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Author Topic: the Earth tribe of nybelmar [nnn]  (Read 1846 times)
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Ailin Ioeil Seafra Cyeall

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« on: 16 March 2004, 14:26:00 »

for information on this tribe please see:

earth tribe/nybelmar

west nybelmar general concept


- The Nybelmarian earth tribe worshipping Kibele An(u)(v)iss-(A)/(E)nkra

- 7 major empires dating to the Great War against Menemronn
  During the empire(s):
* Highly disiplined army
 - Extremely potent spell-casters
 - Best human archers in the continent (though very slow compared to the other human legions)
 - Heavily armoured and trained foot-soldiers and cavalry

* Inner Circle, portals, 5 great temples

* Main sector agriculture and (land) trade, also weapon making, jewelry etc.

A brief paragraph summarizing your tribe or race. E.g. where located, boundaries of kingdom. Mentioning of most important things to provide a general orientation.

Physical and or psychological characteristics.

Coat of Arms

Describe the tribe's coat of arms, if any, and perhaps add why it looks like this, what the symbols mean and what historical, cosmological or mythical significance they have.

Describe where the people live: natural boundaries, conditions there, if they're nomands when and why they leave, when/how they came there.

Describe here what makes the people unique and special. E.g. good horsemen, fighters, etc. Just mention there what this tribe has what others don't have. Mention special abilities here, e.g. magic, training ect.

In what kind of buildings do they live in?

Clothing worn: discern between men/women if possible and seasons perhaps..

Any special foods they eat. Take into account the circumstances they're living in.

Weapons - any special ones they use? Or what are the most common among the tribe? Describe them here!

If any: men/women

Describe what form, e.g. Monarchy, Democratic, Republic, Emperor, Tribal, Tyranny, ect.


1) Agriculture

a) the Tím(h)ars

Considered to be the backbone of the agriculture sector, the tímars include the production of wheat and grain (is there a special term for these crops in english?) or buhg-dhay-gil-ler as the earth tribe [needs a new name-nnn] refers to these crops, produced by and (mainly) for the military.

The High Council, with the Temple's authorization (see religion and administration), divides the agricultural territory into three main districts according to the annual income, based on the average production of the last seven years, of the fields.

a) Hlas - portions of land with annual income above ... Divided between:

i) Goverment - 66 %
   * Members of the High Council - 42%
   * The Royal Family: 24%

        - the Emperor: 16%
        - his sons and wifes: 7%
        - relatives - 1%

ii) The Temple - 33 %

The land is actually given directly to the High Priestess, who will then distribute it among the temple hierarchy.

(more information will come when the temple hierarchy is sorted out. most likely will be divided between different ranks - with each one having a title from a color or plant)

iii) 1% - Directly to the treasury

b) [nnn] - portions of land with annual income between ... and ... Distributed among mid-ranked (?) bureaucrats ([castle/tower] commanders, highly positioned (?) clerks etc)

* Although the travelling priest-judges called [nnn] are considered to be mid-ranked officials, they are put on monthly salary. This is because they are also appointed with the duty of inspecting the farms, fields and the beys, reporting first to the Temple and then to the High Council by keeping "land-diaries" - extremely detailed surveys of the realm (including who owned what and what it was worth, and a detailed analysis of how much production they did in the perivious years) This is, of course, an invluable tool for levying taxes, distributing land fairly, and figuring out exactly how many knights (sipahhi) and foot soldiers each bey owed in military service.

c) Timar s

* Where can I find out the average income of a field in the medieval ages, and the conversion of European coins into santharian ones?


Natural Resources
Describe what natural resources may be found in your land area. Please take into account where the tribe in fact lives.

Holidays, Festivals and Observances
Describe the celebration days (religious, pagan etc.) which are of importance for this tribe.

Important Achievements (Optional)
You can mention here for what exactly the tribe is famous for, like an important building which was erected, inventions, political breakthroughs etc.

* Origin/development of tribe or race.
* Important people (plus living dates) or events in this tribes or race's history.
* Any Cities, Castles, Strongholds built by your tribe/race should also be put in your history

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Koldar Mondrakken
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« Reply #1 on: 21 March 2004, 15:21:00 »

reading through the brief outline I stumbled over the thought that the tribe - as he has forged seven empires - would need to reflect somehow enough disparity to feel like one but at the same time always stumble over great problems as soon as they've established a sizable empire. I guess the easiest would be to see the priesthood as the stabilizing factor but make their society in a way that makes an empire only workable under strong emperors.

When we pursue the citystate idea (every empire was actually formed by another city toppling the reign of the former) it might be imaginable that they form communities where the only sense of loyality is among the citizens of one city and towards the High Priestess.

It's the sheer number of seven great empires that makes that a very logic solutions, that each empire gets crunched by the Orcal kingdom more than twice is kind of boring, I guess. ;)

Don't get too stuck in numbers I'd suggest. Write more in ways like "the land is distributed to produce 100 rations a year, each ration defined as the grain necessary to supply a man a whole month/year.

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

Ailin Ioeil Seafra Cyeall

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« Reply #2 on: 21 March 2004, 16:14:00 »

Perhaps the disparity could also be due to the religion... Different groups that live in different regions view the goddess and worship her in different ways. This may explain the differences between the architecture and social structure of the empires. Some are in favor of grand and resplendent ceremonies while others support individual worship and personal development and devotion.

So far this is what I thought of:

The first empire would likely to be less formal in worship, since the whole Earth-deity issue is new. The first HP could be some sort of an enlightened hero, as Smith suggested, who protected the tribe from Menemronn's wrath via concealing spells etc.

The last empire will very strict about all the religious ceremonies, in fact even the HP has forgotten why she is there - to guide the ppl into the goddess' way that is- and acts as a demi-god.

The next empire after the breaking, formed by the Earth King who has managed to interrupt the hp's long slumber, is likely to be a "silver" era - neither as strong nor as rich as the former empire, yet more understanding. Certainly better than the chaos of the Spider queen's reign.

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