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Author Topic: late Parthanul  (Read 1889 times)
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« on: 31 December 2002, 12:51:00 »

I am so incredibly late. I'm sorry. :rolleyes
Kindly point out mistakes or suggestions, please.
Red spots mean dialogs, the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

1 - main road; reeds' collector home
You're in the outskirts of the village. There's one small cottage, more like a shack, quite poor in fact, comparing to some stone houses you see to the south. Judging by the amount of reeds - greenish, yellowish and brownish - at this house's entrance, it belongs to someone whose main occupation is the collecting of reeds; even the roof is made of some reed structure, though it seems consistent and durable. An old man that saw your scrutiny speaks: "Heey stranger. Yealm reed is hard as rock if you treat is with sea water, don't be so surprised." You look about to the pile of reeds at his entrance. "Hay, that's my breadwinner. Those yellow and brown reeds, lifereed, I sell to the dwarves in Tyr Ethran, and its flower to the village's herbalist, they relieve headache." Feeling more enlightened, you thank him, and depart. You start to walk, and hear "There ain't much to see here, but be sure to stop by the inn, they serve an excellent beer." You nod your head as a courtesy, and continue.
-To the north, lies a rocky terrain quite peripheral to the village.
-To the northeast, you see some fishermen huts.
-To the east, a big building, the inn.
-To the south, a prosperous house.
-To the west, you _exit_ the village

2 - prosperous house
The house in front of which you stand now is quite lively: there's smoke coming out of the chimney and you can plainly hear lots of voices coming from within, specially the high-pitched tones of children. It's a rich house, two-storied and made of rock instead of wood (as usual in this village). It has a tended entrance garden, where a paved path leads to the door.
-To the north there's the main road, and a small cottage.
-To the south lies a small garden.
-To the west there's a small path that leads to a door.

2a - at the door
As you walk the small path that leads to the door, the voices suddenly become louder and closer. You are now close to the door, the second you raise your hand to knock, it opens and a woman in her middle age almost runs into you. She looks worried and in a hurry, but she looks at you and manages to smile and ask if you need anything.
(There is now a dialog with Isilee the housewife)
-To the east the small path leads to the road.

3 - garden
You find yourself in a small overgrown garden. The path around it is unpaved and a bit uncared for. It was once very beautiful - you still see some flowers, as lorahough or roses, with its petals dried, and would still be, weren't the weeds overgrown. Either the gardener left the village, or died, you guess.
-To the north there's a two-storied stone house.
-To the south lies another stone house, quite silent.
-To the east the small road leads to the beach, passing by the ferry boat station.

4 - prosperous house (empty)
You're in front of a big stone house. Cobwebs adorn the walls. Nothing is seen from within the house, for all the windows are shuttered down. A heavy wood door secure the silent dwelling. Predictably, you find it locked when you prob it. There's no smoke coming from the chimney, seemingly for a long time. 'The house itself appears to belong to someone richer than most of the cottages on this village, maybe a prosperous merchant', you think. Behind the house, you glimpse the meeting of sea and river.
-To the North lies a small garden.

5 - Ferry Boats
You are in an open space, with nets, ropes, scaffolds and other junk lying around. You see what you supposed to be the ferry carer office - a small cabin where a man is taking note of every trip made, which ferries arrived and which departed. Looking to the west, you glimpse one ferry disapearing in the horizon, to Marcogg. Where the land ended there was a small board leading to a floating wood platform, waving dangerously, you realise. You notice the strong ropes which attached firmly to land stop the platform from drifting to the sea. There is currently one ferry anchored.
-To the north there is the road that leads to the beach.
-To the east there is a ferry.

5a - in the ferry
You enter the ferry, which is already supplied and ready to depart. The smell in the air tells you it is loaded with fish. You see some movement from the upper deck - what you suppose to be the captain is shouting something to the small office. The ferry is ready to depart! You hear a horn, and immediatly you jump to the platform; right on time, for the ferry is already moving. You stay in the platform watching the ferry leaving, rocking pleasantly with the sea waves.
-To the west there's the ferry station.

