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Author Topic: Aeruillin Tribes and their Migration Patterns  (Read 1498 times)
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« on: 13 July 2005, 09:33:00 »


Aeruillin Tribes and their Migration Patterns

From west to east: (Tribe - Main settlements - Location)

South - Western Aeruillin

Chronological  Development:

The Zarathian Men - Shan‘Zarathan - South-western Burning Sea

Most western located  town known on the Aeruillin continent, at the south-western part of the Burning Sea.
Reputation as hard but fair traders, who live for their work. The Zarathians have helped establish good trading relations with many of the other continents.  Aeolian Religion
Possibly descendants from a Nybelmarian tribe. Date of migration to Aeruillin still unknown.


THE HJORIAN MEN - Hjoreh - Plain of the Forsaken

Tribe who lives in the very southwest of Aeruillin near the Sea of Hylmagor. Refugees during a time of tyranny from Shan‘Zarathan, who were let to their new home by  Karlin Hjoreh. Strongest believer of the Aeolian Religion, keeping the mystery of the fae alive.
Fair skin favoured, covered up all time entirely.


THE AZHORHRIAN MEN   Five Settlements(Moving) in the Ysthalinth Deser

The Ysthalinth is the most western named desert realm on Aeruillin. Descendants of the Hiorja. Founder Neehra and her supporters were expelled by the Hjoria due to their worship of a new deity, the True Goddess or Allahrah. The new tribe survived due to the discovery of a deep, underground spring that become the all-important secret wells of the Azhorhrians. They breed the famous Aeruillin pure-blooded horses which are well-known for their speed and intelligence.


THE NYTHRIANS - Nythera - Nytherian Dunes

Located east of the Plain of the Forsaken and the Hjorian tribe.

Artemis‘ proposal:
Inquisitive people, since they are isolated, they are actually an explorer tribe, however, have not developed their ways of life, some practices perhaps seen as old-fashioned, even barbaric.
Not decided yet, maybe this area will be belonging to the new race.

North - Western Aeruillin

Chronological  Development:

THE THAIRANIAN MEN - Shan‘thai - North-Western Coast

Located near the northernmost point of Aeruillin, main gate to Sarvonia.

Shan'Thai is the biggest of the four major ports, and probably the oldest original city on Aeruillin. The Thairans are fairly devout in their Aeoliran religion. Life revolves around trade, and their religion.


THE ORDION MEN - Ordána, Dion - North-Western Coast

First settlement is Ordána, later Dion was set up. Main supplier of grain.


THE RHULRANIAN MEN - Rhual - Oasis of Nashrul

Very much a relief town for those travelling i.e. from Jhomcholas to Dion. Full of merchants and inns! A friendly , hospitable and musical tribe. Bronced skin and black hairs mostly. Mermaia main goddess.

DONE  by Luca

THE CHOLIANIAN MEN - Jhomcholas - The Bright Sea, West Shore

Very rich town, as they fish for the delicacy fish Jakécha within The Bright Sea, the only place it can be found. It is preserved and great loads taken to Shan'Zarathan twice every year, where it is sold for a high price, and generally distributed to those in high society. Consumation heightens senses.

DONE  by Artemis

Southern Aeruillin

THE DJIÉ'AAH-KIRRÚU - Dark Sea of Aegyslam-The Bright Sea-Dunes of Thiva-Thybross

The Djíe‘aah-Kirrúu is one of the most peculiar tribes in Aeruillin and maybe in the whole of Caelereth. They inhabit the land between the Bright Sea and the Dark Sea of Aegyslam, the Djíeaah living at the coastal forest , their houses built in the water, the  Kirrúu in the dry inner of the region, down till Thybross.

Both tribes  assure, that they are one tribe, though Djíeaah and Kirrúu are not only looking so different, but have a different built society , their territory can‘t differ more regarding climat and general conditions, the Djíeaa are fisher, the Kirrúu farmer. But what distinguish them most, is their way of life. Where the Kirrúu have a hard life as farmers in a  desert -like region, the Djíeaa live in abundance without having to work hard - or at all. This affects their personality, but this has to  be described in detail later. What they have in common, is their religion, and more, but that we don‘t know yet. A lot of research is still needed, till we only begin to understand this people.

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"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
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