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Author Topic: Sarvonian Dawn  (Read 5435 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 02 July 2011, 17:06:58 »

Arti, I think we have some more anomolies in this entry THE AHRHIM AVÁ'RÁNN AXIASTRAS  References to SW III are made that can't be explained by SW II etc:

By the outbreak of the third Sarvonian War in 218 b.S. her tribe was well defended and among the quickest troops on the continent, well suited to stealth operations.

Her second mistake was more fatal. In 135 b.S., after suffering huge losses that year against the darklings she allied herself and the High Elven Circle to Saban Blackcloak, a dark elf with a dislike for Coór’Melór, who unbeknown to the elves was Saban’s father.


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« Reply #16 on: 12 July 2011, 03:14:57 »


The whole trouble with these dates basically exists because there weren't any coordinated history tables in a single database back then when these entries were written. So it can be that there are still some things "wrong" in some entries, because certain events were just never put into proper tables.

The other problem is that the very first history outline I made on which everything else was based didn't contain an end date for SW III.

So we need to improvise to correct some dates.

First of all, "By the outbreak of the third Sarvonian War in 218 b.S." can easily be changed to "298 b.S.".

Second, we've by now decided that SW III end in 203 b.S., and so be it, there are major battle that defeats the dark hordes. Which I interpret that way: The enemy ran out of men, or orcs, to be precise, nothing was coming from the North anymore to replenish the losses of the troops. So the kingdoms got back on their feet, made sure that access via the Tandala tunnels isn't cut off, thus: victory, end of SW III.

End of SW III however doesn't mean the end of Coór'Melór. I would suggest that he disappeared at the last great battle, and wasn't seen for a while. I think this is also a splendid opportunity for myths for the people living in Southern Sarvonian lands after 203 b.S. that darkness "walks amongst us", and whenever a serious disease struck down hundreds of people, people could have pointed fingers to foreigners, suspecting him to be Coór'Melór, evil incarnate.

I'd say that Coór'Melór in the meantime was preparing for another assault from the inside of Southern Sarvonia, e.g. recruiting Eophyrhim dark elves, people like that. However, he finally met his fate through the hands of his own son, who plotted against him, imprisoned the immortal Coór'Melór in the Sea Grave of Can'doi, reaped power out of him before he left him there. The Eophyrhim and others then fought for Saban, the Móh'rónn, who then descended the Hèckra to topple a titan and receive the ultimate godlike powers himself.

In short: The war was long over when Coór'Melór was imprisoned, then everything led to the Móh'rónn story, which brought the kingdoms together to form Santharia, as the threat was serious as it's bascially a looming SW IV.

The fact that SW III "abruptly ended in 132 b.S. which was mentioned in the Saban and the Axiastras entry, was now edited out. But the rest still applies I'd suggest.

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