6 - storage yard
The second you enter the storage yard you are immediatly involved in such a hustle and bustle that you almost regret you stepped in here. Every sense of yours is stimulated. The colors of the fishes - blue and black and silver, the colored skirts of women, red and gren and white, the reeds, lots of strange objects, boxes, nets; the salty smell of fish, a small smoking place to preserve some sea delicacies; the smell of oil; the voices from men shouting to another men, women trading - you're amazed at these women's selling skills! Your mouth waters from these perceptions. You're afraid to meddle in these people's work, but they appear so busy that they don't notice you - in fact, the movement is so much that your vision almost blurs. You become gradually used to the luminosity and find a way not to be in people's way. What appeared to you at the first time a big confusion proves to be organized.
-To the east you get out of the storage yard, into the beach.
-To south, southwest, northwest and northeast are small storage places, each with a different commodity.

6a - Fish
As you approach this corner you unmistankingly know what's there - enormous quantities of fish. You see a pile of blue fish, with glimmers of silver - the bonehead - and hear lots of men bartering loudly - how each one hears what the other is saying you don't know. A man asks you if you came for fish, to what you shake your head. There are dwarves, and men in richer clothes that must be from Marcogg; Parthanul supplies much of its market's offer. There are other piles of the same fish dried and salted, and there is one lot arriving from the smoking place on other corner. A bit moved away is some black fish that nobody is bartering about - a sign informs you that this is the evoor, not used for food but rather for the oil that it's skin provides for candles, lamps and other uses. mazingly enough, all this fish will be gone before the day is over, and tomorrow the snenery will be repeated. Seeing nothing more of interest, you follow another direction.
-To the northeast the exit leads you out to the beach.
-To the west, northwest and north there are more storage lots.

6b - Smoking Place
You don't approach very much this corner. It is not so much the smoke as the heat that causes it, for this is well ventilated - the small oven-like holes spread all the way up to the ceiling, so the smoke gets all out; the fish or some crustaceans are secured in big grates and then put in the way of the smoke. A couple of men are watching the live coals so the fire doesn't grow too much, nor burns itself out. The fish is so preserved, then it is either sold or stored in some underground holes in the outskirts of the village, where the temperature and moistness are ideal. This much you gather from the people around speaking to each other.
-To the north, northeeast and east there are other products.

6c - Reeds
All kind of reeds - yellow, brownish, green - are here packed in sacks or in cube-shaped metal frames. There are some long, thin and apparently rigid green reeds - almost like spears, and some are attached to each other forming structures. There are women collecting small fruits from some of yellowish reeds - you get to know by one of them that these are lifereeds, which are bought by the dwarves. They tell you also that the beige reeds are yealm reeds - used to cleanse the water - in fact, they are being used in some experiment to cleanse the ater from the Mashday river, right after Marcogg. It is also the main roofing material in Parthanul, quite effective at repelling water. The green ones, she says, are used for mats - it is the common water reed. Finding nothing more with interest, you thank the woman and follow your way.
-To the south, southeast and east there are other stalls.

6d - Crustaceans
There are women and men sitting here in a row, their hands moving so quickly you can't accompany them. They are opening oysters and checking for pearls; when they do not find one, they throw the the soft meat in a sack. Some will be smoked and some are going right
ti the grill. Their shells are not wasted either; they are kept for there's a small market for them in Marcogg - they provide small items like buttons or sequins, and can be used to decorate houses or simply make small souvenirs with them, more for fun than for sell. You see some bigger shells - trysters, as opposed to oysters, are considered a delicacy and there is a good market for them in Marcogg, and even from the Dwarves at Tyr Ethran; though not so abundant as their plain cousins oysters, Parthanul provides a good quantity of them. You notice a woman with a collar to which is attached a pearl; she notices you observing the jewel and smiles, saying 'A gift from Baveras'.
-To the west, southwest and south there are more storage places.
-To the southeast, you can exit the building.

