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Author Topic: Meet the Zhunites!  (Read 1449 times)
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« on: 10 September 2005, 07:11:00 »


YOU ARE OF THE KARAKAN’AMAR! Be proud! You have endured unbelievable pain and hardship to become a superior Karakanite soldier and citizen! Taken away from your parents at age seven, you lived a harsh and severely disciplined life on the training grounds. You were beaten by older children who started fights to help make you tough and strong- but you never cried out in pain. You were encouraged to smuggle and cheat (however you would never swindle a fellow Karakanite as it’s ruthlessly looked down to). If caught, you were beaten. To avoid punishment, you learned to be cunning, to lie, to cheat, and how to get away with it! Some of you are members of the Karakanite secret police and enjoy spying on other city-states. If you find a Gorba slave who is showing signs of leadership, you have orders to kill him immediately. You are fierce, capable, and proud of your strength. You know you are superior and are delighted to be one of the Karakan’amar!

KARAKANITE GOALS AND BEHAVIOR AT THE ZHUNITE GAMES: Win at all costs! Make the Dragon Lord proud! Lie, cheat; do whatever it takes. If you can't win, which really isn’t going to happen, at least beat your archrival, those conceited Cuscans. You are the proud and fierce Karakan’amar! Dress alike with matching arm bands or round-shields. Be loud but reverent to your teacher who is your superior officer. Be on time. Be disciplined. Keep records. Hold the Krean in highest regard. Make up a chant for Karakan, and chant it, while marching in unison, wherever you go. Make up a secret salute, and salute your fellow Karakan’amar. Plot secretly with other Northern Zhunite city-states to sabotage any Cuscan chance at victory. Cheer only for your fellow Karakan’amar at each event, but never show signs of bitterness at a Krean victory. Lie, cheat, intimidate, bluff but do not get caught, because that is the northern way. Good luck at the games – not that you need it to beat those cocky Cuscans!


YOU ARE A CUSCAN! Be courteous. You have been superbly educated in the arts and the arcane, and trained to be extremely productive and capable in times of peace or war. You are an achiever. Until age eight, you were taught at home by your mother, or by a male tutor. From age nine to fifteen, you attended a day school in the neighborhood where you memorized Krean poetry and learned to play that magnificent instrument, the lyre. You learned drama, public speaking, reading, writing, arithmology, and perhaps even how to play the flute. You attended four years of higher school, and learned more about math and science and government. At seventeen, you attended military school for two additional years! You are proud to be Cuscan! Famed for its literature, drama, theatre, schools, government, and intellectual superiority (if only those Krean would not participate!), you have no doubt that your city, Cusca, is clearly the shining star of all the Zhunite city-states.

CUSCAN GOALS AND BEHAVIOR AT THE ZHUNITE GAMES: You know your archrival, those horrible Karakan’amar, will do anything to win, even lie and threaten, but you are Cuscans - you would never stoop to such uncouth behavior. Cooperate with your fellow Cuscans to defeat those boorish Karakanites, and do your personal best! Say witty things to impress representatives from other city-states (but make sure no Krean is about – you know well what happens when you try to best a Krean!). Be courteous to all Zhunites, no matter what inferior city they represent. Make up a clever chant for Cusca, and sing or say it each time a Cuscan wins an event or a makes a witty comment. Shake hands with your fellow Cuscans, whenever you greet them. You are Cuscans, the clever, creative, courteous representatives of that shining example of all that is fine and noble, the city of Salt Hills. Great luck in the games – may the sun shine for you!


YOU ARE A HOOTHAN! As a coastal city-state, you have a glorious history as a cultural and trade center (and you have recently been promoted to the regional capital of the entire Zhunite territory by Emperor Dearan!). Although your schools are not as fine, perhaps, as those of Cusca, you have been educated in the arts and the sciences (someone has to run all those imported Anpagan machinery after all!). As a child, you were taught at home by your mother, or by a female mentor. From age seven to fourteen, you attended a day school near your home where you learned trading and studied drama, public speaking, reading, writing, arithmology, and the flute. You attended a higher school, if your parents could afford it. You also went to military school for at least two years. Your city is famous for its marble statues, pottery, and vase painters. You are creative problem-solvers. To solve the problem of foreign money pouring into your coastal region, your city-state created its own coinage, forcing traders to convert their coin at your banks (For a fee of course!). To solve your problem of unemployment, you created a huge and successful public works program (Alright, alright… You merely followed Lord Dearan’s instructions, but at least you didn’t rebel like those weird Marmarrans) Literature, culture, art, and businesses (yes, businesses!) thrive in your city-state. You are proud to be a practical, productive Hootharan!

