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Author Topic: Development Schedule - Jonael  (Read 7001 times)
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Jonael Tomeskrift
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« on: 04 September 2006, 19:47:36 »

~Completed Illustrations:

1. Paxen Illustration
2. Boomerang Illustration
3. Three Haelberds
4. Blade Staff
5. Herlemin

~Suspended Works:

Mechkanika > Shelved

Mech Krath Diary Extract (~Brownies) > Shelved

Portrait of Jonael Tomeskrift > Painting

The Zohologica Interactive Illustration > Changing code version
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Jonael Tomeskrift
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« Reply #1 on: 23 August 2010, 07:50:11 »

The Zohologica

>___ Canal System

>Bestiary Archives & Library
With similar aims to the Compendium, the Bestiary Library and Archives aims to assemble, store and provide access to knowledge about the beasts and creatures that roam this world. A vast library of tomes and scriptures, these Libraries form one of the most complete archives of creatures from majestic dragons to the tiniest insect.

>The Board of Fellows
The Board of Fellows is the highest ruling power within the Zohologica's structure. Many of its members are acclaimed researchers who have devoted themselves to one or many aspects of Caelereth’s beasts and creatures. A large percentage of these researchers, noblemen and scholars are also full time researchers for the infamous Zohologican Society.

>Kaemis, the Head Keeper
Being a reasonably new establishment, the Zohologica is still run by its first Head Keeper. Since its opening in 1643, this prestigious yet tough job has been handled by the graceful and sharp 'Kaemis' Ma'akwa-jsal. An Eyelian of the Eagle tribe, Ke'imis "Quia" Ma'akwa-jsal is a man not easily forgotten. Though his Eyelian traits of being quiet and controlled remain with him, this man radiates such self-confidence and clarity in his actions that few can now argue knowing anyone else more suited for the role.

>The Mage Faction
Given the proportions and properties of the enclosures planned, the use of magic could not be excluded when working on the Zohologica. It became evident to the founding fathers that they would not be able to achieve their dreams and aspirations without the involvement of magic. However they were aware that to keep the idea of the Zohologica as accessible as possible, they would need to keep the use of such powers subtle. The role this magic had to play in the rearing and maintenance of the enclosures was sizable though, so it was decided that there would be a department dedicated solely to the use of magic involved in creating and maintaining the enclosures.
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Jonael Tomeskrift
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« Reply #2 on: 18 April 2011, 07:19:26 »

The Goblins - Masterwork Framework

The Goblin Race
     Main Entry
     The Tandala Depths
          #Magma City#
          Aephesvil's Tomb
          The Mines of Ghun'Gob
          Greyrock Maw

     The Mih'vert'ruk
     The Haelberd
     Goblin Ear Jewlery
     Troll Masks
     Tattoos in Goblin Society
     The Great Resurgence
          The Original Council
          The Sky Scroll
          The Earth Scroll

Existing References
Gnufruk Gruknag Groku
     The most famous goblin ever, the Pathfinder, born in the year 1632 a.S.
The Krrahghi
     Importance: Fiery, spicy, gel-like sap. Pronounced "craggy", this sprawling blackish shrub has short hollow segmented branches filled with a fiery, spicy, gel-like sap. Very hot! A major component in goblin/orcish cuisine - if such a thing exists. The branch is peeled and pounded, then used to stir the pot of boiling soup, gruel, porridge, stew or grog, thus imparting its chili-flavor to the lot.
The K'Ahn'Uck'Tscha
     Ashz-Oc, Gob-Oc and Rhom-Oc on the other hand have a less destructive look on the world. They believe that they are free to do what they wish in the world and that there is no necessity to destroy the Ch'ron-P'thok. They are not more than remains of beings that have already been defeated and just like K’ahn’uck never bothered to go after the survivors of Ahn’b’rak they shouldn’t bother going after the Ch'ron-P'thok.
Marvin Cerambit
     The following is a more elaborated version of this myth and is written down as it was told by the Gob-Oc shaman Marvin Cerambit
The Erpheronian Royal Line
     1179 to 1157 b.S. - King Aelvor "the Orc-Slayer" - The increase in sahnrix harvest north and east of Astran begins to cause disturbances between the humans in the area and the Gob-Oc Orcs, who make their homes in the Tandala Highlands. This sets off a war that lasts for nearly 12 years until the expansion in Carmalad slows down. Aelvor, a man of great strength and skill with sword and shield slays the orcs' leader in 1163 b.S. The Gob-Oc orcs suffer serious losses in this battle and return to their homes. Aelvor dies in 1157 b.S. Upon his death, his eldest child, Kaeradda, ascends to the throne - the first female to do so since Queen Jenefra II.
The Last Days of Mynia
     Dated 1649 b.S. As the goblins marched off, on their inevitable path to Weavermoth...
The Orcal Calendar
     Calendar used in the Goblin Kingdom of Orcal located in the northern parts of the continent of Nybelmar.
The Ban-Yuk Ogres

The Groshmite Insect

The Boardrak

The Tandalan Sheep
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Jonael Tomeskrift
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« Reply #3 on: 18 April 2011, 07:19:55 »

Notes: Goblins

A. Is the term greenskins used in Santharia?

Even after the great reconciliation, no official maps of the subterranean area exist. However, ‘unofficial’ drawings have surfaced here and there.