7 - inn
You're in front of a two storied building, apparently made of wood.It has some arrays on the side to fast the horses. You suppose that someone actually takes care of the horses. The roof is covered with reeds. The second story has regular windows, all closed, which leads you to think that they're rooms. The first story barely has a door, and all the windows are opened. The singing and laughter coming from within and a few barrels of what appears to be beer inform you that this is the inn - there's in fact a small wood board with the words 'Giant Kraken Inn' and a grotesque drawing which you suppose to be the Giant Kraken.
-To the north you enter the inn.
-To the east lies the main square.
-To the west lies a small cottage.

7a - inside the inn
As you enter the inn, your eyes adapt to the less luminosity in here. It is still daytime, so there are not lanters lit, but you can see that they would not be the main light source here should it be nightime - there is a stone fireplace on one corner, near the tables and benches for people to sit in, to your right. To your left, there is a balcony - the bar, and the kitchen, behind it. Some stairs on the center lead to the second story, to the rooms. You eye the innkeeper at the bar talking with some people, and decide to go to him.
(There is now a dialog with Mydric the InnKeeper).
-To the south you exit the inn.

8,9 - beach, boats
You enter the beach, which is predictably the core of the village. There are a lot of people in the sand - women and men, children and elderly; playing, singing, stretching reeds, repairing nets, making business, eating, salting fish. There are long rows of wood structures with lots of fish hanging, drying in the sun. The white foam on the sand is formed as waves come and go, in a constant motion, marking the time passing by. Offshore, fishermen are throwing the long nets to catch fish. On shore, there are a couple of boats inverted, covered with seareeds. The smell that so characterizes this village is strongest here.
-To the north, there's the main square.
-To the west there's the storage yard.
-To the east there's a small cottage, home to a net maker.

10 - the square, centre of the village
There are lots of people here. Children are singing, there was a group of boys playing the sjeibett Game, some old men and women were chatting and enjoying the sun. There was much coming and going from the beach - you saw men, as well as women, carrying piles of fish or reed, and at distance you saw some boats in sea, throwing their nets. People seemed not very rich, but happy and joyfull nonetheless. Looking around, you see a signpost, pointing in the two directions - north and west - that the main road took from here; indicating Marcogg the last, and Nepris the first. There are some interesting things around - a road leading to the dock, the beach, a storage yard, a hovel, an inn. There are some huts in the north, but their entrance is on the north side too. Decide where to go.
-To the west there's a two-storied building, a inn.
-To the south there's the beach.
-To the southeast a road leads to the dock, passing by a small cottage.
-To the east there's a hovel.
-To the north continues the main road.

11 - Master of Harbor hovel
Right in front of the main square there's a house belonging to someone apparently more important - the wooden roof and rock walls decorated with seashells and winkles denotate a higher status of the person living here. In fact, there's a small wood sign informing that the 'Master of Harbor' lives here. Whoever this Master of Harbor might be, you don't know. But the door is open, and it looks as though the house is inviting everybody in. In fact, you see some people talking and laughing enter and exit the building. It looks more as a meeting place than an habitation, and you think you may find some useful information within.
-to the north the main road continues, passing by a few more buildings before it exits the village.
-to the south another road leads from the main square to the dock.
-to the east, you enter the building.
-to the west, the main square is full of people.

11a - in the hovel
You enter the hovel - it is quite cosy, with some beautiful furniture and a couple of pretty tapestries. There is even a comfortable couch - quite a luxury, you would think, for this village! There are one or two people around, and they don't seem to notice you, or if they do, they do not think it strange to see a strange within this house. You take the freedom of sitting on the sofa, and look around - this home must surely belong to someone connected to the sea - the motifs you see are several - conches, some nets, a big tooth from some long-deceased fish, and a lens to see in the distance. You wait patiently, untill one old man enters the house and smiles at you - his grown white beard and his beret make him adorable, and he comes to you, taking out his smoking pipe.
(There is now a dialog with the Master of Harbor).
-To the west, you exit the building.

