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Author Topic: Some clarifications from Koldar  (Read 1055 times)
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« on: 24 June 2005, 09:43:00 »

Here is an e-mail from Koldar. It's mainly addressed to Viresse and her elven issues though.

Hi, Vir! This is Koldar.

Poking my curious nose into the Nybelmar forum I saw that you go through all the trouble trying to reconstruct the meaning (if there was any) of sketchy drafts of me in hidden entries and lost forum posts. I saw you complaining that I'm neglecting elves, but I can assure you that was never the case! I simply held those pointears in such high regards that I didn't dare to create such a patchwork as I did with the humans, however all in all they have the cleanest history. Skimming through the wreck of a crashed harddrive I recovered a sketch of the development and relationship of the various elven tribes in the east (there's none for the west, mainly because I did not have the slightest idea of a concept for those regions safe for Zhun and Orcal).

Maybe this image helps with clarification of what I might have implied here and there. Important note might be that the Kayr did not start to call themselves such right away. In mythical times they are known as the Taenrhim (shaded elves or something) who stayed away from the whole Fav... empire deal. Only after the havoc of the war against Menemronn the Taenrhim slowly fell apart as various elven tribes now lived isolated from each other. During those times other elven tribes form and while the Taenrhim possibly still called themselves that way they slowly transformed into the Kaŭr, a transformation that was finalized when the Civil War happened.
The Taenrhim and Kayr are only related to the Astyrhim of Sarvonia in that they are (or originally were) lightelves. If the one continent theory is true they probably were related, otherwise it's mainly important that the Kaŭr have lightelves among their ranks, though not many anymore. Maybe they came from the myth of Favcalar and them opposing this elven empire, maybe they just were happy about their life there.

About the elven empire. Sole myth. It was only imoprtant to me to hint that they were culturally close to what Favalcalar achieved, wether they were truely ever close to that is unknown as both is only vague history at best. That they were a glorious elven empire might be just their idea of how it was, in essence they just had a happy life there at that time.

The Unjeinrhim mentioned in the image are only a cryptic designation of the forefathers of the Chyrakisth. They should only appear in mythical or vague context. Wether they were elves of some kind or already mutations must remain unknown, the Chyrakisth formally only appear later as an independant tribe, esspeciall in the early history the term Unjeinrhim would be more usual. In nowadays it might be still used to designate some sinister demonlike Chyrakisth plot or in some other metaphorical context. In contrast however the Chyrakisth are real and known.

Concerning Fullwannooth I had in mind that it was formed by members of the Autumn woods elves to reconnect their woods with the woods of the Kayrrhem by establishing an elven realm right between them. They should go through quite some trouble and only in modern years should Fullwanooth be the prospering freehaven of anything and anyone seeking a new chance.

Hope this kind of helps somewhat. I'm sure you'll get it to work, and please don't take my words as set in stone. Important to me is that the history truely shows signs of dynamic, change and development. As such many things should appear, disappear, reappear or get new twists and not remain static over 10000 years or something. That's the main reason I decided to designate anything before WoC more of a myth and actually only the recent millenias as history, well 10 000 years is still quite some time...

Best wishes to you and the fellow Santharians!

Regards, Koldar Mondrakken  

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« Reply #1 on: 24 June 2005, 14:04:00 »

Awesome, Koldie.
Thanks for dropping a line.
Your words are a great help to me- they further solidify my ideas.
However, they also say another thing that I defenitely needed to hear (and perhaps wasn't listening to if people have said it!)... and that was that the Old Old history does not need to be precise.
I'm trying so hard to come up with dates for that old past that it's almost disatsrous- I just need to loosen up and let it be ambiguous.

It's good to hear your words again- I'd love to see you around sometime. And most of all, I hope my work brings a bit of a smile to your face- I only wish to build upon what you have left behind.

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« Reply #2 on: 24 June 2005, 16:45:00 »

However, they also say another thing that I defenitely needed to hear (and perhaps wasn't listening to if people have said it!)... and that was that the Old Old history does not need to be precise.

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