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Author Topic: Santharian Development Scheduler  (Read 9869 times)
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Artimidor Federkiel

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« on: 27 November 2001, 14:35:00 »

The posts below are supposed to give newbies as well as members of the Santharian development team some ideas about who is responsible for which task in the vast realms of Santharia. This scheduling should make the development process easier. Every member should post a reply to this thread, stating

1.) ...his/her main focus in the project (if applicable, so it's not necessarily required)
2.) ...the current works which are in progress
3.) ...perhaps the unfinished works, which still aren't integrated so far, but are already elaborated (if possible with a link to the Forum thread)
4.) ...a to-do-list of plans for the future
5.) ...possibly a Dream-list, where you can find long-term projects, which won't be realized too soon

This thread is a central thread for all developers. Every developer should return here and  EDIT his/her post here  (one post only per person) regularly so that it always is up to date and everybody can see from the first glance who is working on what.

If you have suggestions, wishes, proposals concerning this scheduling thread, please use another thread. Thanx!

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"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #1 on: 27 November 2001, 14:58:00 »

              Main Focus
- Webmaster (responsible for weekly site updates)
- Multimedia Designer (Flash movies)
- Development Message Board Admin
- Map Designer

              Works in Progress
- Introducing treeview menu
- Integrating lots of entries, which aren't approved yet

              To-Do List
- Finishing map for the Continent of Akdor
- Application of new page design at all pages (example for old page design: styrásh vocabulary)
- Re-launch of the Flash menu
- Adding a HTML template for Compendium as well as Library entries to the site so that members who know HTML can deliver entries in HTML format
- Adding appropriate pics to all Forums (started)
- Adding a membership application form in the Team section. Also: Additional copyright info, where the new member accepts that his/her material will remain part of the site, even if he/she quits the project after a time.
- Adding Developer's Guide (where to find resources, where to find the Search site feature etc.)
- Allow menu customization, stored and re-activated with cookies
- Do forest maps for Wren & Uragel
- Substituting e-mails with Santharian mail addresses
- Adding more tribe maps to enable zoom in/zoom out etc.
- Investigate more time in checking advantages, disadvantages and workarounds of the treeview menu

              Dream List/Long Term Projects
- Finishing a complete World Map
- Elaborating a system about related links for the Compendium

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"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)

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« Reply #2 on: 27 November 2001, 16:40:00 »

*Co-Admin (together with an ever changing cast) of the RPG board.
* Co-Moderator (together with Koldar) of the "New Members Forum".
* Co-Moderator (together with Judith Bard) of the Herbarium.

Main Focus
* The continent of Nybelmar with Koldar - Going to wait for Koldar to give me specifics
* Various plants. Touching up old, and working on new
* WEATHER MAP! With Legolas's logicstical help Scratching this until more detail is given

Works in Progress
* Kaierian Warriors Make a seporate entry, explaining their training and various things about them.
* Auturian Woods  Check and add anything to the entry as things come to me
* Tethinrhim Add more to the entry. Esp: Tribal view on things

To Do List
* Caltharian Tribe and the land around that area Waiting for Capher's return for the moment. However if at a later date this still isn't done. Seriously think about doing it again
* Work on the weather map  Putting this on the back burner
* Plants More, more, more
* Something which escapes my mind at the moment………. D’oh

Long term / Dream List
* To have the little area of the world (Auturian) that I'm working on completed and on the web. Completed, although I'm going to flesh it out more
* A few stories on the site real long term Then again, maybe not...
* Go into full detail on  everything mentioned in the Tethinrhim Tribes desc. (yes I know mentioned twice) Three times..?

* See my page on the site – List is ever growing!

Wish List
* To pull off the perfect “Dr Evil” impersonation.. “One million dallars” <pinky comes to mouth> See it needs improving!

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought.

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Santh. Member

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« Reply #3 on: 27 November 2001, 18:10:00 »

  Main Focus
* Development of ancient tribes.
* Development of ancient history.
* Finish Wizard of White Tower Story. Book One.

  Works in Progress
* Working on Avennorian Tribe.
* Wizard of White Tower.
* Finish entry for Draconian language and Runes along with Bard Judith.

Works finished
*Kyranian tribe
*Kyranian axe description "The Sengren."
*Chapter 7 of Wizard in the White Tower.

  To do list
* Work on Caltharian tribe.
* Work on Centoraurian ancient history.

  Long Term/Dream List.
* To mesh all ancient history before War of the Chosen with history after WOC for all human tribes.
* To start and finish second book of Wizard of the White Tower.
* Possibly publish said books. With all acknowledgements going to the Santharian Dream. With Art's and the rest of the teams permission of course.(Big Dream, Huge Dream, Impossible Dream.);)    

Wisdom is given to those who exercise it.