12 - Herbalist (arv)
Here two small hovels are contiguous, as usual in this village. Probably to take more profit of the few construction materials, you reason. Looking on the side of one of the buildings, you glimpse a small garden. It is then that you notice the small wooden board, where you can barely read the carved word 'herbalist'. As a matter of fact, you see a small plantation nearby, of a leafy plant with white flowers. They have small brown seeds, that aparently someone has been collecting, for there's a small basket in the ground with lots of them. It is the healing plant arv. You are pondering if you would take some seeds with you, when you listen to some voices coming from within the house. Quickly you follow your way, lest the herbalist think you are stealing something.
-To the north, there's a single cottage.
-To the west, there are more cottages, apparently belonging to fishermen.
-To the south there's the main road that leads to the square, passing by the Master of Harbor hovel.

13 - Fishermen huts #1
This street appears to contain the houses of the labour force of the village - every cottage has fishing utensils and smells strongly of fish. On the buildings near you, there is an old woman repairing some nets and lecturing two children who had apparently been messing with them. A middle-aged woman is cooking some fish in the entrance; the smell makes you mouth water. She calls the children to eat, and the old woman lecturing them, probably their grandmother, keeps talking to herself. As you walk in front of the house, the kids look at you and smile, you guess they're not much accostumed to see strangers.
-To the east, the road continues, on to more fishermen cottages.
-To the west the road leads to the outskirts of the village, and to a small cottage.
-To the northwest, there is some rocky terrain with some curious niches on it.

14 - Fishermen huts #2
There are a couple of fishermen huts here (you can tell by the nets and reeds on their yards), as in all this street, made of wood and with reeds as roofs. Though not very rich, they appear to suit this village perfectly, giving it personality. These buildings are opened, and you can hear voices from within, mostly the loud voices of children. Men and women are at work now, catching the fish that will keep their children's mouth full. Despite the poverty, these people seem perffectly happy, they smile at you as you pass by.
-To the north, there are a few habitational buildings.
-To the east, this streets joins the main road in front of a cottage with a small garden.
-To the west this road continues, on to more fishermen cottages.

15 - rocky terrain (holes)
As you approach this place, the most peripheral of the village, the terrain becomes less sandy and more rocky. There are some fish and reeds scattered by, drying in the sun. You walk about, looking for somthing with any interest. Suddenly the ground gives in, and you fall in what appears to be a hole, a niche, large enough for you to fit in, with about two peds of height. Curiously, you don't hurt yourself, you landed on something soft. The stinking smell of fish is almost painful here; there's no light, but you don't need it to realise what is kept here. These holes serve the village storing the fish and the reeds they collect. Clumsily you get out of the hole, and it will be sometime before the stink leaves your clothes.
-To the southeast there are some fishermen huts.
-To the south you see the road leading a small cottage, the reeds' collector's.
-To the east, there are some cottages, belonging to the ferry carer.

16 - dock
You come to the very end of the dock, the easternmost point of this region before the Adanian Sea. There are few fishing boats anchored here, damaged, already unused, for right now the fishermen are at the sea catching their fish and collecting reeds. You see the horizon line, and stretch yourself as if to glimpse the distant Isles of Quios or Denilou, located at the very heart of the Adanian sea. You imagine that a sunset here would be a beautiful thing to see, if only the sun would set at the east. The sea breeze fills in your lungs, refreshing you.
-To the north, the road leads to the main square, passing by a small cottage.

17 - net maker's home
You're in the road that goes from the square to the dock. There is one cottage a bit peripheral, near the beach, just before the dock. Though all houses of this village have among other fishing utensils, some nets, this building has quite a lot of them. Stretched over the roof, on the ground besides the house, on the road. You guess that's the main occupation of this Parthanulian - probably a fisherman past  his days of the rough sea life, now mends nets in exchange of something. There are some hanks lying around. At the moment there was nobody about, probably on the beach, as almost everybody else. You follow your way.
-To the north there are some cottages.
-To the northwest there's the main square.
-To the west there's the beach.
-To the south the road continues on to the dock.

