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Author Topic: for the tavern  (Read 12585 times)
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« on: 16 November 2003, 06:30:00 »

I would need to know how many people are in the tavern though, as I could probably write them all, and because of that barfight I'm thinking about.

Terlano seems a good idea for the fight (he really seems to be in a bad mood :) ) but beside him? Also, who would point the player to the pier to look for Tendrim?

Basically I'm thinking that the "pointing to the piers" would happen only after the barfight, which would happen only after the player talks to Terlano in the village. Also the tavern owner won't be accessible but only after the barfight.

Another thing: what drinks do they serve there and can the player order something? I he does what will happen? Just get an item in inventory or directly uses it (which will probably result in some loss of stats, perception I guess :) )

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« Reply #1 on: 16 November 2003, 12:32:00 »

Well, let's see... People you can find in the Saltwillow Tavern should be:


- Peppe Tamarian (Tavern Owner)
- Dandra Mareen (Barmaid)
- and the tavernkeeper's dog

We have a picture for Dandra already, this one:

So aside from that we need some guests... Which would be:

- Dhren Rockfaith (Dwarven Cleric)
I already have a dialogue from Bard Judith, which is also on the site, see here. It is designed to take place in the tavern, and though it will be modified a bit in the final version, the dwarf should be in the tavern the whole game through (unless he's picked up by the player in part 2). So this is a constant here.

- Calmann Narth (Blind Elder)
I suggest to put this guy as the second constant into the tavern - a blind man probably enjoys the company of others more than people who can see, so he might be here, telling stories etc.

We have a picture for him, which looks like this:

- Tiram Vandrell (Young Fisherman)
I'd say this could be the guy Terlano quarrels and then stays in the inn for the rest of the game, while Terlano already is off before the player can talk to him.

This is just a proposal of course. If you want to know in which houses these mentioned people were initially intended to live, see here.


Concerning the question: Who would point the player to the pier - well, that would be the tavernkeeper himself I'd say. It needs to be the most important person in the inn, so that the player can't really miss him giving him the pointer.

I would suggest that the tavern thing could be like this:

Player enters, and immediately becomes witness of the barfight between Terlano and Tiram (=dialogue between the two showing the appropriate portrait when needed etc.). Then Terlano leaves and Tiram remains. And then the player can continue questioning the people.

I'd like to keep it that way that you either may have encountered Terlano or may not have encountered him before and that you have no possibility to directly talk to him at the inn, cause you may either search him later and ask him about the fight, or if you haven't met him yet, you'll see him when venturing around and know: Ah, that's this guy from the barfight.

But I can't exactly see this relation you mention: Basically I'm thinking that the "pointing to the piers" would happen only after the barfight, which would happen only after the player talks to Terlano in the village - I don't see why the player would need to talk to Terlano first (in the village) to be able to get the information from the innkeeper where to find the merchant:confused    I'm missing a bit direct logic here.



Well, there's a thread in the RPG board mentioning some drinks - you could pick some of those: See here - last post.

Or look at the site, at our Santharian Drinks entry.

As for what the drinks do: Hmm... I'd say you can only drink them immediately, and you get different messages, depending on what you drink. Some alcohol could temporarily raise stats as well as is common in some games (e.g. make you faster for a bit, but when the effect wears off, you get slower than for a while etc.).

Hope that helps all a bit:D  

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Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 11/15/03 19:56

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« Reply #2 on: 16 November 2003, 18:19:00 »

yep, thnx, this helps ;)

uhm... about that misty logic... I guess I was trying to find a way by which we won't have to modify the other dialogues - but I guess one more Q/A in the Terlano dialogue is not so hard or impossible...

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