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Author Topic: Ylpherón’daín  (Read 1791 times)
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« on: 26 January 2003, 18:13:00 »

One of my lovely RPers took the information that Drogo and I disccused about a year ago and turned it into a lovely CD :)

With a little more work I will finally have an entry for the First Ylfferhim Leias, and about time too!

I'll reorganise this soon......

Name: Ylpherón’daín

Race: Elf

Tribe: Injerín

Age: born 846 b.S.

Appearance: Ylpherón’daín was an average sized elf of around two peds, not really overly impressive in appearance. He had long, white blond hair, typically worn with parts tightly braided, but the rest down, and strong, blue-grey eyes. His was a powerful body, for an elf, as his lifestyle kept him in good shape, and yet his face was described as compassionate and always somewhat thoughtful, even in the middle of battle.

Ylpherón’daín generally dressed quite practically. He wore soft, grey toned fabrics that blended in with his surroundings and his clothing often had leather guards built in to the arms and legs for protection. In battle, of course, he would wear light mail. He did not always wear his sword, but always the sword belt, generally with a short sword or dagger sheathed at his side. His feet were always clad in boots, soft and sculpted to the thigh. Sometimes, if it was cool, he would don a cloak.

Personality: Ylpherón’daín was always very moody, a man of relatively few words, preferring to think things out then to speak his mind immediately. He was also a man of deep concentration, putting his full being into whatever he happened to be doing. Perhaps because of this, he was often described as having a very intense gaze. He was good with people, too, despite his moody nature. He inspired loyalty in that he always thought to the consequences of actions and how they would affect his men, so that his actions tended to benefit the most possible in the end.


Ylpheron’dain was born Injerín to parents Melád’ún'jeín (grey dawn) and Ancián’soorán (silent speaker) and give the name Yiliphereone’daine, meaning “day sky” in Old Injeri elvish. His parents were of minor nobility, not a powerful house, but one that was nevertheless well respected and had held its seat in the council for centuries.

At a young age, Yiliphereone’daine showed a deep interest in elven magic- an interest that was encouraged and fueled by his uncle, Queenezar- a skilled elven mage, whom he was quite attached to. Queenezar was fond of the boy as well, and endeavored to teach him all that he could. Unfortunately, he had not been born with a strong ability in this area and was unable to prove himself in it.

Instead, he turned his attention to the arts of war, putting all of his attention towards this discipline. He worked hard and soon became the most skilled fighter of his peers, in part because of the deep concentration he had learned when trying to become a mage. As he became more skilled, he attracted notice from his superiors and was transferred to O’kroi’parda’ael, an elven fortress in the West. There, he was courageous and used his strengths well in the defense of the elven border, soon making himself known, so much, in fact, that the orcs came to fear his very name. Quickly, he rose up in the ranks of the officers and, when the Head of the fortress was killed in a bloody skirmish with the orcs, he was placed in temporary command while news was sent to Elin’dor. The ‘Rann and council confirmed his appointment to the post and he soon became one of the most powerful figures in the Injerín tribe.

It was on one of his frequent visits back home to see his uncle that he met Arpagar, a new pupil of Queenezar’s. Arpagar was an unknown human student- very talented, and very curious- too curious in Yiliphereone’daine’s opinion. He immediately distrusted the young man and argued bitterly with his uncle, saying that it hardly made sense taking in a human that he knew nothing of. Queenezar refused to give up on the young man, having a soft-spot for the curious, and Yiliphereone’daine gave up on it. They both thought the matter settled when Arpagar left Queenezar’s tutelage and headed North and both soon forgot about him.

Then, rumors began to reach the Injerín of a wizard tyrant who was terrorizing the peoples of Milkengrad and forcing them under his rule. It soon became clear that the wizard tyrant in question was Arpagar. The elven community, furious at what they saw as a betrayal on Queenezar’s part, denounced the mage and threatened to send him into exile. Yiliphereone’daine was gravely concerned and, indeed, felt some guilt on his own part for not cautioning his uncle strongly enough. He spoke before the council on behalf of his uncle and convinced them to draw back their threats of exile and instead accept Queenezar’s necessary intervention in the affair, so that he might correct his mistake. He also convinced the council to let him go along, so that his uncle would not have to face the rogue mage on his own. With that, he gathered a small force to go with him and his uncle, mostly distant relatives who felt loyalty to the family, appointed his second as head of O’kroi’parda’ael and departed South.

Yiliphereone’daine’s guilt grew as they drew nearer to the borders and started to encounter people coming from Milkengrad, fleeing the tyrant who was now in dominion of the city. Their stories of rape, torture and murder weighed him down heavily, while at the same time, making him all the more eager to arrive and oust Arpagar. In the end, Arpagar was dead, but Queenezar was as well, killed by his former student. It was another man, a Milkengradan, who was in the end responsible for Arpagar’s death. Yiliphereone’daine’s heart was broken at his uncle’s death, despite the fact that he was hailed as a hero by the people of Milkengrad, he being one of the elves who had come along with the man they viewed as their saviour, Queenezar the White. He had nothing to make him want to stay in Milkengrad- quite the contrary- their celebrations drove him near mad- and there was really nothing to make him want to return home as most of his loyal kin had come with him.

