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Author Topic: Serpent Riders  (Read 1659 times)
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Nok Rodirday
« on: 24 July 2002, 18:41:00 »

Hmmm... looking for a better name...
Overview: Commonly known as 'Riders' this Order is not very known because of its unorginization. The Serpent Riders never stick together and usually go their places by themselves, only when a common goal needs to be reached or a certain enemy needs to be vanquished do they show up.

The Serpent Riders are a certain few who can ride O'quadar Riding Snakes. They never really formed an Order, but they always help those with other riding snakes.

General Information: The Serpent Riders are highly equipped with weapons, most of them are. Because of their large snakes they always have the edge on the battle. Most are too strange to normal folk to go into populated areas, and because of that they never abide by any laws, but they do not buy anything either.

Most of their weapons are stolen, are taken from foes slought. Clothes, food, and other necessities are taken from plants or animals in the forest. The snakes can easily carry anything the Rider needs, including Ovens, Sleeping Pallets, Tents, Weapons, Food, and Water.

The Riders usually are all the same; Huge Snake, antisocial attitude, very neutral as they can be cruel as kind. But some are distinctly named as a seperate Sect of Serpent Riders.

Mageslayer Riders: The Mageslayer Riders live on one thing. The slaying of Mages. Mages supply magical weapons and oddities they need. Most mages summon up food and drink, and other things the Mageslayer Rider needs.

They usually attack the Solo Mages, those who live in the wild finding the peace of nature comforting their mind so they can do their spells. When a Mageslayer is really hungry for Mageblood, they sneak off their Riding Snake into the Village Wizard's Hut, assassinate the man/woman and take their belongings.

Mageslayers are usually those who are sick in the mind, so they sometimes show off their 'kills' by cutting off the head of the mage and slinging it across their saddle.

The Mageslayer Riders use many different weapons and shields to kill certain wizards. Many enchanted items, stolen from dead mages, come in handy. Stones that can reduce detection, wands that can dispel spells, chainmail that is impervious to magical attacks.

The Mageslayers are cruel, infamous, and evil. But they are the more well-equipped Serpent Rider.

Luck Riders: The Luck Riders are clerics and mages of sorts, riding around the forests and helping where they can. Many people are mysteriously saved from death from the Luck Riders.

While the Luck Riders like the name 'Cleric' better then Luck Rider, its so Lucky to have them that most people name them Luck Riders.

Luck Riders are usually unequipped, but they always have their small wizardly abilities to help them.

Appearance: Serpent Riders are always seen with a large O'quadar Riding Snakes, large 'Living' Loads upon them. Up top, the Rider looks like any other human. Random clothes, weapons, and looks. Most wear light armor, such as Chain Mail, with Plate Shoulder Armor and a cap.

Weapons: Mageslayers carry many imbued weapons, while very random, most Mageslayers carry invisible projectiles such as Crossbows with invisible bolts, or blowdarts that rip through the neck.

Some of the more daring Mageslayers, with good armor and defenses, carry scimitars and axes, all with their flashy magical power.

Luck Riders usually carry no weapons. When in trouble they have long staves with sharpened ends which can hurt most beasts before their are hurt. Some use potions which increase the speed of their Riding Snakes.

Normal Riders take any weapon they can find, usually small, easy-to-use weapons. A trio of Serpent Riders used magically imbued Crossbows that reloaded itself super quick.

Tell me the problems, tell me whats good, and then tell me what I need to improve.


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« Reply #1 on: 26 July 2002, 11:43:00 »

But why?
You really would need to explain why the Luck riders ride around and do things for people. If they're clerics, which god do they serve?

And why would the Mageslayers slay mages? You said that they can use the mage's stuff, but that the mages summon up food and drink. Wouldn't they have to be alive to do any conjuring? And what about the bunches of magi that walk around and kill O'quadar snake riders becasue the riders are trying to kill magi?

Altogether rather confusing: needs to be cleared up. And about "Normal Riders."  If they aren't a part of some Order or Snake Riders, then they should probably not have many generalizations.

They would not always have the advantage. They might even have some disadvantages, only being able to use some weapons while riding: a very easy target for a half-decent archer.


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