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Author Topic: Anis-Anpagan  (Read 1288 times)
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« on: 19 December 2003, 20:27:00 »

Here are some first ideas about Anis-Anpagan. I think we should agree/decide on them before I could start writing on the tribe entry.


- There is a currently unnamed river as a border to Korweyn. I don't know, let's name it Zyloss or something derived from that.
- The cities on the political map: Anpagan (capital), Kylos, Worthas and Lun.
- I saw some islands too, on their territory and I would plan to place an important city on the most western one (a name for it would be "Zyloss-Anpagan" or "Zyloth-Anpagan")
- There is another city-port in the west, out of Anpagan territory but very close to them, Vonlaken. What were your plans with that one? I would want to have this city as belonging to a former Anapagan faction that became autonomous in some point in history (more ideas about this follow)


- They own the sea routes to Zhun and anything that comes from Zhun into east Nybelmar is mediated by Anpagan.
- They have interests in Kaleman, heavily sponsoring piracy there and encouraging smuggling (out of Korweynites' or maybe Santerrans' taxes)
- Land trade with Korweyn in times of peace (maybe, I don't know, what do you say?)


- Very good defenses south of the unnamed river ("Zyloss"?)
- Slow but heavily armoured fighters
- A rather large fleet excellent for sailing in the Zyloth Sea but not very suited for the other seas. Thinking about why the Santerrans are not here with their ships I came out once with this idea: the winds are very "soft" in this part of the ocean => they use mainly galleys (single, double or triple rowed) with less accent on sails => they can smash foreign fleets in their waters but don't behave brilliantly on foreign waters (where, supposedly the winds are stronger, thus the ships using mainly sails are more maneuvrable and faster)


- I'm thinking that Spain could be a model - I'm not seeing Anis-Anpagan having a jungle terrain, I don't know why, I just don't. Zhun could have such a terrain (and I only look at the map and see those enormous woods there...)


- They should originate in Korweynite tribes and also some northern nomads settled there (perhaps the same family with the Kassites)


- various alternating govts. They experienced during times, royalty, theocracy and republic. If you have preferences about the order of these (or which one should be the last) please tell me.


- various trends. A religion similar to the Korweynite one (actually a modification), old Gods (from nomads), and an atheistic trend (I am thinking to detail this quite a bit, "the Anpagan atheism")


- hmmm... yeah, culture. lol. The arts are influenced by the Korweynites, still they have a "philosophical" practice of their own (for instance the "Doctrine of Essences", stripped of religious content...)
- they have a system of let's say "magic", very different from the Ximaxian one, but quite rigourous. (no worries, I don't plan to "dive" in such a system yet :) ) What is important here is that two "schools of magic" prevailed. One that stayed in the country, centered on that island (which I proposed to be named Zylos-Anpagan or so) - they should be the "good ones" :) , dealing in the transformation of nature and animating lifeless objects (no golem armies planned though, lol). The other one is dealing with (re-)animating things (probably dead bodies - necromancy), and it is banned and contained in the city of Vonlaken. I know that necromancy is a bit of a problem in the forums but I would like to work on this "tension" in what concerns "animation"...


- I need the name of the Korweyn prince that was exiled on these territories and ended up by founding a new kingdom.
- He was claiming the throne of Korweyn actually but in time people with different views gathered around him (religiously "unhappies" and so on); they found a socially fertile ground here (with the nomadic tribes) and grew in something different of Korweyn: Anis-Anpagan.
- I also think that the city called Zyloss which is now in Korweyn territory is some sort of Mecca for them (along with the respective mountain), a holy place they see as origin, but not as much "holy" as to relentlesly fight for it.
- wars on the Korweyn territories in the Dark Age of course
- expansion to Zhun (where they end up by having good trading contacts)
- interests in Kaleman
- the Year of Darkness and the two schools of magic => Vonlaken becomes in a way "independent".
- ??some naval battles with Santerrans should take place also??
- ??fighting for the Wernam route to the Ferrath Islands??
- ??expedition near the western void??


That's about it for now... tell me your ideas or counter-ideas, and then I would be able to add more details into this thing...

All in all, I am seeing them as a nation with less strong religious beliefs (they wouldn't be able to fight a religious war), they would be more inclined to economics, inventions, arts and whatever...

