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Author Topic: Draknil  (Read 1230 times)
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« on: 27 October 2008, 10:46:55 »

              Two legged, nimble, intelligent lizards that stalk through the forests of the south, most notably the Sharadon Forests. They are prized for their colorful, feathered hide, yet are dangerous and intelligent, hunting in packs.

                    Appearance: Males about a ped and a half tall, and two peds long, and Females two peds high and three peds long, they are large lizards, and Marek Deven, a researcher of Draknils, has a theory that long ago, lizards derived from birds, and this is the missing link, as its lightweight structure and feathered body suggest that. Males have a thin coat of blue hair-like feathers all over their bodies, except on their heads, hands and feet, which are simply brown scaled. The Females, larger and less extravegent, only have feathers along their spine, and those are bright red. The feathers are like tiny pine needles, and when they cover the body it feels like a thin layer of fur on top of scaly skin. They have three fingered hands, with razor sharp clwas and skinny, nimble fingers. They have long arms, but their arms, when the Draknil is standing up, never go closer then a half-ped to the ground. They have four toed feet, with a razor sharp killing claw on each foot. They have a mouth full of small, serated teeth curved backwards, and bright yellow eyes. They have long tails, that, unlike other lizards, stays up and strait out, used for balancing out the body, as the Draknil always moves on two legs.

     Special Abilities:
 Draknil, although not intelligent are extremelly cunning, able to use group cooperation and tactics to bring down their prey.

 Draknil, although they used to be a common sight in all the forests of the southland, now only reside in a select few, only the remote and generally unbothered ones. They live in packs of 6-10, and defend about ten miles of territory all around from other packs of Draknil.

 Draknil live in the thicker regions of tropical forests, near sources of abundant prey and water. They are sometimes seen in the trees, hunting monkeys. Their incredibly nimble hands and long claws allow them to climb on all fours. They are usually only seen when resting, however, and this is when they are mostly documented. They rest and sleep in clearings full of soft ferns and bushes, in which they all lie down near eachother, enjoying fresh kills or just plain eating. There are a few select documents of survivors that have seen Draknils hunting in action, and it they have only escaped by select chance. One of these records is by Marek Deven, a researcher of dangerous wild animals, who was intent on locating a pack on hunting Draknil. And he did.

         I remember how humid and hot it was, and how ready I was to give up. That was, until I heard the calls of a Draknil pack in a thicket close by, and intent on seeing them on a hunt in action, I tried to locate them. It was my mistake to only bring in a small dagger, as I should have been experienced enough to undestand the danger behind it. So I recklessly went into this deeper, thicker part of the jungle, cutting vines out of the way with my knife, and careful to watch my surroundings. But not careful enough for the likes of Draknil, I fear. As I walked through the endless, tall ferns and mazes of fallen logs, vines, moss covered boulders and both giant and tiny trees of the jungle, I was ambushed. One Draknil leaped out ontop of a fallen log right before me, and startled me. I was at first terrified, ready to flee, when it occured to me that it was attacking, but just hopping up and down and bobbing its head like a bird. So I stayed and watched for a bit longer, and I do beleive that it was my curiosity that saved me that day, for if I had turned and ran, I would have run right into a pair of waiting Draknil, no dought. But instead they were forced to close in on me, and then it occured to me that I should watch my back. So when I turned, I saw a fern bending, and I realized the distraction for what it was. I dived into cover, and then crawled until I was free of the thicket and out into a sparser area, and I ran like the winds. I was chased all the way, and they were certainly gaining on me, as when I had to waste time crawling over logs and around boulders, they would simply climb and hop over them. And they were circling around, ready to close in and kill me in an instant. But I came to a cliff, and down about fifty peds was the river below, and I took the chance and jumped. My pursuers were left behind me looking over the side. From this experience I have concluded that the Draknil's are the descandants of birds, or perhaps the precourser of them, a surving creature from ages long past, due to the way the moved and their uncanny cunning.
   Pack leaders are always the strongest and best fighters, and if another Draknil wants to lead the group he must fight the current leader to submission, and then takes the role for himself. This is rare, however, as Draknil's are like Wolves: they all understand their place in the pack.

 Draknils are known for eating lots of small creatures, such as rats, turtles, fuzzles, and small lizards, and are beleived to also eat fish. But these are just smaller hold overs for the big kills, which are usually Shingar Cats, White Deer or Wild Hogs, but anything large and meaty enough is fair game.

 Draknils are most vunerable while mating. They gather in large clearings in the forest and the males put on displays, sparring with each other and putting on fighting displays, often trying to win the femals over by dragging back fresh kills especially for them. Although this may seem to advanced and show some kind of superior intelligence, it is in their instincts to put on displays for the females. They also have their bright feathered coats, and the brighter they are the more likely the females are to pay attention to them. Strangely, in Draknil packs, the females are usually stronger then the males, yet it is the males who put on the fighting displays and do most of the hunting.

    Researchers: Although Marek Deven, devoted dangerous creature researcher, is the main researcher of Draknils, his colluege Bitzel Durnan, a stern dwarven scribe, also shows interest in their behavior and strange cunning ability, and Izibel Xilix, a woman who shows great interest in lizards, has also had some interest in Draknils, as she had grown up in a village near the Sharadon Forests.

    Uses: The main use of Draknil's for the intelligent races of Santharia is their colorful feathered hides of the males. In Nybelmar Draknil coats of feathers are worn by the richest and royalist of people, and represent great wealth and superiarity. For a similiar reason but in a completely different circumstance Orc Warriors where necklaces of Draknil teeth and claws as a badge of honor, marking them as a veteran of war and I highly important figure. It also shows great Strength. Orcs also favor the leighweight yet very hard bones for armor smithing, and when they are melted together with metal they create both an impressive looking and extremelly tough chain mail armor.
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