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Author Topic: A few comments from a non-expert to the experts here  (Read 2619 times)
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Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels
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« on: 05 February 2002, 03:39:00 »

I had the impression, that you are buried in the depth of your disscussions and about to drown, suddenly I do see Caphers question if magic is overwhelming Sorrren clearer.
I have read the entries in the compendium, but perhaps only 10% of the posts here thoroughly. But my overall impression was: Chaos
(I‘m only saying this to anger Tarquet :p  ) , to many possibilities and all kinds not really connected somehow.
Therefore here a general view and a proposal from me.

Lets compare magic a bit with our natural sciences in RL
( *looks over shoulder if Arti is watching*)

The beauty in  most of the great laws in physics lies in their simpleness. They are general, all works somehow together and every law is connected with each other - somehow. You can expand this on all other sciences like chemistry and biology. And I‘m sure if sometimes somebody finds an explanation for the dowsing-rod then it will fit as well.
So I would propose:

Do the system as simple as possible , start with a main principle and make more different subcategories.

All subcategories can‘t exist on their own, but ar somehow connected with each other, nothing on the world can exist without taking influence on all other things. So I would plainly say, ther can‘t exist a magic which is totally different to all given others. That‘s against the concept of a world. If you allow this, all will fall apart one day.

Why don‘t you do it in this direction:

Xeuá is the main principle which allows the world to exist, without Xeua there wouldn‘t be a world.

Every form of magic uses Xeua, there is NO magic without.
How each kind of magic uses Xeua is however different.

Weaver magic uses the raw essence of Xeua - that has the consequence that there must be other forms of Xeua as well, how are they defined? What kinds of Xeua exist?
This is an important point which has to be cleared before you think of using that Xeua for a magicform.

(How can Xeua alter? If you use the expression „raw“, there must be a more elaborated, more sophisticated, father grown...or in what ever Xeua has developed- or was all existeant at the beginning?)
You could even invent a kind of hierarchy(raw essence on the base, Xeua needed for lifemagic not far up the ladder), using the principle of higher energy levels , but without saying something about the power of this magic,just to divide it somehow.

You could use (as already done somewhere) the word manifestation
Then I would it describe like this:

The xyz-manifestation of Xeua is the form/kind the lifemagic of the brownies use. (The lifemagic of the brownies uses the Xeua which is inherent as an essential part in all living beings, it is called...)

Darrens neutral magic wouldn‘t then be something total different, but the form Xeua manifests itself in the respect of balance. This soul Genie could infact be the very form(name) Xeua manifests itself in this special way..

There could even exist the idea that the living beings have an impact on the Xeua, that f.e. the worshippers of an god influence the Xeua in a way that they can draw magic enery of a special kind out of it....

There are surely possibilities to combine/explain the web and the aura as well with this concept.

Make it simple.
Do the work on the basics first and decide how magic is allowed to work and how not, then go on.

I hope to have added a bit to the whole confusion ! :)

Als Gott den Mann schuf übte sie nur.


"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
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« Reply #1 on: 05 February 2002, 17:06:00 »

Actually after reading this post and Arts in the "is magic overcoming the world thread" I better understand what magic in this world is all about.

Thanks Talia and Art.

Capher, Tribes and Races Supervisor Moderator.Wisdom is given to those whom it knows.


I live to but to serve my Goddess Seyella and Talon Hawke; son, heir and Wizard of the White Tower-defender of the lands and peoples of Caelereth!
Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #2 on: 05 February 2002, 17:33:00 »

You mix some things up here, Talia (you mean Cár'áll and say Xeuá) etc. Well, I will try a new explanatory approach on all things magic tomorrow, hoping to clarify some things which make things confusing. There are several íssues which need to be explained more straight and thought to the end so that misunderstanding can't occur. The main problem I see is with the Spell Classes, which definitely will need a rework/expansion. We'll see. I'll try tomorrow to summarize all things from my point of view and hope for a productive discussion so that we get most problems solved.

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"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
Tarquet Galbar

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« Reply #3 on: 05 February 2002, 17:51:00 »

Where were all the comments and such when I was still -working- on the entry? But noooo, everyone has to come out of the woodworks about it -after- it gets set up.

As for the Spell Classes, I didn't see any of you there giving me suggestions. After awhile I just gave up on people suggesting things and pulled it all out. Baaaah. It's not a good day.

Tarquet Galbar,
BeastMaster Of Santharia
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Koldar Mondrakken
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« Reply #4 on: 06 February 2002, 04:34:00 »

Sorry, Tarq but I was very busy the last few weeks and hope that I'll finally get some rest this week, I fear you just have to live with that! ;)  

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight
--Santharian Master of Desaster ;)--

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