So it was that in 798b.S Yiliphereone’daine arrived in the Zephrianian forest with his surviving band of kinsmen and settled in the area around Elving. He came to serve the Ava’rann, who recognized in him a skilled leader, and he was soon given command of a Quaelhoirhim brigade. His name was misunderstood by the Styrásh speaking Quealhoirhim as Ylpherón'daín (styrásh: The Day's Sky).

He served the Ava'rann happily until the outbreak of the first Sarvonian War. The slaughter and loss of life on both sides that ensued during the assault on Elving saddened Ylpherón'daín. Retreating, he decided to take his remaining troops and their family and head to the western end of the forest, far from the human advance. With him, at the advice of the 'rann, Carimua, Ylpherón'daín is alleged to have carried the Ionmis globe from Elving across the Thaehelvil River.

When Ylpherón’daín and his people first arrived in the town of Tain’in, there were some tensions between his people and the natives. Many of them looked down on the westerners as backward. The westerners considered Ylpherón’daín’s people to be intruders. Eventually, though, they became very close to the native elves, mainly Rangers and lived together in harmony. However, as the war continued, the elves felt more threatened. They were effectively cut off from the main forest and the city of Saloh by human troop movement and the humans had begun to clear much of the surrounding forest close to the Western bank of the Thaehelvil. After three settlements on the banks of the Theahevil were raided and destroyed, Ylpherón’daín argued that it was time for the elves to abandon their traditional settlements, which were no longer save. Obviously, there were many who did not want to leave the lands they had lived in for most of their lives. Neven’mal, the daughter of Tio’cao, a bard who came to be Ylpherón’daín’s closest companion and most trusted advisor, suggested that they create hidden settlements, as far west as the elves can get. These hidden settlements, of which there were nine, were built mainly high up in the trees and clustered in the area that became the Quallian..

As time went on with little contact from the ’rann, the elves living in hiding began to feel separated from Quealhoirhim and the High Elven Circle. Many of the elves believed that they had been given physical form to protect and teach humans, and hated the bloodshed they observed around them. They begged Ylpherón'daín to do something to protect them and change things. Tio'cao suggested that the hidden elves declare themselves independent from the Quealhoirhim and the Eyelian nation, and that Ylpherón'daín become the monarch, supported by a council of advisors, taken from the best minds in their respective fields. This was done, as Ylpherón’daín was himself weary of bloodshed, and, in the end, there were 20 advisors on the council including Tio'cao (who always insisted that he really did not belong there.)

The hidden elves became the Ylfferhim living in their now mainly detached, part of the Quallian. Under Ylpherón'daín the Quealhoirhim and Ylfferhim tribes did not become close.

Ylpherón'daín's first action as monarch was to remove the Ylfferhim from the war. The Ylfferhim declared themselves neutral and opened one of the cities - Drwsyl- to casualties of all races. Tain'in was repopulated, rebuilt, and renamed Aer'Ylferian, becoming the place where the council met twice between leaf falls. Yln'fain'tir became the centre of much naval trade, though the Ylfferhim were careful to keep outsiders at a distance (goods were usually sold from boats around the city), and the two opposing sides kept separate to avoid trouble.

When the war ended, with the Ylfferhim happy and their safety secured, Ylpherón'daín found that he strongly wished to return to the home of his childhood. He was getting old and it was his desire to die among his own people, so in 721b.S Ylpherón'daín bid goodbye to his close friend Tio'cao and left the Quallian with two of his original companions who had come with him from the North. His successor was to be Tio'cao's daughter Neve’nmal, who was both well educated and a great tactician.

On the way home however, Ylpherón'daín found his way to Ephrin's lake. Content perhaps that he had, like Ephrin, in some way saved human and elven lives; and that perhaps he had made a means for all that had happened in the North, he felt at last content to lay down his life there. His body was carried back to the Injerín, but it is the Ylfferhim who carry his memory fondly in there evening songs.

Strengths: Ylpherón’daín was always physically fit. He was skilled with both blade and bow, using both courageously in battle. As a result of his brief training under his uncle, Queenezar, he acquired a deep concentration which he focused on whatever he happened to be doing. Ylperón’daín was also a skilled and knowledgeable leader.

Weaknesses: Ylpherón’daín had only very little magical ability. He was not much of a craftsman in any area, as most of his life was focused in governing his people and in fighting. He was never very analytical. He was also never eager for war, perhaps in a benefit in some ways, but, as a fighter, it could be viewed as a drawback.

Possessions: bow, sword, various smaller blades, clothing, the lonmis globe, various books, small enamel badge given to him by the ‘rann, a small emblem showing his uncle, Queenezar’s, 19-pointed star, various small talismans and items given to him over the years


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« Reply #1 on: 27 January 2003, 08:12:00 »

I like how his history told how the Quealhoirhim and Ylfferhim tribes split and how in depth it goes. I really enjoyed reading this entry, it's a very nice addition to elven histories.:)  

May your heart float softly upon the breeze and the wind guide you on your path.

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