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Author Topic: 'Current' Rulers and Titles in the Kingdom of Santharia  (Read 7180 times)
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« on: 17 January 2007, 02:11:08 »

This is ages-old - got posted just around the time of the EZboard crash (remember EZboard? :P ) and lost.  So - reposting as a Team Project and for reference if anyone needs it.

Please, if there are errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or things that have been developed since without ref to this coz it wasn't available, let me know so I can keep this 'current'!  (For example, the dialectal differences were developed later, so the names themselves may not match the new rules...)    This should eventually become an entry with a link to the Duchies map and some other illustrations, as indicated


MANTHRIA – Thane Swanhild, ruling from Marcogg

Duchy of Marcogg:  Duke Swanhild
The largest and arguably wealthiest of the Duchies, it stretches from Grensa Post in the north to the western coast and down to the Mashdai river, including the city of Marcogg and the great range of the Mithral Mountains.  Duke Swanhild, a taciturn urbanite, relies a great deal upon his subholders and Graves to provide information and keep the trade routes open.

Duchy of Twynor:  Duke Jhondath Meyhan
   "In this illustration Duke Jhondath is sitting in session to hear some local disputes between farmers as to where the boundary lines of their fields are... behind him we see construction proceeding on the new town hall....” (Faugar #4).  He is simply dressed, as is his wont, and spends a great deal of social as well as administrative time with his Graves and smaller landholders, taking his duties regarding the fertile farmlands of Twynor quite seriously. 

Duchy of Tolonia:  Duchess Sarissa Truefaith   

A lean woman of about forty-five, Duchess Sarissa has never wed, and is said to be a devotee of the little-known deity "The One", a minority faith held to by a number of Brownies, some hobbits and a few humans.  Though she herself does not ride, she has a small but select stable of excellently-bred equines and also is passionate about cross-breeding various plants to improve the stock; indeed, even Dalmac Brandivere speaks well of her (non-magical) experiments.  Her lands are on the western coast, overlooking the Gulf of Maraya.  She holds the small and rather bleak Heath of Tolonia without Grave assistance; rather, her few barons report directly to her regarding clay mining and brick production, the duchy’s main source of income.

Duchy of Caeytharia:  Duke Harald Gryndiffyr   
Duke Harald is a wealthy man and favors silvery silks which set off his extensive collection of pearl jewelry rather well.  If they seem incongruous on his slight, wiry frame, you are welcome to chuckle; the Duke has an easy laugh and self-deprecating humour that belies the tight grip he has over his prosperous duchy. He is a direct descendent of the early Avennorians who first developed the pearl farms and fisheries along the coast near Ciosa, as may be seen from his lobeless 'ear slits' which he proudly highlights with cosmetics.

Duchy of Huiscen:  Duchess Alana Rittmark   

Huiscen’s grassy plains and grazing lands are well-watched by Duchess Alana, a young, strongly-built blonde woman who spends most of her time a-horse.  The Rittmark family is new to the nobility, as many a sly court lady of Santhala has noted, but it cannot be gainsaid that Huiscen prospers under her earthy philosophies and hands-on guidance.  She can handle a hammer or hoe as easily as that same court lady might wield a fan, and is also a gifted chatelaine who can cook, mend, or deliver a child.  Unwed and as yet unbetrothed at eighteen, she is a most eligible bride, but is taking her time to choose from her numerous suitors.

Duchy of Margulf:  Duke Pelenni Margulf   
This duchy was given to the Margulf family for some great deed of assistance to the Crown in the past and has been held by them since time out of mind ever since.  The salt-washed strip of clay and rock coast along the Gulf of Maraya, hemmed in by the Auturian Woods, holds little attraction for Duke Pelenni, an urbane socialite who spends most of his time in the capital.  He has been heard to jest, not without some bitterness, that the duchy of Margulf is a family curse, rather than an inheritance.  The Duke's scholarly bent has been of great assistance to the compilation of the Compendium; he has supported its efforts to collect and collate knowledge both with the freedom of his own extensive library and with monies towards research expenses.

Auturian Stý'cál:  The Auturian Woods   The Elven Wood demesnes are not subject to human rule. 

BRENDOLAN – Thana Merilee Shendsong, “Archbard Shendsong”, ruling from Bardavos

The Thana holds the highest artistic title that can be granted by the Bardic Academy.
Often this is a courtesy designation, but in Shendsong’s case it comes very close to truth.  This tall, white-haired woman with stately poise can hold a hall spellbound with her richly lilting voice - draw tears from strong men, soothe a fretful child, rouse weary warriors,  or provoke laggard lovers to action.  Most of her time is spent as a mediator: she serves to negotiate trade agreements, resolve territory disputes, or reconcile fractious families.  Her compositions for harp, windflute, or lyre are acknowledged to be some of the most strikingly lovely ever written, while her soprano is as pure as a young boy's despite her advancing years.

ENTHRONIA – Thana Rett Grondesheim, ruling from XXX

NERMERAN – Marshal Kaldwyn Drenn III, “Governor Drenn”, ruling from XXX
Military officer of the highest rank and ruler in person.
The northernmost border is of major militaristic importance and therefore under the guidance of a militaristic governor.

SANGUIA – Thane Adan Vel Narwis, “Steward of Sanguia”
The right hand of the Santhran.
The Santhran has of course great influence here but most governmental issues are dealt with by the steward.


TRUBAN – Thane Elando Va, “Va Tristin”
The ruler of the southernmost province.
His or her title is derived from Drafas Tristin, the founder of Strata.

VARDÝNN – Thane Manc Selmidor

Milkengrad   Anactar (Grave)   

XARAMON – Xeuátan Henethor Estariol, “Archmage of Ximax” 
The highest ranked Xeuá Archmage of Ximax.
Leads the Ximaxian Academy and the Archmages’ Council.



The Thanes - Provincial Regents

Dukes/Duchesses – regional leaders - control between 3 and 5 Duchies into which each province is divided

Auturian Stý'cál or Elven Wood Demesnes

The Gravens (Markgravens, Landgravens and Moundgravens) hold fiefs
- Markgravens. Markgravens control 'marches', mostly border territories or passes and therefore are deemed as the most import lieges.
 - Landgravens. Landgravens hold basically land and farmlands.
 - Moundgravens. Moundgravens (in certain regions called Hillgravens or Mongravens in slang expression) are responsible for mountainous or heavily forested regions.

Barons, Viscounts  - individual holdings - usually a castle, manor, or other fortified dwelling, and of course a substantial portion of land to go with it
The Landholders (Lords and Ladies) – manors, small land grants


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« Reply #1 on: 17 January 2007, 02:25:32 »

XARAMON – Xeuátan Henethor Estariol, “Archmage of Ximax” 
The highest ranked Xeuá Archmage of Ximax.
Leads the Ximaxian Academy and the Archmages’ Council.
I made some notes relevant to this here
Also, I think it'd be more right to say that the guy is the highest ranking Xeua mage; an Archmage by definition is the head of the magi of their element/school.  IMO, the Archmagi wouldn't actually rule Xaramon though; that'd be complicated. 

BTW, isn't the Anactar a duke?  I'm pretty sure I saw that somewhere, though I can't seem to find it...
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« Reply #2 on: 17 January 2007, 04:05:08 »

You didn't fortget about this entry here?

Current Thana of Brendolan: Lucirina Telor Vevan

Doesn't this belong in the history section and should be decided with the recent timeline? I don't think it makes much sense to throw around some names which are not integrated further. With the  Manthria map up and your duchies map it is a different thing though for this region.

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