.

You hadda be organdized, of course, and 'member the names of lots of diffrunt earths 'n minerals n' ores and stuff.  And you hadda have good 'concentration', and 'co-ordination'.  Khirhkaer had just learned the runes for those two big words, and she had a new blister on her chisel hand because of them, too!

"Hah!" the mage snorted, making her heart do a lizard-leap.  "Got it!" He pulled a pinch of some flaky material out from a small pocket low on the hammerside of his vest, near the knee level.  It glittered as he tossed it into the air, the flakes spinning and flitting sideways like tiny leaves.  "Avefer Marundl - Gor!"  

The hidden child gasped as she saw the flakes freeze in midair, hanging like dustmotes in a beam of light. No, not frozen, moving, but moving so slowly!  Trumlok brought his arm around in a quick sweep, as if to cut through the centre of the cloud - as it hit the edge and began to move through the flakes, it too seemed to be slowed and halted, even the flapping sleeve moving in a lazy drift.  A strange noise accompanied the sweep; a kind of plinking chime, like .... like... if Khirkhaer had heard rain on a lake more often in her young life, she would have recognized the noise easily.  She decided that it sounded like the aunties boiling springsoup, and focused on the mage again in absolute fascination....


OK, guys, that's all she wrote!  You wanna hear how the story ends, tune in next time.  I'm going to bed (grin)

Hope that gives a clearer picture?  

Regards from the Bard


"Give me a land of boughs in leaf /  a land of trees that stand; / where trees are fallen there is grief; /  I love no leafless land."   --A.E. Housman
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« Reply #35 on: 02 December 2001, 19:19:00 »

I don't know if anyone has notice that this has been updated, I especially need Art to see this. Helloooo? Feedback? Anyone?

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« Reply #36 on: 03 December 2001, 14:00:00 »

Computer trouble, I'll try to get in when possible but I may have some trouble for the next week.

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