HOOTHARAN GOALS AND BEHAVIOR AT THE ZHUNITE GAMES: If you can't win, help Cyras and Kimbar to defeat those vain Cuscans, and those brutes, the Karakan’amar. Do what it takes, but be honest about it. You cheer the winner of each event, whoever that might be, and greet your fellow Hootharans with warmth and good sportsmanship whenever you see them. You do not need the nonsense of secret handshakes or salutes. You roll your eyes each time you see one. You are Hootharans! You are proud of your abilities, your achievements, your honesty, and your obviously superior city-state. Good luck in the games – and make sure you greet fate with a hearty laugh as always! When life gives you bronze, make coins!


YOU ARE A CYRAN! You have been educated in the arts of production and the arcane, and trained to be productive and capable in times of peace or war. You have much of which to be proud. Although your close neighbor, Hootar, is on the coastline, your city is located on a plain, where the weather tends to be hot and dry in the summer, and cold and wet in the winter. Your soil is not especially fertile (those damned Marmarrans must have had something to do with it!), and you must fight the elements to grow food. In spite of this hardship, your magnificent stone sculptures of athletes, rippling with muscle, are the envy of many Zhunite city-states (Once, even a Lillivear priestess admitted her fascination at your Hall of Heroes!). You are famous for your wonderful musicians and poets. Drama reached new heights in your city. Plays are performed in open-air theatres, drawing crowds of 20,000 or more Cyran citizens! Unfortunately, you have a problem: When Cusca and Karakan asked you to send supplies and troops to fight the Orcristh, after the Battle of Hundred Cries in 1937 b.S, you refused (You knew you shouldn’t have listened to those Marmarrans!). For this decision, you are held in disgrace by the other Zhunite city-states. Worst of all, the Krean will no longer trade with you!

CYRAN GOALS AND BEHAVIOR AT THE ZHUNITE GAMES:  Your goal is to reverse the negative reputation you currently hold in the Kreanozhunith world. You will have to work hard to convince other city-states that your athletes, soldiers, scholars, orators, architects, poets, dancers, and artists are as fine, if not superior, to the other city-states. You cheer Cyran victories, and win as many events as you can. Your goal is to make sure that Cusca and Karakan don't win at all. (Your plan is to throw your support to Hootar or Kimbar toward the end of the competition if it appears you can not win.) You are Cyrans, hard-working, honest, loyal, clever, creative, courteous representatives of Cyras, and of her glorious past. Good luck in the games – may you regain your footing in the Zhunite world!


YOU ARE A KIMBRATH! Be proud that you are Zhunite and come from such a respected city-state as Kimbar. As a coastal city-state, your history is similar to Hootar's, your neighbor. You believe your schools are as fine as those of Cusca, although you have no doubt that any Cuscan would disagree. You have been trained in the arts and the arcane. As a child, you were taught at home by your mother, or by an instructor. From age nine to fifteen, you attended a day school near your home where you learned how to extract the venom of the cobra and studied poetry, public speaking, reading, writing, the flute, the lyre, and a great deal of arithmology. Like most Kimbraths, you love money and have been trained to be an excellent accountant. You attended a higher school, and went to military school. Your city is famous for its glorious textiles, deadly cobra poisons, which are the envy and greatest fear of other Zhunite city-states. You have, of course, your own coinage, an idea you copied from Hootar. Culture, art, and businesses (though not always of the sunny kind found in Hootar) thrive in your city-state. You believe you offer your citizens even more freedom than Cusca. (After the War of the Crimson Rose, Cusca's famous philosopher, Aeolus, moved to Kimbar, where he remained for ten years, founding most of your arithmology schools, so perhaps you are right! You also helped the Northern Pursuit find Karakan way back in c.a. 3500 b.S ) You are proud of your city-state's past and present achievements, and proud to be a Kimbrath (or as the Krean call you: the Kimrath)!

KIMBRAN GOALS AND BEHAVIOR AT THE ZHUNITE GAMES:  You can't win, so help Hootar and Cyras to defeat those boastful Cuscans and those militant fanatics, the Karakanites. If it comes down to Cusca or Karakan, cheer for Karakan, loudly. (They might be militant, but those are good friends to have in times of war! Besides, you are tired of hearing about wonderful Cuscans) You are Kimbrans, proud of your history, your flourishing businesses, your world famous textiles, your freedoms, your poisons, your coastal advantage - your rich and vibrant city-state, Kimbar. Good luck in the games - make sure you keep a record of all entrants; you may never know who else might seek refuge in your city later on!

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