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Author Topic: Sands of Maechalan and the sorrounding area...  (Read 1425 times)
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Lady Tiaa
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« on: 20 November 2003, 05:48:00 »

I plan to take that whole area as my developmental focus. I want to do the flora, fauna, tribes, geography, history, and all of that, plus I will do a basic layout of what I want the close-up of the region to look like on a map and send it to Artimidor. I know this is large-scale, but I have finally found a place that needs a lot of development and I wish to help out. I want to have the Sands of Maechalan, the Sea of Tardulan and The Theranian Sea. I want this done in like a month or two and that is where I will be putting all my efforts. I will not and have not abandoned my Tiraelhon, I will finish them and then start on fleshing out their world!! Oh, and I have some ideas for animals that would live there...I will tell you later when I have uploaded my sketch of them...!

Lady Tiaa


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« Reply #1 on: 20 November 2003, 06:17:00 »

Well, if you wish to have this area, go ahead. :D  . When you are developing your flora and fauna, it will be extremely useful to have things that apply to the whole of Aeruillin, not just that area, although, of course you may have special plants and animals that live in only the Sands or wherever.

One thing that may be useful to you is that Thylascuran (I know you're not going up that far, but bear me out) is an extremely rich city, as it has bridge that bridges the gap between one side of Thylascuran to another. Whilst the Thylascuran people can travel freely from one side to another, travellers cannot, and pay a nice sum to get from one side to another. Tight restrictions on boats mean the only other way to get to the other side is to travel around the Theranian sea. So, this constant travel may provide you with means of trade and so forth, with these people.

Oh yeah - we have cactus for Aeruillin, if that's any help!!!

Concerning history - that's a large task which needs to be worked out together. I have a few snippets for areas here and there, but what ideas you have need to fit in and take into consideration areas surrounding your area. Obviously you know this, I'm not presuming that you an idiot (trust me, if nayone is an idiot around here, it's me, I did four beautiful entries concerning seasons - only of course, seasons in Aeruillin are totally different from those in my country England!!! Stupid me!!!) it's just that history is such a complicated thing, and it has to blend together perfectly or we will be redoing entries by the dozen.

Anyway, any help, ask me. But you know that by now. ;)  .

:D   :D   :D  

To Have Flown With The Phoenix, Is To Have Lived Your Dreams...

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Lady Tiaa
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« Reply #2 on: 20 November 2003, 07:22:00 »

Of course I will take that city into consideration and the history thing, I didn't plan to do it on my own ;) . I will definelty need your help for that and I plan on trying to do that last, or should it be first? Dunno! I am glad that we have cactus I could use those for my "dirt elves" and I will definetly focus on having my animals be able to fit around all of Aeruillin, especially my man eating sand clams...ahahahahahh! Jus kiddin!

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