Warbands that control them. The 5 main territories are:

-   A
-   B
-   C
-   D
-   E

While the boundaries of the other territories swell and ebb on a regular basis, “A” is perceived as the most consistent one. Though the term ‘neutral’ does not apply to the feral race of the Gob-Ocs, “A” comes the closest to being just that; a bastion territory, with clearly defined borders that are rarely contested, even though it shares borders with three of the four contending territories. This territory’s solid and unfaltering history forms the grounds for many researchers to believe that it is within this area that the legendary old dwarven capital city overlooking a vast lava lake is located.

+ the goblin race's character will be defined as sneaky, energetic, yet un-channelled.
+ Tattoos in goblin society – The concept draws inspiration from both the mafia and yakuza. Tattoos will tell goblin’s story. Certain tattoos or traits within them will announce certain status and power, or achievements. At the same time certain tattoos or brandings will tell society that a goblin is outcast, slave, etc.
+ Goblin Ear jewlery – If anyone’s seen “Mongol” the film, the brother wears this fascinating metallic ear décor. Something along those lines is what I had in mind

+ hope to include the profiles of each of the leaders of the individual 5 Legions
+ 3 main players of the Neutral Legion will receive their own entry
+ our correspondent goblin who came to the compendium and told us about all of this will of course also be defined
+ the goblin race will receive a favourite pet, at the moment for lack of better idea they will be bats

+ Goblins will have clubs, hammers and polearms as their preferred weapons. The first two are justified by their practical use to salvage in the mines. Instead of carrying sharp weapons for combat and then additional hammers and pickaxes to salvage,t hey prefer all in one. Polearms: While the narrow corridors in their tunnel systems don’t allow for the weapon’s swinging advantage to be brought out, they are great weapons to keep your enemy at a distance, say on the other side of a trench, or just far away from your party to be able to collapse the section of the tunnel under them. They will craft some awe-inspiring halberds, making them their specialisation with wonderful flame motives
+ Diamond shields and the Wall of Scales. Basically their use of diamond shaped shields will be elaborated on, developing a technique nicknamed the ‘wall of scales’ where the shields are brought together to make a scaled wall, much like the ‘turtle’ technique
+ A subcategory will be added here, Military, defining strategies for raids, patrolling, how they fight and will also outline some of the more famous military divisions, including the heavily armoured 'golem' division, playing on the contrast between the goblin's usually light armour.
+ Troll masks - these will be special helmets. The idea plays on the fact that the goblins, in comparison to the orcs are loosing their tusks, since there is simply no use for them in the dark tunnel systems they live in now. So to make up for this, they model their metal helmets with huge sabertooth like fangs, or troll tusks, to maintain that awe inspiring status of having fear inducing tusks on them. A bit of a psychological / cultural thing.

+ will remain that 'faux-democratic' government type as initially described, just elaborated on. The whole thing will be a constant power struggle between the 4 Legion, with the Neutral Legion staying out of it. Support for a representative is shown by giving one of your fangs ( which as you can imagine leads to all sorts of dark and gruesome stories, as Legion reps try to gain more and non-existent supporters) The whole system will revolve around the Neutral Legion maintaining military dominance in the centre and them holding the big central capital city. In true goblin fashion though the whole thing will be so messy and squirming that, as good as their ideas may be, they will get no where, caught up in their own internal struggles to power, instead of uniting (as discussed in the discussion thread)

Production & Trade
+not come up with something to expand with here just yet.

+ Goblin architecture will also be defined, mainly playing on the idea that for them appearance of sturdiness and solidity is more important than these actual properties. That is to say, instead of bothering to study the dwarven architecture there, expanding on their robust builds, the goblins hastily and with salvaged parts fix up the solid dwarven structures, making them appear sturdy and impressive, but lacking their actual strength and beauty.
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Jonael Tomeskrift
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« Reply #4 on: 27 June 2011, 01:23:05 »

1. Dragon's Maw
2. Teiphra River
3. Greyrock Keep
4. Bloodbloom Flowers
5. Troll Tusk Gate
6. Greyrock Maw
7. Greyrock Mountain
8. Astran
9. Nyermersys

So this quick sketch shows a little about the developing steps i'll be taking next. With this series of entries I hope to define this area a little more: Caeltakkar Keep (Alt)... which is surrounded by the The Bloodbloom flower. It stands on a historic battlefield that took place in the valley known as Greyrock Maw. Which might possibly lead me to define Greyrock Mountain a bit more. The site of the failed excavation into the Tandala Depths though was later on salvaged and reconstructed by the goblins to form one of their main gates into the goblin empire: Troll Tusk Gate. This gate leads into one of the six territories that make up the goblin empire. This territory is controlled by the Troll Cubs, a warband of goblins who have an abnormally strong tie to the Trolls. It stands to reason that in fighting with these hulking giants, the goblins would take on and adopt some concepts from them. Thus emerged the crafty full-helms known as Troll Masks. And finally if all of this hasn't dimmed my passion for this area by then, then I'll also definet the leader of the Troll Cubs, a fierce goblin, able to command trolls under his iron grip
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