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Author Topic: Daltelár: ahh - its not that long really.....  (Read 1727 times)
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« on: 29 March 2002, 13:34:00 »


You know the more I think about this concept the more confuzzeled I get...........

*runs off to think about Ahxhai stuff again*


Eldest of the Four, the elves who took knowledge to the wood elven kind, and last member of the Astyrhim to remain outside of the Thealon. Given physical form upon being sent out of the forest by the High Ava'rann, she spent all of her long life in the northernly areas of the Sarvonian continent. Legend about this ancient figure of mythology is contradictory and difficult. Below is the stories most frequently told. Alternative plots and stories told by various different elven tribes are dealt with in itlalics when nessesary.

After the creation of the High Avá'ránn and Melór, from the last drops of rain to fall through the sky came the creation of the last of the Axhái, who were wise and close in thought to Avá. Four were their after she who was first and Melor her shadow. The eldest among them was Daltelár. They were very close to their Queen and she to them, and they learnt much of her and from her in those earliest of days.

But the High Avá'ránn had greater plans for the four Axhai. As time assembled itself, and history began, physical races, the free children of Ava, were born. Many members of the Astyrhim went down to meet them and were captivated by them. But when the tree of life was hidden, those who did not return to the Thealon were trapped in physical form and their children became the wood elves, lost of the knowledge their parents bore.

She who was first among all elves sent out the four into the physical world below, to give back the knowledge of the eldest days to the world below. As they left the Thealon they aquired physical form, as is the case with all light elves who left the forest after the hiding of the Eu'roll. However, Ava was kind and their forms were more beautiful than any of mortal race had ever seen, and though they were sent them far from the Thaelon to teach the races of corporeal form the nature of their being, the High Avá'ránn granted them permission to return to the Astyrhim when their task was done.

But, the physical world was very different from that of the Thealon. The Astyrhim lived in a world created and maintained by the very thoughts of Ava. No evil was maintained therein. But Aér'aí'chán contained the very prescence of Coor, and at the moment of their incarnation, their equal and opposite were formed. The Mohhai, as black and evil as each of the four were beautiful and true in thought. But essentially the Mohhai and the four were linked, part of each other's existance. Their life forces linked.

The boldest and the fairest of the Four was always Daltelár. She set out Northwards and east, seeking out all the races of Aér'aí'chán, teaching and training all who would listen to what the world had been like in days long past, recounting what the Gods themselves had taught. There on her travels she saw for the first time the mighty ocean.

When her task was done, she refused the High Ava'rann's invitation to return to the Thealon. Instead she was worried for the state of the elves among which she dwelt. As the eldest among all the elves outside of the Thealon, she was the first Ava'rann of the wood elven people, and influential in all desisions made.

Then, when news reached Daltelár of Ioawlen's great unhappiness, she rode to the High Avá'ránn and pleaded Ioawlen's case. Whilst there, she pointed, how numerous the elves of the southern continent had become, and how many of the emerging tribes were living in squalour. Under the High Ava'rann's instruction, Daltelár chose many wise elves to send to colonize the North and build a new kingdom. However, soon Kásh'áv'taylá pulled the Elves of Fá'áv'cál'âr away from worship of all things Ava had made and the Gods grew angry....

During this time, Daltar had made a home among the elves of the Bolder forest, the Aellenrhim, who under her guidance were great seekers and teachers of knowledge. The Bolder was ideal, close to Humans, close to the mighty oceans she so admired, and there she took a lifemate, Anror. But, soon news reached her in whispers of what was happening to the great empire she had helped to found. She set off at once and travelled to the empire to guide the empire, knowing that she would be far less than welcome. Her prescence was tolerated by the empire's powers, for she was close in thought to Ava herself, and she found some elves loyal to her teachings, though the empress Kásh'áv'taylá soon branded her a liar.

Wisdom comes in many forms, and more often than not, pure wisdom itself is a far cry from those who would call themselves wise. Thus the leaders of Fá'áv'cál'âr did not recognise Daltelár to be such. Daltelár appeared as a child to them in thought and in demeanour. Some dismissed the great lady as mad. Hence Daltar was unable to prevent the war of the chosen. Demoralised and discouraged, she played no further part in the War. She brought her followers out of the great elven empire, leaving it broken and in ruins. Those who had continued to worship all the gods were led to the Thaelon where the High Ava'rann rewarded them by turning them Light Elves and members of the Astyrhim, who would never have to leave the Thealon again. Daltar herself, discouraged by her failure to save the empire, refused to return to the Thealon with them, instead returning finally to remain with her beloved elves in the Bolder, to finally make her home. The Aellenrhim were joyous, and built the town of Ranndár in the centre of the forest for her to dwell. Buildings of granite made up the council chambers and the her palace, though Daltelár ensured her living quaters were no larger than those of any other elf who dwelt in the city. Much of the rest of the Palace were occupied by the Librarians, the tribe elders, and elves who worked in Ranndar and the surrounds. A large temple to the all the Gods was constructed, lest knowledge cause a repeat of Fá'áv'cál'âr. But proudest of all was the Great Library home to all the knowledge the elves gathered and wrote down in the years after Daltelár's return.

But life was not to be altogether peaceful for Daltelár. For many centruries it was full of peace and joy, disturbed only by the outbreak of the great Sarvonian War, reminding Daltelár that Coor would never leave the world. In 598 b.S Daltelár bore a daugheter, Aiá'merán, by Anror. But even such joy was hard for Daltelár because as she was as young and beautiful as ever, for by her very nature she was immortal, though could be killed by wound or disease. Anror, however had lived an exceptionally long life for an elf, as did all elves and humans who came into regular contact with her. But, Anror was growning older, and tiered. Daltelár knew the day would come when she would face the rest of her time without her lifemate. She made the decision then that she would on the day Anror died, take to the sea; feeling that she would complete her lifes work among the waves. She was consious too, that though for centuries they were silent, her contiued presence in Sorren meant that the Mohhai to which she was linked also continued to exist in Sorren. Thus, she began grooming the tribe for her departure, and her daughter for sucession.

In spring of 489b.S that day came. Arnor left the dream for whatever journey lies beyond its bounds. Devestated, Daltelár left the Bolder, wishing her daughter well, to the Sanhoirhim, where the shipwrights might build her a boat.....

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« Reply #1 on: 31 March 2002, 16:58:00 »

Cheers Arti, your a star.

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