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Author Topic: Crystalline Dragon  (Read 1560 times)
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« on: 22 February 2007, 19:09:19 »

 The Crystalline Dragon


Due to her powers and massive size dwells and comsos around the world of Caelereth but holds a close bond to all the dragons and drakes of all kinds. After finding Caelereth appealing to her she placed a small nest deep in the northern terrains of Cyhalloi and left them with one connection to their mother a single scale brimming with her ageless powers.


The Crystalline dragon bears the same classic appearance as all their larger kin two slender forlegs and two broad hindlegs, the only difference she and her children bear from the others is their snouts are longer and more slender looking like those of their Wyrm cousins. Their scales are iceblue in color but ripple with Aurora waves to symbolise the crystal energy that is their source of power. Their eyes differ from pure deep red with cat like black eyes to gold and sometimes even pure white.

Special Abilities

The Crystalline Dragons powers may vary to suite her needs but mostly lie in the power of crystals through this power she is able keep her brood hidden from outsiders other then the dragons native to Caelereth. Her crystal powers also grant her the power to leave her physical form and enter Caelereth since her size makes it impossible for her to actually enter the world. Her other power is the ability to produce her young without the need of a male her children do not share this power as they are on a level of immortality weaker then hers and are unable to produce the kind of power she wields.


The northern regions of Caelereth and Cyhalloi in particular since her brood lies in the mountain ranges of the land since she like any mother with a child is extremely protective and will allow no harm to be fall her children. As her children grow their territory may spread beyond the mountains except for those charged with guarding the Nest of her brood as a mark of their devotion to their beloved mother.


The Mountains are were they find themselves most comfortable prefferably places with deep crevices into the earth where they can keep themselves and their wealth of power hidden from unwanted visitors.But through their powers of crystal magic they have shaped the heart of their mountain home into an island suited to guard the nest with their fire to head the rock beneath the Nest to incubate the eggs of future Crystalline dragons. Thought their mother was the sole source of their creation her children do not share this power and may breed as they wish but she does not except mixing of the dragons with say a fire dragon with an ice dragon. Should any of her children disobey this law or any other law she sets banishment into a solitary mountain and unable to leave it's boundaries until she decides otherwise.


The crystalline dragons have a varies sources of food from land animals like the sheep and goats of Cyhalloi to the fish life that they can catch the exception to this is their mother who uses the elements to create more crystals to fuel her for energy and her primary form of sustenance.


Crystalline dragons of Caelereth choose a mate of their specific kind such as fire dragons breeding with fire and ice with ice but as stated before they are forbidden by the laws of their mother to ever mate outside of their kind.


Though these dragons prefer to keep themselves hidden and away from outsiders a few have seen and heard of these dragons. However it is said at night when the winds have died down and all is silent and still they say you can see the power of the Mother Crystalline Dragon rippling through the heavens in various colors.


The only usage these dragons have for most folk is the structures they built as shelter when they are lost and are unable find their way home.

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« Reply #1 on: 23 February 2007, 03:00:28 »

Though this is a decent attempt, I have already mentioned Dragons are not (yet) avaliable for you to develop. Mystical creatures are brilliant, but Dragons require much deeper thought and experience in entry writing. I am all for your spirit, but please don't try to run before you can walk.

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« Reply #2 on: 23 February 2007, 03:21:28 »

But you don't have to abandon this entry yet! Just lay it aside for a while so when you become more experienced you can continue your work on it

Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #3 on: 23 February 2007, 04:37:50 »

Yeah, you might find it easier to get into the project to start on something smaller, Kearitona. A beast that exists in a certain environment and fits into its ecosystem, is embedded somehow into the world. Otherwise such an entry will be pretty much independent from Caelereth as a whole and this is precisely what we try to avoid. We'd like to make things work together. Dragons are a very special kind of beast, and you should know your way around here a bit - know about the cosmos e.g. and know the other dragons here a bit, so that you know what is possible and what could be problematic. It doesn't always need to be the largest dragon you want to develop. Keep is simple at first, but try to think in the context!

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Drasil Razorfang

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« Reply #4 on: 23 February 2007, 10:16:29 »

...Well sorry for the late exit as I seem to be your sole shield in this matter, but I believe this was my fault as my wording might have been slightly confusing.  Thus, I will try to say this again, using different wording.

Basically, all new dragons are banned from development due to the overflowing pile of proposed entries.  However, it is still possible to develop one of the dragons mentioned in the "Need an Idea" thread, as long as you ask permission.  Generally, its a good idea to start out with something small, such as a rodent, a cat or a dog, before moving into bigger things like dragons as they allow you to demonstrate your ability and are not overly complex. 

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« Reply #5 on: 23 February 2007, 18:17:46 »

That's fine I figured I'd just give it a shot as a starter if it didn't bode well then I'd have to accept that but maybe try it out for later once I get the hang of this place heh after all Santharian Dream is no different then EverQeust.

And if I can devote four years of my life to creating molding and near completing a druid of my own work I can certainly devote the same amount of time to here.

Infact even my druids name is an original of my making I called her Goldenfeather cause I love Golden Eagles and what does a golden eagle have :D you guessed it if you chose goldenfeather for your answer hehe got the idea sorta from Harry Potter go figures.
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