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Author Topic: Development Schedule and Notes - Mina  (Read 5969 times)
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« on: 09 September 2006, 21:27:12 »

Main Focus
Magic (not so much nowadays...)
Languages, sort of
Xaramon Province

Stuff being worked on

Volkek-oshra language (almost done!)

Xaramon Provicne:
Masterplan draft for Xaramon
Update the province map

Trying to work more quickly.   :D

To-do list 
Get some work done on the ecosystem of Xaramon   

Have everything about Ximax and its surrounding region described in great detail. 
Create some good languages. 
Claim Yamalquain when it becomes available.   devilish

Finished Works
Conjure Wind (spell)
Fiery Curtain (spell)
Hide (spell)
Ice Touch (spell)
Riding the Wind (spell)
Ice Barrage (spell) - with Zacheius Aquadel
Shielding Winds (spell)
Brownie Magic (from Ximaxian scholar's perspective)
City of Ximax (group project)
Styrash Language update
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« Reply #1 on: 10 January 2007, 02:30:02 »

Well, this forum is for organising our stuff, right?  I thought I'd just post some of notes here, so people don't have to read my mind or dig through old posts to find out things I've already worked out but not made into entries.   grin

Please don't reply; PM me or start a thread somewhere if you have any queries.  

From http://www.santharia.com/dev/index.php/topic,11667.0.html - Styrash factitives and bahuvrihis:

-lan derives verbs from adjectives, monosyllabic adjectives only
eg. cho "great" -> cholan "enlarge"

n becomes l if adj. ends in -Vn, eg. mun "soft" -> mullan "soften"
suffix is -elan if adj. ends in -VCC, eg. arn "able" -> arnelan "enable"

-enan derives verbs from other adjectives, or from nouns, or both (unsure)

analytic factitives using phoilan "make" or other verb
eg. phoilsi iú sá ranthím lerýr "I made the reason clear"

-cin adds "full of" or "having (a property)" meaning to a noun
eg. alyr "rain" -> alyrcin "rainy"

From http://www.santharia.com/dev/index.php/topic,11658.0.html - Styrash relative pronouns

tu "who, which, that", tuis "whose, of which" (possessive form); come after the noun or noun phrase they modify
vaiá iú só styrosím lythát ná "I see the man who(m) she loves."
efersití só feárn tuís drén styrsití daí "The house, the door of which was red, was on fire."

From http://www.santharia.com/dev/index.php/topic,10711.0.html - Styrash pronunciation

tentative phoneme inventory of Styrash; phonemes in bold IPA, spelling in brackets:

Labial     Dental     Alveolar     Post-alveolar     Palatal     Velar     Glottal
p (p) b (b)
t (t) d (d)
k (c, k, q, kh) g (g)
f (f, ph) v (v)
θ (th)
s (s) z (z)
ʃ (sh) ʒ (j)
x (h)
h (h)
m (m)
n (n)
r (r, rh) l (l)
w (w)
j (jh)

Consonant Notes:
  • the actual sound represented by "z" isn't very certain, it could be /ts/ or /s/ too
  • /k/ might have [ q ] allophone (spelt "q")
  • "x" represents the /ks/ cluster
  • /x/ and /h/ might be allophones instead; the Styrash Principles page specifies that "h" is pronounced [ x ] when following a vowel, so they might be in complementary distribution

    Front     Central           Back
Close i (i) u (u)
ʏ (y)
Mid e (e) ø (è) o (o)
æ (ae) ɔ (o)
Open a (a)

Vowel Notes:
  • there is a length distinction, indicated by a circumflex, eg. "ê" is /e:/, but it is extremely rare
  • /æ/ and /e/ might be allophones; Arti said they aren't very distinct
  • /ɔ/ and /o/ might be allophones too, since they are spelt the same way
  • doubled vowels are pronounced separately, eg. "soor" is /so.or/, not /so:r/
  • grave accents except in "è" are incorrect and should be disregarded
  • acute accents (eg. in á) indicate a stressed syllable

Predicate nominatives in Styrash: http://www.santharia.com/dev/index.php/topic,5073.0.html
Nominal complements of linking verb are in nominative case.  

