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Author Topic: dragon slayers (Kaeer*車車t*ch谷n*s)  (Read 1295 times)
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« on: 22 February 2003, 18:47:00 »

This goes with the other entry in the people section Bolger Ference

Kaeer* 車車t* ch谷n (dragon slayers), are a human tribe, located in Northern Sarvonia, in the province of Caael*heroth near the city of APHTAN*PUL.
Their physical attributes are likened to those of a diseased victim. They have hollow cheeks and sunken eyebrows with very gaunt like figures, and are not known as a very attractive race. The clothing worn by the men is a black colored tunic with a bright yellow crest of a dragon emblazoned on it.  The women wear meager attire, commonly just plain robes, which are dictated, by their male dominated society.  Women are treated as common objects, and are accessible by all members of the tribe, thus, creating undue amounts of inbreeding.  Their only occupation is that of killing for the purpose of killing, if killing can be considered an   occupation, but they do not rent out to the deepest pockets like a mercenary. It is strictly out of enjoyment. They are renowned most however, for their torture tactics, because they do not rely on their environment as much as some races.  A dense bush is all that is required.  However, torture like assassination was slowly becoming an archaic occupational mode.  Their favorite weapon is a bow, generally made from the wood of the Urban Tree. Many (Kaeer*車車t*ch谷n*s)dragon slayer children are taught archery right from birth, if enough of a   propensity of it is shown of its use; more advancement is made in the art. The strings of their bows are made with the fibrous like material of the Fenlen Lizard, frequently found in Northern Sarvonia. They live in, pyramid like structures called simply Domes.  The skin of the Tsor-Shota covers each wall. (An animal found, in the mountains of Northern Sarvonia, and coveted for their black colored scales). These animals are very functional with the weather of Caael*heroth, and provide both warmth and stability to the structure. They eat little food, which explains their gaunt like figures, and much of the food is wasted and litters the ground left to rot. One of the delicacies however is the Ulgaroth. The black slayers feel that since the Ugaroths* diet consists mostly of berries and vegetation, it is more attuned to nature. But because of its thick-skinned makeup, any meat is hard to get at unless it is boiled which usually, amounts to days.

With the death of their leader Bolger Ference, there was a decline in trading in the lands. The widespread insecurity of travel, helped cause the subsequent deterioration of the various tribe governments. Brigands and cutthroat dealers infested the country and a dictatorship was formed, whose leader eventually became the one with the deepest pockets. The dragon slayers later merged with the barbarians, and are only part of history now.

Their religion started when they conquered a conclave of ice dragons in the Mountains of Aesh, located in the Iceland*s of Aeh*Os*th*er*oc, on the peninsula near the island of KALTA GOOR. This area had an overabundance of Hynde*s, a goat-like animal that made a good meal for a hungry ice dragon. Later they worshiped their dead bodies, of which they took their name. Other then that fact they have nothing to do with dragons, but simply feel it gives them an intimidating edge.  Apparently, it seems to have worked because rarely are they ever attacked, accept by those foolish enough to think otherwise. Their worshiping of the dead dragons also began the first known form of paganism. Since dragons no longer exist, they sacrifice a live poisonous snake at their ritualistic ceremonies, in hopes of getting good weather for the farmers. Which most of them have been denigrated to by then? Many black slayers died a slow lingering death from these poisonous bites, but were forever honored for their action.

With the transition from dragon slayers to farmers, a simpler way of life was sought, and thus was named (Jochen Leach) as their first spiritual leader of religion.

Coat of Arms:
Since the Kaeer*車車t*ch谷n*s inception as an official empire, in (12800b.s. -12750b.s.), the coat of arms has always been represented as a gold colored dragon lying on the ground, dying and writhing in its final death throes.

(11750b.s. -11500b.s.) After the Great Sundering, and the fall of F忌忌*忌忌v*cal*志志r. They formed their first settlement near the Vindel Mountains.
(11500b.s. -11400b.s.) They move to the Shadow lands, but find increasing resistance with the Orcs and Goblins there, and eventually seek refuge in Caael*heroth.
(11400b.s. -11300b.s.) Their attempts to colonize the Themed*lon Forests are met with frequent attacks by the Kaeer*d芍芍r*sh赤赤n tribe, and their leader is injured.
(11300b.s. -11250b.s.) They eventually established a home in Caeel*heroth, in the town of APHTAN*PUL, and the empire of dragon slayers begins.
(10250b.s. -10050b.s.) Barbarians kill the leaders daughter.
(10050b.s. -10000b.s.) Jochen Leach is born.
(10000b.s. -9985b.s.) A Dragon Slayer leader die of a broken heart, and the empire is reduced to a more simple way of life.
(9985b.s. -9980b.s.) With a simpler economy dragon slayers institute their first religious leader Jochen Leach. And like his name implies, he turns the economy to rubble, and is killed by his own people. All religion is outlawed then.
(9980-b.s. -?) Jochen Leach is killed in a hunting accident, although many claim it was murderous treason.
(9500b.s) A new leader is appointed and the short reign of Bolger Ference begins.
(9474b.s). Bolger Ference is hung for treason at 53

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