Edited by: Capher at: 12/28/01 5:06:57 pm

I live to but to serve my Goddess Seyella and Talon Hawke; son, heir and Wizard of the White Tower-defender of the lands and peoples of Caelereth!
Santh. Member

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« Reply #4 on: 28 November 2001, 08:31:00 »

 Focus on Hold
Blood of the Demon chapter four.

 Main Focus
Kaeer'óót'dár'chén (dragon slayers)
barbarian overview
Northern Sarvonian Sea entry
common Gob-Or goblins

Erpheronian Ghost ship update

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Gean Firefeet
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« Reply #5 on: 28 November 2001, 09:55:00 »

 Main Focus
- The Southernmost part of Santharia, known as the Stratanian Kingdom or the Truban province in later time.
- Tavern RPG

 In Progress
- Shan'Thai and tribe/province it is located in.
- Other things coming to mind regarding Stratanian Kingdom

 Unfinished work
None at the moment

 To do list
Complete Stratanian Kingdom:
- Varcopas
- Other minor details

 Longterm Projects
Library: 'the travel south', a story about Drafas' trip from Voldar to Cape Strata
Essays on the Art of RPing

Edited by: Gean Firefeet at: 12/1/01 2:07:11 pm

"Blessed is the man who calls an aj his friend."
- Shendar Proverb
"If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it..."
- Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
Theodorus Holzman

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« Reply #6 on: 28 November 2001, 11:25:00 »

Because of writing a book

     Main Focus
-The Mullogs
-The Silvermarshes

     Works in Progress
-Various Beasts/Herbs


     Works to be integrated

-Wonders of Sorren list
-Elaborating the Mullogs/Silvermarshes
-More beasts/herbs

     Dream List/Long term projects
-To do a story someday too.

"Destiny, chance, fate, fortune-they're all just ways of claiming your successes without claiming your failures."

Edited by: Theodorus Holzman at: 6/11/02 6:19:35 pm
Ralhag Silverskin
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« Reply #7 on: 28 November 2001, 17:26:00 »

  Main Focus

-Beasts And People
-The Journal Story
-Expanding all the Lands

  Works in Progress

-The Journal
-Various other works.

  Works to be Integrated


  To Do List

-Finish chapter 2
-Whatever Artimidor tells me to do

  Dream List/Wish List

-Fill the gaps in the world
-Finish the story, The Journal
-Keep my sanity!

At yer service,


My dear friends: You want proof that I once was and still am the greatest assassin to walk on Sorren?                                          

Well, I AM still here...

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Santh. Member

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« Reply #8 on: 01 December 2001, 17:49:00 »

  Main Focus
-Filling in various RPG chinks.

  Works In Progress

-Magic Stuffs
-Ximan Xuran
-Godly Poems

  To Do List

-Ximan Xuran

  Dream/Wish List

-Finish off Psyrpents (HAH! Fat chance!)
-Keep up with my RP character
-Take over the wor- oh.. wait...

Edited by: Xarl at: 3/16/02 3:09:14 am
Koldar Mondrakken
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« Reply #9 on: 02 December 2001, 09:27:00 »

Okay, long list:

  Main Focus:
- Coat of Arms Maker
- The continent of Nybelmar
- Orc tribes
- Co-Moderator(together with Uragel) of the "New Members Forum"

  Works in Progress:
- Always some CoA
- Most important! Development of general outlines for Nybelmar.
- the Kingdom of Aca-Santerra on Nybelmar

  To Do List:
- Anything above and more.
- Making the Map of Nybelmar
- Polishing entries I did in a rush

  Long term project:
-some more Fonts
-Finding some people interested in filling up Nybelmar with history.
-Making a tutorial for city maps.
-Making a tutorial for coat of arms.
-Find several other people making maps and stuff
-Seeing a thought out magic-system connected to Santharian cosmology and such.
-Don't know, nerving other members even more?;)
-Finishing one or two short stories.
-Still Do more drawing

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

Edited by: Koldar Mondrakken at: 3/5/02 6:56:50 pm
Santh. Member

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« Reply #10 on: 05 December 2001, 18:56:00 »

           Main Focus
          * bric-á-brac person

          Works in Progress
          * Chéniar Wine (a drink description and a grape for herbarium)
          * Cloud Falls (geography description)
          * a berry bush (herbarium)
          * Surica (small animal)
          * Torán (eagle for bestiary)
          * Iborra (small animal for bestiary)
          * Kuartu (small animal for bestiary)
          * The Solution (a short story out of Marcogg, promised to Artimidor)

          To Do List
          * naturally all of the above
          * Cyon Sola Bay (geography description and myth)

          Long Term Projects
          * don't know yet, mainly helping out where I can as per my stated main focus
          * try to help get more short stories in the library

Ideas are funny little things.  They won't work unless you do.