Styrash passive voice: http://www.santharia.com/dev/index.php/topic,5063.0.html
["be" (styrán) conjugated for number and tense] [subject] [verb in participle form] ["by" (ér)] [agent in ablative case]
eg. styrát só banhír vaianhé ér só feniló "The dog is seen by the cat."
(singluar form of participle, ie. -í, might no longer be valid)

First Person
"I, we"
Second Person
Third Person
"He/she/it, they"
"Someone, something,
anyone, anything"
Singular     Plural











Perfective     Imperfective
perfective indicative

    imperfective indicative

perfective potential

    imperfective potential



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« Reply #2 on: 05 July 2007, 16:14:46 »

As with the last post, please don't reply here!  

Santharia monstersize map: http://stuff.santharia.com/artimidor/santharia_monstersize.jpg
Northern Sarvonia monstersize map: http://stuff.santharia.com/artimidor/sarvonia_monster.zip

Some magical stuff
Some stuff I finally managed to figure out.  Not sure if they're right or if I got the terminology right, will check later.  

Form: Platonic Forms, an ideal form of something.  Is either completely theoretical or exists somewhere 'beyond reality'.  

Substance: Ounia and xeua links, the actual stuff that things are made up of.  

Structure: The way Substance is arranged/structured.  

Car'all: Substance plus Structure.  (Possibly the Void is Substance without Structure.  )

Pattern: A 'theoretical' Structure, a reflection of a Form.  A Structure matching a certain Pattern will be identified with that Pattern's Form.  

Practical (ie. non-theory) Ximaxian magic alters Structure only, but changes can be very extensive, leading to identification with a different Form.  

Note: English doesn't express such stuff very well.  I'll have to think about creating some Styrash terms for these.  

Stuff about Xaramon's government
-Updated 17/9/2011

1. Xaramon is divided into duchies like other provinces, but some parts are exceptions: Cha'domm (the Ximaxian peninsula), the Vontron (probably a Sty'cal), the Zirghurim lands, maybe a few baronies.  

2. The Thane is elected by and from the Dukes (cf. Holy Roman Empire and Malaysia).  Whether he has a fixed term or reigns for life I'm not sure yet.  This should mean the Thane's power is effectively shared amongst the Dukes.  

3. Thane is head of provincial government, which probably includes the Dukes too.  Ximax might be able to exert some influence on it by virtue of being where it is located and probably supplying most of its bureaucrats and other personnel.  

4. Ximax itself is run by a city council.  Probably includes many guild leaders, or at least those of the more powerful guilds.  Other major institutions (eg. the Academy, the clergy) probably represented as well.

Brownie Magic levels
Update: Probably no longer relevant now that Drasil is updating the system.  

I'm stuck with why normal magi don't learn Wood magic and why Wood magi don't learn the other elements.  I have made some decisions though.  

1. The levels are for classifying spells, not magi.  
2. The spells are classified according to power and difficulty (more powerful spells are of course more difficult, in general, and also take longer to learn).  
3. There would be either 5 or 7 levels, I think.  They might not be called levels though; I'm trying to think up an alternative term for them.  
4. Magi don't have to go through them in order, though it is recommended.  There's nothing preventing one from learning one of the highest level spells first, but it'll probably be harder than if they already had some experience with magic.  

Sound Spelling Pronunciation
a a Like the “a” in “father”
e e Like the “e” in “bed”
ɔ̜ o Like the word “awe
u Like the “oo” in “book”

Sound Spelling Pronunciation
ch Similar to ch’, but less forceful
tʃʰ ch' Like the “ch” in “chill”
d d Like the “d” in “dog”
g g Like the “g” in “gill”
ɣ gh A hushing sound similar to kh, but voiced
gw Similar to g, but with lips closer together
ɣʷ ghw Similar to gh, but with lips closer together
j Like th “j” in “jog”
k k Similar to k’ but less forceful, like the “k” in “skill”
k' Like the “k” in “kill”
x kh A hushing sound similar to the “h” in “hat”, but more forceful
khw Similar to kh, but with lips closer together
kw Similar to k, but with lips closer together
kʷʰ kw' Similar to k’, but with lips closer together
m m Like the “m” in “mill”
n n Like the “n” in “nest”
q q Similar to k, but more guttural
q' Similar to q, but more forceful
qw Similar to q, but with lips closer together
qʷʰ qw' Similar to q’, but with lips closer together
r or ʀ r A trilled “r” sound, sometimes guttural
s s Like the “s” in “same”
ʃ sh Like the “sh” in “shame”
t t Similar to t’ but less forceful, like the “t” in “still”
t' Like the “t” in “till”
β v Similar to the “v” in “vat”, but produced by blowing air between the lips instead of between the upper teeth and lower lip
z z Like the “z” in “zest”
ʒ zh Like the “s” in “pleasure”

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