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Author Topic: Jumoples - Part II  (Read 997 times)
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« on: 18 February 2010, 23:09:28 »

I'd appreciate it if nobody commented yet, as this is still the original with only the first start of corrections. I just need a place where I can easily edit it, since I can't save it to my work computer ;)

Basic Overview of the Beast

Considered to be a monster by many, these beasts are actually very friendly, even though they look quite frightening and can be dangerous when provoked. The Kavogerim have tamed some of these animals, using them mostly as mounts for the caravan guards who are on plain duty. They roam the dry plains of central Nybelmar in herds of five to ten animals, mingling in larger groups only in the mating season.

Standing a little below a ped and a half at the shoulder, Jumoples have a rather small body in comparison with their thin but strong legs. The body measures up to half a ped in length, with another palmspan added for the head. Compared to this are the legs, which measure up to two peds and a half between the front and hind leg, when the animal is standing in a relaxed manner. At their widest point, where the joint is located - about two peds above the ground - the distance can even go up to a little over three peds.

The word occuring most often when describing a Jumoples body is this: round. The body, the head, the ears, the small black eyes - everything has a round quality to it that very much brings to mind a ball. Their heads and bodies are covered in a soft, whisker-like white fur that seems to never warm up, no matter how hard the unrelenting central Nybelmar injera shines down on it. Together with some other materials, this hair is used to make the sun-reflective tunics of the Kavogerim. The head vaguely resembles a cat's, though with enough hair to hide the actual form.

The legs, on the other hand, lose all resemblance to a ball. There are six legs, three on each side. They are long and thin, reaching over three peds when straightened out - something that rarely happens completely when the animal is still alive. A joint, located more or less two peds above the ground, connects the two parts of the legs. When standing relaxed, the joint is the highest point, with the body resting a little below that. When tensed or running, the body is raised up so that it reaches up to three peds, with the joint showing a slight kink - the legs are rarely, if ever, raised so completely that the two parts are straight.

The legs look a lot like human bones, with this exception that they taper to a point where they touch the ground. The two front legs furthermore show this difference that they are sharp from the middle of the first part down to the point: sharp enough to shave a Kavogerim's beard clean off, even if they would never dream of doing such a thing. These front legs are used during the rare times when the Jumoples fight. However, while they look like human bones, they are made of far hardier material, that if not entirely unbreakable is close to it. On top of that, the tendons connecting the two parts of the legs together and connecting the legs to the body are rather hard to stretch further than their natural limit.

Special Abilities

The most striking Special Ability of this animal is the speed that they gain when running full out. Average is up to 75 strals an hour, enabling the animal to outrun most animals. This ability is quite often used, as the Jumoples are rather meek and do not fight unless they really have to.

Of course, when they do fight another ability shows itself: their razorsharp front legs, which from joint almost down to the ground are sharp enough to shave a Kavogerim's beard right off - if any would consider such a blasphemous thing, of course. When fighting, they raise themselves up on the other four legs and slash out at their opponent with the front two. However, as was mentioned before, they are peace-loving animals and if there is an opportunity to do anything but fight, they will take it, preferring to outrun their enemy, rather than cut him.

Jumoples are found on the continent of Nybelmar, in the arid dry plains of central Nybelmar.


Jumoples are daytime animals, sleeping from dusk to dawn regardless of how long the night is. During the day, they roam the plains of central Nybelmar, in wild herds of up to 20 animals, with male and female in equal numbers. With food scarce in Central Nybelmar, they need relatively little to keep alive. They drink whenever they have the opportunity, but if they cannot they can surive without water for up to a week.

Each herd is led by a matriarch, the oldest female in the herd, assisted usually by her oldest daughter. There does not seem to be any other hierarchy in their ranks, with all the other members of the herd living on equal footing. The matriarch is the one who decides which way they will go in search of food.

A Matriarchal clan society, th basic nits consist of a mother with her still dependant offspring and grown female daughters with their offspring. Males live in seperate groups often called bachelor herds, or alone. Being non-territorial their mating sucess depends on size and weapons. Re-growth of tusks  continues into old age making seniors the biggest tusked, and the most often to breed.

Herds of Cow (females)
Nine to eleven members in a normal herd through there have been noted larger herds which split into two seperate herds but still occupy the same home range and associate half the time. Called "bond groups" on average there are 28 related members in 2-3 famiy units. These units normally stay within 1 stral of the other.

Disturbances cause the herd to cluster around the Matriarch(the biggest female) and the calves flock to the middle. The matriarch decides whether the herd stays or flees, and if something happens to her the rest will hang around her in a blind panic. Rather then abandon her, they ussually stay at her side even if it means their death.

Cooperative nature is shown in the attempts to raise and support a fallen group member, one on each side. Under normal circumstances as a matriarch becomes old and ill she is replaced by the next oldest cow and she will usually leave to group or is abandoned.

Bull Herds-(Male groups)
Males leave the cow herds at 12 years.They tend to wander alone or associate with other bulls, typically in herds of 2-12. Bulls wander further then cows during periods of sexual inactivity. Very old bulls are the most sedentary, living out their last days where the grass is in water so they can still consume quantites needed as their last set of molars wear out.

Jumoples eat all types of vegitation when adults, and when they are young they feed primarily on regurgatated grasses from the females in the herd. Jumoples have been known to swallow rocks and stones as well to help with their digestive system tear apart the leaves and stems of the plants eaten.

When around females in heat males do not eat. Instead the spend their fat reserves fighting and breeding.

Most mating and births occur near seasons of rain. The males grow their tusks within a few weeks and they eat nearly double what they would eat normally. First conception at 10-11 years, gestation 22 months with an interval between calves of 4-9 years. Bulls begin competing reproductivly at around the age of 25, but normally bigger bulls over 35 monopolize matings.

The first travelers to Nybelmar came across shed tusks and have been using the thick bone like structures to make jewlery as well as many other things.

Because most Santharians know little about the continent, Jumoples have gone for the most part unnoticed save the myths and legends regarding them.
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