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Author Topic: Brownie Race entry rewrite.  (Read 1085 times)
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« on: 03 March 2002, 11:11:00 »

The smallest intelligent race of all of Sorren,Brownies average about 6 inches in height. Their skin comes in all the shades of tree bark, with matching hair and eyes. They are strong for their size, energetic, and agile, with a tendency to be mischievous. Redbark Brownies (all female) have an innate potential to become adept at lifemagic.

Laid out end-to-end, a little bit less than seven Brownies make a ped, on average. Their skin comes in all the shades of a tree bark, with matching hair and eyes (more info), and they have a somewhat angular look,having high cheekbones and a rawboned but lithe build. They are strong for their size, highly energetic and very agile, with a tendency to be mischievous. This discription applies to four of the five tribes, namely the LLaoihrr, Memnoor, Aohu'o, and Milken. Rat Brownies are quite different, and their various appearances are covered under the entry covering their tribe.

A jagged spear of lightning arced through the sky, cutting deep into the Tree of Life before exploding. Leaves fell, scorched and burning, to the ground, and the magic that tied the tree together began to unravel and then with a crackling sound, finally burst. A burst of uncontrolled magical energies spread out in a ripple from the Tree, altering forever everything in its path. Leaves grew wings and became dragons. Trees and grasses argued and fought. The sky churned in a funnel of greens and purples. The odd human was imbued with a deep natural talent for magic. Gale-force winds blew. Pieces of broken bark from the Tree tumbled, shimmered, and metamorphized into the first Brownies. According to Brownie legends, there were 272 individual Brownies in this, the first generation of Brownies.

Brownies tend to dress in mouseskin or the skin of other small animals, or in leaves and other tree-parts. Coming from the greatest Herb, their knowlege of roots and herbs and plants of all sorts and their uses is exceptional. They thus excel at the healing arts, and also at the art of potions and poisons.

Life Cycle
Brownies have a gestation period of 80 days, or 2 2/3 months. Single births and twins are equally common. Triplets are as common for them as twins are for humans, quadruplets for them as common as triplets for humans, and so on. The average number of surviving children per family is somewhere between 4 and 5. On average, only half of children born survive to childbearing age under favorable conditions , mainly because of predators and accidents. In these rare places having conditions favorable to Brownies, maximum life expectancy is around 60.

Living Habits
Brownies tend to live in large to VERY large communities. They live in trees, under trees, on the ground, under the ground - just about everywhere, so that a small area can host a large Brownie population. Brownies are generally cautious of big people, especially elves.

The most typical Brownie belief is the worship of the spirits of rock, tree, and stream, but spirit worship is by no means the only Brownie belief (more info).

is unique to Brownies. While members of other races can learn the basics, only a rebark Brownie can become truly adept. Brownies believe that the moment of their creation from pieces of bark ripped from the tree of life instilled in them the potential to manipulate life and living things to a great degree. It is said that the knowledge of lifemagic today is paltry compared to that which was weilded in long-ago Birn. (more info)

When hunting or fighting Brownies tend to use bows, arrows, blowguns, spears, deadfall spikes or any other weapon that can be sharpened to a point, on which they smear concoctions that will bring sleep, unconsciousness, or death (or worse) to those that are pierced by such weapons. See the individual tribe entries for particular methods and weapons unique to each tribe.

Each of the tribes has a somewhat different diet. LLaoihrr grind greenbark moss and bake the result into bread, just as the ancient Birni did. Memnoor are not fussy, eating any of the plants of the desert, and the meat of any animal they can get their hands on, including those summoned from other worlds through the Void for this express purpose. Aohu'o live almost exclusively on what they hunt, eating roasted meat, flavored with available vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Milken share the food of the Helcrani. Rat Brownies scrounge for scraps.

Family/Society and Culture
Brownies generally have strong family ties. They enjoy and utilize nature, and generally prefer to live close to it, but do not particularly reverence it, except as a renewable resource and as a dwelling place for the spirits of rock, tree, and stream. They are generally fun loving, independent, cautious but confident, reckless and a tad mischeivious. Each tribe is culturally distinct from each of the others.

Tribes Overview
The five tribes that currently exist in Sorren consist of the LLaoihrr, Aohu'o, Memnoor, Milken, and the Rat Brownies. The following quick-reference chart shows the strengths, weaknessess, and unique qualities of each. The long-gone Birni are also included in the chart for comparison purposes.

(((((chart not shown here))))))

Important Characters
Keekoo is the center of Brownie history, having ended the harsh years and started three of the modern tribes.

Greybark taught the LLaoihrr to fly again. The general of the Brownie Flying Militia in SWIII, he also began the process of joining the LLaoihrr tribe to the future Unified Santharian Kingdom.

Unified Early History

Brownie History
(Covering the time from the Brownies' magical creation
to the founding of their present-day tribes)

((((The Brownie History entry will be moved here)))))

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« Reply #1 on: 03 March 2002, 11:44:00 »

Looks good to me Grey as usual.  Is this finished?

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« Reply #2 on: 03 March 2002, 12:24:00 »

I have an HTML version with the charts included that I will send to Art if you and everyone else has no problems with it.

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