18 - ferry carer's home
A sign in the main road informs you that you are entering or exit the fishing village of Parthanul. It appears quite small and simple, as you advance in the road. You get to some huts, contiguous, as common in Parthanul. Made of wood and reeds, the whole structure would probably fall down should a strong storm arise. But this is not a rich village. The door of the closer cottage is locked, and there's a piece of paper pinned in it, with the warning 'Any business with the ferry station or with the ferry carer please go to the ferry office.' Now you know whose house this is. Finding it interesting, you say to yourself that you'll pass by the ferry station if you have time. Right now keep on your way.
-To the north you _exit_ the village.
-To the east there's another cottage.
-To the south the main road leads to the main square, passing by more buildings.

19 - water boy's home
As you walk by the road, you approach a small building, poorly built. A boy in his teens was about, carrying two recipients cointaining water, connected by a flexible stick supported on his shoulders and neck. He looks exausted. As he sees you he smiles and asks 'Hello sir. I'm one of the village's water carrier. We get the water from the Raven River up north and from wells nearby. Luckily they're treating the water from the Mashdai River, using reeds to cleanse it or some such thing, so soon I won't have to carry these anymore.' He points with his chin to the water he just carried. "Well, off I go." And off he went, distributing water to the next cottages. You stand at the locked door of the cottage, wondering what to do next.
-To the north and northwest, you _exit_ the village of Parthanul.
-To the west, there's the main road and more habitational buildings.
-To the south, there's a cottage with a small garden.
-To the southwest, the main road leads to the square.

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« Reply #1 on: 31 December 2002, 13:07:00 »

Some questions about dialogs:
-can people give items?
-can people 'walk' the user about?
how much can a dialog influence the player's actions?
I downloaded the Sorren devellopment software, but it seemed quite a bit complicated. Are the dialogs supposed to be made with it?

I think I can't apologize enough for being so late with the descriptions  :|  

Tyrian Jadewalker
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« Reply #2 on: 01 January 2003, 11:02:00 »

i don't have the time right now to read your description but i will try and get to it this weekend...

as for your questions...items will be added at some point down the road and people will be able to give things to users...npcs are being developed using art's dev software and will be added as chars in the MUD...try not to include conversations in the description of the place as that is basically permanent and users can pass by without talking to the NPC...

Tyrian Jadewalker

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« Reply #3 on: 01 January 2003, 12:53:00 »

Hello Atimin, nice to see you back:)

But well, if you ask me, the MUD is more or less dead. I've seen no constructive action from Nate lately, no hits coming anymore from Sorren, so this is not what I expect from a cooperation, which should work in a team. I see no project managment at all from the Sorren side. If necessary we'll remove the name Sorren from our site as well. So that's in short what I think currently about the MUD project. Let's focus on Santharia and let's see what we can make for the site.

So we'll continue doing our own RPG things, and we'll make village maps and dialogues integral part of the site, completely independent from the MUD. I'm already working on a web presentation of a detailed Nepris map (see preview) including room descriptions and NPC dialogues, and would be happy to realize Parthanul the same way sometime. We can use all these things very well on the site and for a possible other game, as I don't count anymore on Sorren.

So just continue on here. I see you've done nice work, but with one major problem. The map squares and thus part of the descriptions aren't ideal.: What is required is that houses and paths have their own squares and thus their room description, so the map would need to be much larger!

As for dialogues: There is no quest managment implemented yet, but if we don't continue with the Sorren cooperation, I might integrate it the way I planned it in the first place. So everything too complex isn't in in this first version which means:

- can people give items? Nope.
- can people 'walk' the user about? Nope.
- how much can a dialog influence the player's actions? The way the player chooses his/her answers you can provide him/her with another branch of dialogue. You can't set quest flags yet, but these things will be integrated later. Currently you can only designs dialogues which are NOT quest related.

The dialogues are supposed to be made with Sorren GDT. Download the Docs to Sorren GDT and go through it step by step. You'll soon discover that it's not as difficult as you might think:)  

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Tyrian Jadewalker
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« Reply #4 on: 05 January 2003, 08:38:00 »

actually art people can walk someone else around...

Tyrian Jadewalker

Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #5 on: 05 January 2003, 09:06:00 »

Players, yes, but not NPCs. As this was a dialogue related question, it also refers to NPCs.

The Santharian Dream Webmaster - Let Fantasy Dreams come true!
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"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
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