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Author Topic: Greetings, fellow fantasy addicts!!  (Read 1639 times)
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Eaviel Galiness

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« on: 18 December 2006, 06:24:53 »

Hey everyone! I'm Eaviel (but you can call me Avie, Eav...whatever. As long as it's not "hey, you!" or something...) I'm certaintly not new to the world of RPGing, but to a world this amazing and detailed, I must consider myself an Extreme Newb. I was the moderator for the entire fantasy RPGing system on another website, but that eventually became overrun by people interested in just chatting instead of RPing, and sadly, the entire system collapsed.

I was searching for a new place to RP when I stumbled across Santharia a few weeks ago. I'll admit, I was really intimidated at first by the depth of detail, but I finally decided to join (in fact, I have a CD waiting for approval on the other board). My only problem is that I'm a fantasy author, so I'm wrapped up in the rules of my own world, and it's a little hard to get out of it.

I hope that I'll find what I'm looking for here!

Thanks in advance for all your help and friendship!!
Coren FrozenZephyr
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« Reply #1 on: 18 December 2006, 06:33:33 »

Hello Eaviel!

"Everything should be as simple as possible and not simpler." Albert Einstein

"Is he allowed to do that?"
"I think that comes under the rule of Quia Ego Sic Dico."
"Yes, what does that mean?"
"'Because I say so', I think."
"That doesn't sound like much of a rule!"
"Actually, it's the only one he needs." (Making Money by Terry Pratchett)
Twen Araerwen
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« Reply #2 on: 18 December 2006, 07:01:22 »

~Wanders into the room with surprisingly empty arms. Lengthy tresses reminiscient of the hues of woven gold falling to near her petite waistline. Tiny crystalline stones glinting in the torchlight adorn them in a weblike pattern.~ "Hey you!" ~A mischievious gleam shimmered over ancient metallic gray eyes, prior to the elf's melodic voice continuing.~ "Welcome to this side of the boards Eaviel, if you need any help just ask around. There are alot of people wandering about and they will help you the best they can." ~Bows deeply before departing the room on the opposite side from which she had entered.~
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Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #3 on: 18 December 2006, 07:32:37 »

Hello Eaviel, Avie or Eav, whatever you prefer!  wave

Well, everyone starts here with a first post, and you'll learn more about this place the longer you stick around :) Sure, there's a lot to get accustomed to and discover on the site, but I hope it feels like digging in a treasure chest, at least it does for me. It's good to see that you've had moderating experience already on a similar Forum, Eaviel, that always helps.

The development board here of course deals with creating stuff for this world, be it people, places, weapons, stories, beasts or plants etc., so if you want to try your hand in any of these fields, be welcome - you'll find a bunch of other creative people here, be assured ;)

"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
Drasil Razorfang
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« Reply #4 on: 18 December 2006, 08:02:59 »

Hey!  I believe we have already met on IRC where we discussed the dev board.  :P  I'm glad to see you over here.  Can't wait to see you around the bestiary/Magic board.
Bard Judith
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« Reply #5 on: 18 December 2006, 14:07:14 »

Welcome, Eaviel!  You don't indicate your gender, but whichever you are, let us extend a friendly hand and greet you with sincerity and interest.

Might I ask what 'other system'?  (I played in a very creative Diskworld simulation for a while but regretfully had to leave due to inadequate moderation and poor participation).  And might I also ask if you are a published or an aspiring author?

One thing I should caution you about, given that you've been so kind as to share those details with us: the world of the Dream is inspired by Tolkien and contains some Tolkien-specific elements (mithril, orcs, etc.) but in all other ways it strives to be as unique and non-derivative as possible.  It is also a strictly non-profit project and requires you to accept an overall 'copyright' policy whereby you warrant your submissions for Santharia to be original, to be written specifically for the world of Santharia, and that you grant the Dream the rights to use and post your work 'in perpetuity' (which only means that if you ever leave, you do not 'withdraw' your concepts and ideas, or use them elsewhere in unchanged form.   

 Now, I'm not a Santharian Advocate, or even a Terran lawyer, but I think that's more or less the thrust of how we operate.  If you're good with that, then we'd love to see what you come up with after having read some of our entries, gone over the FAQS, browsed through the vast recesses of the Compendium, and gained inspiration from the many spots that could use a creative hand to fill in...

Regards from the bard,

"Give me a land of boughs in leaf /  a land of trees that stand; / where trees are fallen there is grief; /  I love no leafless land."   --A.E. Housman

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« Reply #6 on: 18 December 2006, 16:52:34 »

Welcome Eaviel :)

War doesn't determine who's right. Just who's left
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