Smith in Exile

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« Reply #1 on: 20 December 2003, 10:40:00 »

mea culpa...

The river is called Delrén and  the prince Narve. I think though that we should place a bit earlier the founding of  the kingdom (before Murmillions take over Kelad). Also the "Pagans" that were there first could be those nomads I was refering to or they are natives? I think the "nomad" version is more plausible taking account of the Menemronn stories and the fact that Korweynites fought some nomadic barbarians, driving them away from their territories...

Koldar Mondrakken
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« Reply #2 on: 22 December 2003, 08:03:00 »

I currently just ask for the sense of necromancy? ;)   When it is implemented in their worldview(culture and religion) it is far less of a problem than when it is not. Anyway it will be a bit dependant on how the society comes to see such acts as necessary/good/acceptable.

I'd see the prince to be lower in line to the imperial throne so instead he seizes an opportunity to take the lands of Anis Anpagan (maybe a meaning to this prefix might be good). By taking the title as king of these lands he has created a power basis outside Korweynite rule and might've hoped to be able to use it to strengthen his claims to get emperor. This feud will also be responsible for Anis-Anpagan taking lands during the Dark Age. Like Byzanz they think they're the only rightful successors to Korweyn after the empire fell.

Anis Anpagan population. I think these Pagans were some kind of native population with different culture than Korweynites. I think the Korweynites later just called anyone west of their border that way even when the native population mixed with other tribes like nomads. We might make these nomads related to the Kassites but maybe make them appear sooner than the Kassites.
Nomads could indicate decent cavalry btw.

In the Menemronn story we have only three human tribes follow the elves but I guess there are more survivors, most hid farther west though and came back later. Thus such nomadic movements.

To lay down tribe relations might be a good idea. I did some some time ago but I look for a way to write it so we can better alter it to our needs (so not as images in this forum)

Santerrans possibly have galleys as well, however when Anis Anpagan just has enough together with their home advantage can certainly insure that the Santerrans are not interested in picking fights. They're opportunists not great conquerors, they try to exploit opportunities, protect their interests and so on. An outright war would destroy any tradelanes with Anpagan and Zhun while keeping it and just having a potential more powerful fleet at their disposal might be enough to ensure a fair bargaining between Anis-Anpagan and Aca-Santerra. I see those two powers more seeking mutual benefits instead of domination, esspecially as Korweyn and the Murmillions stand for the later and stir up enough trouble as it is..

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

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Smith in Exile

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« Reply #3 on: 23 December 2003, 10:53:00 »

about that necro problem, ok, I think I can make it pretty coherent here.

the nomads. well I was thinking that those populations that sought refuge in the west during the war with Menemronn formed a kind of a "pool" of tribes somewhere beyond those high mountains spliting the continent. From that "pool" the Kassites came in some particular historical moment. But also from that pool, the nomads that were fought by korweynites also came. Also those that managed to settle on the current Anpagan territories. Probably (as with the case of the asian nomads) there was something driving them away from there - the half-orcs? From that "pool" perhaps the nation now called "Sartera" may originate too (although we might consider changing their name though, with Aca-Santerra also present... dunno, I guess confusions will be made). Anyway, the "Pagans" would surely arrive much earlier than the Kassites on the scene, of course.

The cavalry, well, I like cavalry anyway, but this is a minor detail.

Relations. Yes, I kinda see them generally friendly with Santerrans (I am thinking that maybe they also traded inventions during time - for instance they aquired the secret of lightwater from Santerrans and Santerrans aquired the secret of something similar to "greek fire" for use as weapon on their ships - and there are two ways: an aggresivve one and a peacefull one... depends how the history comes out) Also I think that the Anpagan politics would not be so coherent in time as the Korweynite or Murmillion ones - all depends on their govt. form. For instance they accepted during the dark ages "a deal with the devil" - the treaty with Ehebion - when they engaged in killing Kassites, a thing which the later govts will blame very harshly. Generally I see the dark ages as a "cold war" between them and Murmillions...

The Byzantine model works perfectly. Actually I'm thinking that after the fall of Korweyn they expanded on Kaleman to be driven away later by Santerrans... Generally yes, the Anpagan feeling would be to restore the glory of something they admired a lot: the First Korweyn Empire.

The prefix? I have to think about it though. What do you say? Any ideas? (the use of names like Zyloss-Anpagan, came to me intuitively)

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