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Author Topic: Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries (Redone) *pokes Wren with a stick*  (Read 1641 times)
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« on: 08 July 2002, 19:40:00 »

Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries
Historic Stratanian Army

   Overview - An elite mercenary army which existed from about 650 b.S. - 450 b.S. and enjoyed their greatest popularity around 620 b.S., when the city of Dasai was founded around their fort. From 470 b.S. onward teh mercenaries started to become obsolete. They held a yearly camp in the Rahaz-Dath desert, which soon formed into a fort, and then the city of Dasai. They kept themselves in good graces with both tribes in this region, the Stratanians, by giving them special treatment when it came to being hired, and the Shendar, by providing them with business.

   Organization - By about 623 b.S. the RDMs had grown to such a size that a new organization was put in place by the second leader of the mercs. Several different divisions, as well as new ranks, were created and lasted until the disbanding of the army. They were as follows:


   Archery - Bows and Crossbows
   Blade Handlers - Swords, axes, and later on arm blades
   Beaters - Clubs and other blunt weapons
   Twin Blades - Swordsmen trained to handle two blades
   Magica - Mages of all kinds
   Cavalry - Horse riders usually handling light swords and short bows
   Division 7 - Secretive assassin and spy division
   Command Board - Those who control the army, made of three Circles, headed by the Master General


   Trainee - Those in training to fight
   Greenboy - Lowest fighting rank
   Sargeant - Command units (9 men + 1 Sargeant)
   3rd Commander - Command coteries (5 units)
   2nd Commander - Command regiments (10 coteries)
   1st Commander - Command legions (3 regiments)
   General - Command Division
   High General - Third Circle on Command Board
   Great General - Second Circle on Command Board
   Grand General - First Circle on Command Board
   Master General - Head of the Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries

Uniforms - Each of the Divisions had it's own unique uniform.

   Archery - Light leather upper body armor, white pants, purple shirts
   Blade Handlers - Heavy metal full body armor, green triangle on breastplate
   Beaters - Light metal upper body armor, black pants, grey shirts
   Twin Blades - Light leather full body armor, crossed swords emblem on front
   Magica - Light brow robes
   Cavalry - Light metal full body armor, horse head emblem on breastplate
   Division 7 - None, Division 7 members change clothing as needed and are rarely seen anyway
   Command Board - Grey robes

   Coat of Arms - The CoA of the mercs is an arrow and a sword crossed in an X with a red 12-pointed star in the background.

   Territory - The territory of the RDMs is the town of Dasai, which was once their annual camping ground. It was first the camping ground, then a fort, and then a town which the fort at it's center supported. Dasai still exists and, using techniques passed down from the time of the merc army, now produces excellent weapons. It also houses the port which was once a transport hub for the RDMs and now has many uses.

   Festivals - Through it's lifetime the RDMs celebrated several festivals, which are still celebrated by the people of Dasai today.

The Day of Gendair - Celebrating the day the RDMs were founded, this day is named after the bloodline which always held the Master General position and also founded the mercenary army. It is a day of celebration and feasting, even when out in the field and fighting they would take at least some time of the day, if not all of it, to relax and celebrate their great army. It is now celebrated with a parade to Fort Dasai at the city's center and a great banquet.

Initiation Day - This was the day new soldiers were admitted into the army, the day all of their training worked towards. Today it is the day when new men are initiated into the Dasai City Gaurd. As in the time of the RDMs, after Dasai was founded, the new members are taken through a final trial and then taken to the meeting chamber at the center of Fort Dasai to be given membership.

Rememberance - The last day of the year was always a somber one for the citizens of Dasai and members of the RDMs. It was the day they took to remember all those who fell in battle for the mercs that year. Today it is celebrated much the same, with a full day of fasting and silence. Work is suspended on this day in honor of those who fell to bring about the greatness of Dasai today.

   History -

650 b.S.: 200 men come together, led by Matthew Gendair, to make camp near Herring Bay. They are some of the greatest warriors and soldiers and come to hold council about Gendair's idea of an army of mercenaries. Later in the year they return, now counting 800 men. Gendair announces that they shall call themselves the Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries, after the Rahaz-Dath desert.

623 b.S.: Kindo Gendair, second commander of the RDMs creates the new ranking and division system for the now 3200 head Rahaz-Dath Mercenary army.

617 b.S.: The biggest job of the RDMs so far. They are called upon by the Stratanian government to help with the siege against Milkengrad. After the last three days of the siege, called the Battle of Three Suns by the mercenaries, Markus Kale invents arm blades, a new weapon.

610 b.S.: Kindo commisions carpenters and other builders to make a fort at the annual camping ground of the RDMs and names it Fort Dasai. It is named after Dasai Gendair, great grandfather of himself and the late Matthew Gendair, first of their line and, among their family, a legendary warrior.

604 b.S.: The Twin Blades are founded. Many are impressed by the new fighting style which uses two swords. They are counted as some of the most elite warriors in the mercenary army for their mastery of the blade.

563 b.S.: The town, and now city, of Dasai is founded and swiftly grows around the fort of the RDMs. Blacksmiths, magic shops, markets, and practically everything you could think of started springing up, as well as the houses for the soldiers' families who wished to be closer to their relatives, husbands, and fathers. Those setting up business also build houses, though usually closer to their work places than the fort.

500 b.S.: The RDMs celebrate their 150th birthday. Jake Gendair holds the biggest banquet in history of the Day of Gendair celebration for the occasion.

470 b.S.: Business slowly starts to decline for the mercenaries, though Dasai still flourishes.

450 b.S.: Delin Gendair, on the 200th birthday celebration of the RDMs on the Day of Gendair, announces that they shall officially be disbanded on the next day. The army has shrunk down to only 2500 men, and all consider this a good decision. Even to this day, though, the Gendair family controls Dasai, and have yet to fail their duties through all of the years.

Tarquet Galbar,
BeastMaster Of Santharia
Creator of Weavers
Chronicler of the Rahaz-Dath Mercenaries

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« Reply #1 on: 13 July 2002, 14:27:00 »

*Is trained in several martial arts to remove big sticks from asailants and does so in three fluid movements*

Leave off with the stick ;) !

Err.....looks good to me.

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