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Tarquet Galbar

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« Reply #11 on: 06 December 2001, 17:38:00 »

Main Focus
-Magic/Weaver Expert
-Demon Designer
-Bestiary Moderator

Works In Progress
-Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries
-Weaver Update
-General Magic Entry

To-Do List
-Description for Faugaur Pic 6
-"                                     " 7
-Ressurect the Lost City of Delonaire

Wish List
-Complete Weaver History
-Weaver Mythology
-Demon Timeline
-Rahaz-Dath Mercenary History

Long Term Projects
-Complete All Weaver Work

The Top Three World Evils:1.Country Music2.Pop Music3.RIVERDANCE! AAHHH!

Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels
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Shendar, Shen-D'auras

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« Reply #12 on: 07 December 2001, 04:47:00 »

         Main  Focus at the moment

Southern Sarvonian continent
Oeconomical and oekological rebuild

Shendar  Society
Trade routes (caravan routes through the Rahaz Dath)
Province Truban in general (towndescriptions, landscapes)

Rahaz-Dath , description of the various parts

          Works in progress

Baveras(pics and text) with Viresse

Rahmat, Uderza rework

Tables for Judiths measurements (nearly finished)

Shendar Mystics of numbers

Nul'tum (will be something special, therefore takes still some time)

Overview over all the animals and plants I invented in my posts

Mermaid (pic,naked, lol)
Fairy (doesn't come out yet like I want to have it)

     Works  finished

The Dune Mouse (pic, text Thuja)
The Aj'Nuvic
Shendar Domes
Shendar appearance
Narfost Plain
The New Santhalian Journal of Old History and Myth
A young woman (pic)
Ráhaz Dáth main entry
The Mil'no
Some Poems

          To Do List

Reading, reading ,reading.....

Shendar music (Gean!!!) {Overtone-Music)
Society of the Shendars (which one? has impact on the housing)
, habits

          Long Term/ Dream List

An Archeopterix for Santharia
Landscapes, towns of the south like  Thalamabath, Varcopas, Bardavos

Helping out elsewhere, interfering whereever possible ;)      

Edited by: Talia Sturmwind  at: 12/5/02 11:02:38 am

"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
***Astropicture of the Day***Talia's Long, Long List***
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« Reply #13 on: 08 December 2001, 04:21:00 »

     Main Focus
- Illustrator

    Works in Progress
- "Koldar's horse rider".. yes, it seems to take forever ;)  
- probably more - remind me if I forgot!

    Works to be integrated
- Check my resources - ..faugar

    To-Do List
- Brownies race entry
- something REALLY great.. not sure what though ;)  

    Dream List/Long Term Projects
- Drawing an illustration for every story in Santharia .. (yeah, I'm crazy)
- Meeting all Santharian members at the same time (in flesh).. not really an illustrator job, I know :)        

Edited by: Faugar at: 3/5/02 5:47:38 pm
Bard Judith
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« Reply #14 on: 09 December 2001, 05:49:00 »

Main Focus

- Dwarven Racemaster (clans, language, cultures)
- Herbarium Moderator (plants, herbs, vegetation, medicines)
- Bestiary Moderator ProTem

- Bard of Santharia (create original poetry, songs, stories, proverbs, sayings, rhymes, ballads, epics, and collect/comment/advise on other works of literary art)

- Nit-Picker and Cross-Referencer (all those little bits of everyday life and all those unfinished entries that can fall between the cracks in such a big universe)

Works in Progress

- Complete revamp of the Dwarven compendium entry

Works to be Fixed

- - Dwarven Music (have to fix the recording quality)

Works to be Integrated

-- a couple of pictures

To-Do List

- Clans of the Dwarves (big job!)
- Dwarven Occasions, Holidays, Feasts, and Special Observances
-  finish Carmalad entry and make map for MUD
- learn how to use Dialog Editor and make more characters

Dream List/Long Term Projects
- Master Calendar ( with help of all Racemasters)
- Complete Currency System
- Legends of The Unsthtommerons
- Darkwinds and Auratic Winds

Info Requests


Regards from the Bard

Edited by: Bard Judith at: 12/3/02 2:34:32 pm

"Give me a land of boughs in leaf /  a land of trees that stand; / where trees are fallen there is grief; /  I love no leafless land."   --A.E. Housman
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