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Question: Whats your favorite fantasy series?
Eragon (Inheritance)
The Lord of the Rings
Chronicles of Narnia

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Author Topic: Best Fantasy book series  (Read 11800 times)
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Falethas Whisperwind

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« Reply #45 on: 27 September 2006, 09:51:08 »

I must disagree with you on the Harry Potter subject, Mrs. Rowling (who, by the way, makes 77 pounds a minute *jealousy emanates in waves*) introduced one word from Gobbledegook, the language of the goblins: bladvak.  It means ''pickaxe''.  The sole reason I remembered that is because I thought that it was only the COOLEST WORD EVER.  Haha, can you tell that I am slightly hyper right now?  grin thumbup

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Kain Cristar

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« Reply #46 on: 27 September 2006, 12:08:12 »

Both The Wheel of Time take their mythology from base mythology of the human mind. Beast like men doing the bidding of evil masters is one of the foundations of humanity describing his own war of good and evil through fantastic storytelling. Over zealous puritains destroying the very thing they wish to protect, please do not tell me you assume that Tolkien invented this idea? The Half men and the Nazgul work in very differant ways in their respective novels, and really are not at all similair. The Nazgul are the ultimate corruption of good, while the halfmen are a creation of evil. They do not look, act, or read similairly, though each finds roots in humanity attempting to describe his world through myth. A dark force which has existed since the begining of time, and is destined to evenually destroy the world, because it cannot be destroyed? The dark one is much more like the evil gods who Tolkien visits much more rarely. That said, I agree, as does jordan, that the wheel of time is influenced by Tolkein, though reading one is not at all like reading the other. I found the wheel of time to be much more epic, and it read less like a history book. Do not assume that I do not enjoy Tolkiens books or works, I adore them.  Mina is very correct when she discusses the years and years of work that Tolkien put into his mythology, He indeed is the greatest world builder I have ever experianced. I have read better writers though.

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Miraran Tehuriden
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« Reply #47 on: 28 September 2006, 04:51:34 »

apart from youropinion on Nazgul/Mydraal, i will have to agree with you, both books are based on the basic fears and state of mind of the (western) human. I know Jordan admits being influenced byTolkiens work, and that explains for their sometimes quite similar way to expres certain ideas in certain shapes. Which i don't mind at all, since i''m still a fan of both writers...

Avrah Kehabhra

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