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Author Topic: Sinking Thoughts (Wind: Sphere 1: Lightness: Spiritual)  (Read 3450 times)
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« on: 23 January 2012, 18:32:01 »

The counterpart to Floating Thoughts. Both spells work with the spiritual aspect of 'Lightness': Floating Thoughts augments the property, whereas Sinking Thoughts weakens it. Since any comments on Floating Thoughts will also affect this spell, I thought I might as well post them together.

Let me know what you think! :)

Wind School: Sinking Thoughts

NB: Range, duration and casting time based on Silfer’s ‘Weaken Resolve’.

Name, School, Spell Level
Sinking Thoughts: Wind School: Level 1

Name: I would appreciate comments here. Which one do you like most?: Sinking Thoughts? Attentiveness? Focussed Thoughts? Condensed Thoughts? Ground Thoughts? Grounded Thoughts? Tether Thoughts? Thought-Tether? Thought-Tie? Thought-Bind? Bind Thoughts?

Sinking Thoughts weakens the spiritual aspect of the Wind property of lightness. As a result, the target’s thoughts grow heavier, becoming less likely to fade or float away. This often causes the target to become more attentive and keeps him centred on the task at hand as his thoughts are now less likely to wander off elsewhere.

As Sinking Thoughts is simply the reversal of the spell Feather Thoughts, the description here is kept brief. For more detailed scholarly reflections on the nature of thoughts and how Wind might influence them, please consult the entry on Feather Thoughts.

Spell Effect
Sinking Thoughts renders thoughts ‘heavier’ so to speak, making it harder for them to evaporate - thus causing one to pay attention and to stick to the task at hand. The spell can also be used to ground and focus fleeting thoughts – and indeed to prevent bursts of inspiration from disappearing as breath into the wind. The target may also become harder to distract or avert – quite a serendipitous side-effect!

Casting Procedure
The spell weakens the influence of Wind in the target’s mind so that his thoughts become ‘heavier’ or more grounded, becoming less likely to fade or elope away. The mage does not lower the influence of Wind globally, as this might create unintended consequences as well – such as inducing a heavy-hearted mood in the target (see: Sombreness) or stifle movement, causing the raging tempests of the mind to subside. Instead, the mage will focus on a single property (namely: ‘lightness’) and weaken its spiritual aspect in the carall.

(Isolating a specific property and working on that alone is harder than diminishing all aspects of Wind across the board. This is why, comparatively speaking, a spell such as Sinking Thoughts would take longer to cast and have shorter range and duration.)

Any sentient being. Note that the spell is easier to cast on dwarves and other creatures whose carall is dominated by the Element of Earth and its associated qualities of heaviness and stability. By the same token, tethering the thoughts of elves and individuals whose minds are already dominated by wind-like qualities is much more draining for the mage, because what the spell tries to achieve is in direct opposition to the natural orientation of their carall.

A feather and indeed any other object that is characteristically light or weightless may be used as a reagent. The presence of a light breeze might also function as a reagent – the wind acting as a tangible reference for the (spiritual) qualities the mage wishes to silence in the carall.

Magical School
Elemental School of Wind

Spell Class
Sphere 1: Property of Lightness: Spiritual Representation

At the beginning touch is required. From level three onwards, Sinking Thoughts can be cast from a distance:

Level – Range
Level 3: Half a ped
Level 4: About two peds
Level 5: About ten peds
Level 6: Forty peds
Level 7: About a hundred peds
Level 8+: Here sight becomes the determining factor, replacing distance.

Casting time
Lower level mages may require anywhere between one to three minutes to cast the spell (since this is a Sphere 1 spell, once cast the mage will have to keep maintaining the spell or the effects will disperse).

Being a Sphere 1 spell, Sinking Thoughts will only last as long as the caster continues focusing. Once the concentration is broken, willingly or otherwise, the car'all quickly returns to its natural state, causing the spell effect to end.

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures
A wind mage can counter the spell by increasing the property of lightness, whereas an earth mage would decrease the influence of earth and its property of heaviness. An individual can also counter the spell using non-magical means: For instance, if an unpleasant thought has grown heavier or ‘stuck’, instead of trying to push it away or obsession over it, one could adopt a more wind-like mind-set. One way of doing this would be to simply let go of the thought and encourage it to evaporate, perhaps by gently bringing one’s attention back to the breath – and noticing the Wind that is already present within.

"Logic in the service of appreciation, and appreciation in the service of reverence, which, in the face of wonders not of our making, is our only proper response." Colin Tudge, The Secret Life of Trees
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« Reply #1 on: 03 April 2012, 04:07:11 »

*digs up thread*

And I also have discovered this entry... Which seems to have sat on the Forum for ages with no comments, and I assume it's still waiting for comments - as the icon indicates... Anyone?

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« Reply #2 on: 05 April 2012, 09:41:34 »

I read through the entry and was reminded that I don't understand magic in santharia at all.  So I enjoyed the entry but can't really comment on the accuracy of the magic or anything like that.  Well done as far as I can tell.

Every entry deserves a picture.   -Seeker
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« Reply #3 on: 06 April 2012, 06:37:56 »

I am not very versed in Ximaxian theory, either. But as this spell is the counterpart of Floating Thoughts, which has already been approved, my guess would be that it fits in the Ximaxian framework. But the arcane details of the latter have always eluded me, so Ximaxian enthusiasts may well find things to take issue with ...

Anyway: I think your spell is a clever idea, instantly evokes a multitude of fascinating possibilities for practical application, and the text is elegantly constructed and neatly written. Easily another aura from me!

A few questions and notes:

The name: "Sinking Thoughts" is neat as a counterpart to "Floating Thoughts" - although it did evoke (for me) associations of melancholia and debilitating inertia, rather than useful powers of concentration. Since you've asked for other name ideas: How about "Thought Gravitation" or "Mindful Gravitation"?

You have got several references to "Feather Thoughts" in the text. I guess those are meant to be references to your own "Floating Thoughts"?

Under Casting Procedure, you write "see: Sombreness". What is Sombreness here? Another spell? I wasn't able to find it on the site ...

In your text, you emphasize the utility of a spell to enhance concentration and profundity of thought. This is a fascinating and smart idea. I wondered, however, whether the spell may also be used to detrimental effect. For example, would 'heavy thoughts' decrease an individual's ability to think quickly, say in an emergency situation? Imagine a man who discovers that his house has caught fire. Would 'heavy thoughts' decrease his ability to quickly decide whether it's most promising to try and extinguish the fire or to salvage what he can? Would he stop to contemplate the decision and never get to act before everything is in ashes? Not the most pleasant example, I know - but I hope I've made the point clear?

Finally, a personal question: you have not happened to have studied Buddhist psychology and meditation, by any chance?


The greatest danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.
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« Reply #4 on: 25 July 2012, 06:07:08 »

Is Aos still around? I thought this submission was great. It would be a shame if it got forgotten about.

The greatest danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.
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« Reply #5 on: 25 July 2012, 06:26:05 »

I'd be happy to critique the spell if Aos is still active. I'm no Fox, Rayne, Mina, or Coren (I think thats all of them...) but can hold my own in Ximaxian theory.  :)

No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith. And that, I fear, for any reasoning, conscious being, would be the cruelest trick of all.
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« Reply #6 on: 03 August 2012, 05:34:03 »

I'll email Aos a reminder. :)

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