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Author Topic: Flutterfanfly- A Piece of Northern Sethspiration  (Read 1945 times)
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Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
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The Remusian

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« on: 16 January 2012, 03:40:31 »


The Flutterfanfly is a curious species of butterfly found, as far as anyone knows, only in the Mantle Woods at the base of the Iol Peninsula in Northern Sarvonia.  In its wild form, it is a fairly plain butterfly, with muted colours and about a handspan in size.  What makes this a wonderful species is that the Antislar have taken this butterfly and bred them to make a species that is twice that of its wild cousins, and comes in a rainbow of bright wonderful colours.

In the wild, the Flutterfanfly is a large, but not overly colourful butterly.  It is about a palmspan from tip of the wing to tip of the wing.  It is approximately the same length.  Most of its size is in its wings; its body being thin and long.

Wild Flutterfanflies are normally white in colour, ranging to a dark grey.  Most have a light beige eyespot, while others can have smaller spots that can have any number of colours.  These are the rarer ones, however.

The body of the butterfly is dark in colour, and is divided into three sections.  The head is equipped with two antenae, a long probiscus mouth, and large multifaceted eyes.  The thorax is where its legs are attached and its internal organs are housed.  

The abdomen of the Flutterfanfly is unusually large.  This is because it is here that this particular butterfly has a major difference with that of most butterflies, and what has led the Antislar to breed them.
   Special Abilities
The Flutterfanfly is able to produce heat from its abdomen.  It is assumed that this is to keep its lifecycle going into the deep northern winter, when temperatures dip well below freezing for months at a time.


The Mantle Woods of Northern Sarvonia seem to be the only place where this wonderful little creature can be found in the wild.  However, because of the Antislar proclivity to use them for fans, they have been bred and moved into areas not normal for them.  Chief among these is Antis, the main city of the Antislar.



   Myth/Lore/Origin (Optional)

   Researchers (Optional)

The more affluent men and women of the Antislar use the Flutterfanfly as some use paper fans in the southern warm areas.  Though, instead of providing cooling relief from the heat, it provides a bit of warmth in a chilly environment.

More than this, however, there is a whole language that has evolved around the use of these insects.  Depending on the colour of the wings, as well as how the fan is held or waved in front of the face, an entire conversation can be held between two adults from a distance.

For instance, this one example has been brought to us by XXXX, from observations made at a party of the Antislar nobility.

"The woman, a fetching lass of mid twenty something years, seemed to be bored as she was on the arm of her husband; a grotesque fat man of considerable more age than she.  An arranged marriage, if I've ever seen one.  She was looking about the room, hoping that something would catch her eye.  In her hand, she gently waved a Flutterfanfly toward her face, slowly, while the insect barely glowed with a subtle green light.

I saw her expression pick up when through the doors, a young man entered, obviously military, and just as obviously monied and ranked by his movements and dress.  He too, carried a flutterfanfly.  When their eyes locked, it was obvious that they were attracted to one another.

She brough her fan up to her face, kissing the insect, then fanned it onto her.  The butterfly then began to glow a brighter shade of red, white stars seeming to grow then disappear on its wings.  Her eyes were the only part of her face visible above the fluttering fan.

The gentleman, for his part, quickly noticed the lass and he too kissed the insect. He then fanned his face while his butterfly turned a majestic shade of gold, turning from a light shade to a darker shade then going back to a light shade before repeating the process.

This continued for several moments, those closest to each of them, including her husband, completely unaware of what was happening, as they were otherwise engaged in conversation with their peers.

It was then that the gentleman began to draw the fan toward him, much like you or I would extend our hand and call someone to us by pulling in our fingers repeatedly.  At first, she used the fan to wave away the indescent proposal, but within a few moments, she turned the fan upside down and oscillating the insect; this the sign for yes, or agreement.

I watched with fascination as he excused himself from his group and exited a door to the rest of the building.  The woman took a moment longer before leanning into her husband and whispering in his ear.  He barely glanced at her before giving her a curt nod, and never once watched where she went.  Where she went, of course, was through the same door the gentleman had exited.

Later that evening, I had the chance to spy this woman once more.  Her fan was now back to its original muted green colour.  Her face, however, her face shone with a glow of pink that told me all I needed to know about how her tryst with the handsome soldier went."
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seth ghibta
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« Reply #1 on: 16 January 2012, 04:27:05 »

pfahahaha. That is an image which has significantly brightened my day. can't wait to see this idea fleshed out, it's fantastic!

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Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
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« Reply #2 on: 16 January 2012, 06:38:04 »

Fascinating, Alt! The flirt scene you describe is like a cuttlefish conversation. I admire a good piece of anthropology in an entry (especially when the entry itself is not about a tribe). Aura in advance!

I suppose you're going to tell us how the Antislar contrive to instruct their flutterfans to take on a particular colour?
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The greatest danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.
Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
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The Remusian

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« Reply #3 on: 16 January 2012, 06:51:30 »

Yes.  That is part of the "Kissing the Insect".  It serves to both feed the butterfly (which is why it stays with the host) and to create an emotional link, where the colour of the butterfly is influenced by the host.

Glad you both like it so far. :)

"Lather...Rinse...Repeat"   Why has God made my life so complicated?

This is what I'm working on
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