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Author Topic: Underworld entry (work in progress)  (Read 2012 times)
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« on: 13 January 2015, 07:05:51 »

The underworld

The underworld is an urban dystopia.
It’s a corruption of society into a world of crime.


It’s the darker layers of any race; mainly the human, that represent the immoral and wicked side of society.

he Underworld is often made up of unrestrained and widespread activities that are most of the time coordinated by organizational structures.
They openly engage in wrongdoing,  societal vices and shameful acts. They are guilty of actions that are injurious to public welfare.
The underworld is considered to be the embodiment of humanity’s greatest weakness and corruption.

Tough all races in the world of Caelereth have their own form of misconduct and wrongdoing, the human society is the most adaptable and diversified. Human nature centres around power, while elves are more concerned with beauty and creation of life. The dwarves are driven for wealth and orcs for destruction.
The darker aspects of the three races: “elves, dwarves and orcs” often supplement the much larger syndicates and crime structures of humanity.

The darkness of human nature spawned from the shadows of society; have often caused great calamity and catastrophe for their entire race. As crime lords grow in power so grows their ambition. It often starts with mischief that turns into a profit, a profit that becomes a gold-mine; and it attracts more mischief, eventually circling and spiralling out of control until it’s stopped by authorities or rival mischief.

History is filled with records of heinous crime, some of these crimes have caused rebellions and even wars.


The appearance of these organizational structures and characteristics of the underworld are those of the vices that surface within a human (or any other race, for that matter).

Prostitution (Exploit of sexual Lust):
Sexual lust is one of the best branches of crime for the underworld. It deals with the intense wish, desire or craving for the body. There are lots of men who take desire in cheating on the spouse and fantasize about that which is out of reach. Often too much lust is considered morally wicked; therefor most societies have strict laws about monogamy.
This is often to avoid the spreading of dangerous diseases, unhappiness and to prevent the “crimes of passion”.
Forms of prostitution are most predominant in the metropolises of santharia. During harsh times of poverty, the body becomes ones biggest asset. Prostitution is a way to survive and is in most societies somewhat tolerated (tough frowned upon). There are gangs and strong men who see these women to be profitable and they’d become the middleman towards bigger circles of customers. Rivalry might attract gangs or even spawn them in order to protect their women (that are considered nothing else but a source of income), and they might even  give them with tattoo’s or scars to ‘brand them’.

More exploits to be added (ideas, some might be combined into one):
Theft (Exploit of riches and Greed):

People (driving force of the dystopia  higher class)

The people of the underworld are those who are detached from society, the cruel and sadistic monsters of humanity, necromancers, slavers, avengers, fanatics of dark gods, obsessive crusaders, forsaken and fallen rogues that enforce a cold hearted and amoral justice, deceptive, savage and psychotic outsiders that are unfathomable yet drawn to prey on the weak and the helpless, conquerors and cult leaders gathering minions for their egoistical and malicious plots, ruthless and brutal warlords and utopian visionaries.
These are the power mad, the corrupted and darkest inhuman desires, the deviant and the devoted who want to take on society to puppet the good and ignorant law abiding citizens for their own gains. These are the masterminds and champions of the underworld. The taint of society, and the bane of every kingdom.

People (spawned by taint of the dystopia lower class)
Abductors, adulterers, pyromaniacs, thugs, henchmen, burglars, bribers, counterfeiters, drunkards, duellers, embezzlers, outcasts, outlaws, extortionists, forgers, murderers, thief’s, pirates, rapists, rioters, trespassers, slavers, fencers, prostitutes and psychopaths are a few examples of underworld inhabitants.

People in general:

Corrupt law enforcement agencies that are involved in keeping peace, might make the lives of its enemies a living nightmare.  They provide villains excellent ways to maintain secret control over portions of populations.
Governments that become controlled by dictators or villainous puppet masters; they might draw taxes, create new laws that stimulate dystopian growth and provide a good base to exploit the needs of the power mad and evil that’s associated with the underworld.
There are rogues and villains that control the flow of supplies and stimulate welfare in urban hubs or cities. They might blackmail society by cutting of particular goods, creating increased demands or move contraband into the city in large quantities.
There are profitable merchants often in the form of guilds, that like to enhance their profit by organizing themselves for this very purpose. They might spawn advanced financial services such as moneylenders, financiers and exchangers, and enforce their amassing fortunes by hiring henchmen to establish nefarious reputations.

Organizations and classes
Independent organizations, secret societies, rebellious movements, brotherhoods and secret networks, corrupt officials, thief guilds, assassin guilds, black marketers, hatchet men, raiders, mercenaries and military forces led by diabolic warlords.
Often the organizations have different levels of intrigue. The highest of any crime circle is often called a “crime king”; possessing inner circles in which crime lords (patsies) enforce specialized tasks. the crime lords of the inner circle have their own underlings and captains who in their turn employ the henchmen, lackey and other disposable hirelings.
Sometimes it’s a natural process created through cause and effect (like classes in a society), but in other cases it is controlled by 1 organization and it’s called: “organized crime”.

Crime lords (conspiracy agents)
Conspiracy agent:
Making agreements with two or more persons to do an unlawful act. (working around the law, to complete goals ///
plotting a crime using lawful goals.)

Normal crime (level 1):
Black market Fencer:
A person who has made a business of receiving and disposing of stolen goods.
He’s the central nexus of robbers, art thieves and pirates. If an organization grows larger or cooperates with other fencers, it might spawn forth a black market.

Bootlegger (the dealer):
To make, transport, sell and deal in unlawful goods.
(false trinkets, liquors, potions, drugs and reagents)

Duelling promotor:
A person that encourages, organizes and promotes prearranged combats between two persons or parties in order to obtain a profit from it.
Gang Lord (agent of chaos):
Trough absence or failing of the law enforcement; the gang lord rises. The gang lord becomes a authority of power through the (sworn) obedience he gets from his followers. The gang Lord is a person that does anything for the betterment of him, his family, his goals or his community, even if it means breaking the laws.

Evolved crime (level 2):
Extortionist (shark/ mobster):
Extortion is a natural evolution of structural crime, to exploit the dissipating abiding of the law.  
The inability of using the law makes it possible for opposing parties to wrest money or information from crime lords by use of violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority.

Smuggling lord:
A person that imports or exports (goods) secretly, in violation of the law.
It’s often a service to bring non-lawful goods towards other crime lords (or straight towards the target-crowd).

(-----needs extra development----)
(-----provide detailed descriptions of every organizational structure in 3 levels-----)
(----- Add another 3 levels of minion types and their underworld society----)

Paths of the Crime kings (A crime king often taints society by its very presence)
-The path of the Liche
-gang leaders (strength and intimidations)
-Outsiders (necromancers, demons, dragons, rogue wizards, Warlords and villainous outcasts)
-Head of the Family and patrons  
(-----needs extra development-----)


smuggling Hubs
It all depends on how far corruption has spread, in most cases the underworld has certain Hubs throughout the country, mostly hidden in crowded places. These hubs are the crossroads of were the rogues meet, they are the places where no one dares to ask too many questions  whenever a visitor vanishes; and furthermore they are the trading hub of smuggling contraband and mostly these hubs stimulate the growth of unique skills and equipment that are forbidden or frowned upon by the law.

Political taint
the dark underworld often nests it-selves trough intrigue and manipulative games; and the taint spreads through political and nobility as well. It is often thought that the nobility and crime lords of any city often work together (in secret), because not all goals can be achieved through legal methods. Because wherever the law authorities fail, the underworld provides outcome with its dark services that might take care of any problem (for a price, of course).

Dark Urban areas
Every aspect of urban life is controlled by someone or something. Whenever enterprising villains take over this influence; the urban areas can quickly succumb toward becoming underworld territory. The urban-villain’s propulsions and urges often express the control and effects it has on the residing population. As crime grows it often attracts more sinister individuals with dark agendas, and the good law abiding citizens will try to flee, adapt or join the forbidden activities in their tainted society.

Black market
Every culture has taboos, and every city has a shadow economy based on the breaking of those taboos (i.e. providing forbidden services). This is where the underworld supplies itself with forbidden magic, deadly weapons and other diabolical goods).

Savage wilderness
Lairs are often hidden away just outside of the urban societies and are often created specifically to keep the law, authorities and other enemies away from whatever it is they are doing. The villains often use cave complexes, abandoned ruins, strongholds and small fortifications for their misdeeds and in rare cases even secluded islands or ships as their bases of operations.
The savage wilderness is often used in places where the taint of urban dystopia isn’t as dominant and the roots aren’t strong enough to hide their activities in broad daylight. Sometimes they have to produce mass-productions of illegal contraband that might only be safe outside urban setting.

Depths, shallows and the under-dark
Often the under-dark and any form of underground catacomb or caves that are inhabited by secretive societies are associated with the underground. Most often they are the lairs of a crime king and the heart of truly evil operations and practices. There are myths and tales of entire underground cities that connect and intersect with the upper cities of the law abiding societies.

More information to be added.
I'm open for suggestions and additional ideas

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Burton Sable

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« Reply #1 on: 13 January 2015, 07:29:51 »

To do list:

-Provide more information about the small-time criminality and its evolutions

-Provide more information on "underdeveloped areas"

-Fix grammar and typos, revise parts for better reading

-Introduce the effects antagonists of the crime worlds (heroes and champions of valor?)

-Show effects and events influenced by organized crime (dead bodies, arson to cover up crimes, assassinations of nobility, etc.)

More ideas could include:
-criminal slang
-items and forbidden magics
-integration of blood eye cult, true visionaries, blood childs as examples of underworld layering.
-Zoom in to show more detailed examples of "organizations", "myths", "cults", "gangs", "historical events".

(i will probably revise the entire entry as soon as i have all the information compiled in the current entry,
I will produce a better read. As it's not a very nice read currently, i will make it a bit more story-driven and add some tension for a better read)
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